Power supply 24vac to 12vdc

I have an Altronix 24VAC power supply used for IR Illuminators and want to add a couple PIRs that are spec'd between 6-18VDC. The Arm Electronics 16 Cam 24VAC UL Listed Power Supply (400VA) is a multi-channel power supply for CCTV applications.
But the one I meant is the high voltage version with protection, something the wall-wart (and everything else) plugs into, without this the wall-wart wont last here, and in many cases why it fails in other places also but on a lesser scale. In other words this Voltage Regulator protects your equipment, and also regulates the voltage. Feel free to call, email, or chat if you need help making sure the power supply will work for your camera system. As mentioned many UPS have the AVR built in as well, but the VR is the most important part as without that, wont have anything left to backup. Current gets too high, it stops it, current gets to low, it stops it, in other words the outputs are disconnected.

Basically its a line conditioner, but APC calls it voltage regulation and thats one of the most popular. Although most cameras consume less than 1 amp, it is important to check the manufacturer specifications of yours to make sure it will work. A really huge spike of high voltage will fry this, but the devices connected to it are fine, as happened to one the other day.Some, not all, UPS have Automatic Voltage Regulation built in, but I prefer to keep it separate even then. IMO without a voltage regulator, such as this, I dont think anyone should complain when a hard drive fails.
Some cameras, like PTZs consume more than one amp and may require their own individual power supply. Ive yet to see one fail when its on one of these, after 15 years of using Tripplites and APCs.
Although Ive seen hard drives and other parts fry all the time without them, even with UPS they fail all the time, unless it has AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) built in, which some do not.

Ofcourse if a location is completely Solar or has an entire building line conditioning system then there is no need for these. If they never have brownouts or voltage spikes then also there is no need for this, ofcourse anytime the power goes off and comes back on though there is the chance of a brownout or too much voltage depending on how good their electricity source is there, here it sucks.We've talked about these Voltage Regulators for years on this forum though which is why I felt I should clarify the difference from the one you mentioned, thats all. But basically I only posted to let people know that this was different from the other Voltage Regulators we use every day.

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