Power of subconscious mind hindi pdf

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Subconscious Process – As we allow negative or positive thoughts into our mind, they are stored in the brain. As we continue to have thoughts, eventually the older thoughts in section 1 are pushed into the subconscious, specifically to the front of the warehouse or RAM section (A). To access RAM thoughts, you need only have the desire to do so, and the thoughts are automatically again in the conscious section of your brain (1) for use. As negative energy builds, your thoughts, speech and actions become more negative more often in direct proportion with the negative energy inside you, as well as the negative energy surrounding you.
Each time you catch yourself thinking something negative, stop and mentally distance yourself from the thought.

The types of positive thoughts that empower you are: love, harmony, kindness, peace, joy, generosity, happiness and goodwill toward others.
To make room for these thoughts, the older thoughts already in RAM are then pushed into Cold Storage (B). As your negative thoughts grow, they push the positive thoughts (you used to have) into the RAM portion of the warehouse.
Eventually, any positive thoughts are long forgotten, and you seldom find a key to unlock their door. As you can see from the graphic, the only way to change what’s already there (negative) is to replace it with positive thoughts.
Accept that it is suppose to be this way at this moment in time, and be positive about yourself and your life. This is the effect of negative thinking, which is far reaching into your future, unless you stop it right here, right now.

Eventually, you’ll be able to stop such thoughts in your mind, before they become speech or actions.
Reminiscing with an old friend will bring up memories (thoughts) you haven’t remembered for ages. How many times have you thought or said, it’s on the tip of my tongue, yet you never quite bring a thought to the forefront?
Begin to think from the standpoint of the eternal truths and principles of life and not from the standpoint of fear, ignorance and superstition. Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass.

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