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A power supply is a device that takes an incoming electrical current and amplifies it to levels required by various devices. Modern vehicles also require a type of power supply in order to function, and it is referred to as an alternator. Another common type of power supply can be found on windmills and solar panels, and its primary function is to convert various types of energy into electricity so that it can be stored and distributed across a grid. I am really interested in developing devices which include a mechanism for supplying their own power. Allow me to offer a humble tribute to the power supple for truly it is this which allows us to live such comfortable lives in the modern world. On site, you can consult with an electrician to make sure that your building is wired correctly. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The diagram at right shows the main output connector of the power supply when viewed from the end.
I am curious, on most supplies, there needs to be at least a minimum load across the +5V (Not the +5vSB) to maintain the switching activity, otherwise the supply will shut-down. There are a few more, odd-ball, but going from some of the +5 to +12, does generate a voltage, but not sure if if it registers exact +7V, or not..

That is a very very low quality power supply, you would be better served by something made better. This is just what I needed for converting an old ATX power supply for use to power my 10M and 2M radios. I've been using a 350W atx power supply for a few years now, well when I do electronic bread boarding stuff anyway.
To anyone wants to make this, be very careful because these PSU have very hight wattage (400 W and more) and this could be lethal! CCTV & Security SystemsWe have served many customers in all fileds of business in the middle east, from small retailers to large corporations. Time Attendance SolutionsThe best time attendance solutions for companies and corporations, a wide selection of time clock options.
GPS & CommunicationsGPS (Global Positioning System) for Vehicle tracking which Allows you to locate your entire fleet in real-time.
It is likely that we have all seen these in the form of a flashlight that includes a hand crank.
It the powe failure if the result of problems with the larger system of power generation in your area you may be out of luck. You can test all of your equipment to make sure that is is receiving and using power efficiently.

If your local power company does not supply enough power to meet your needs you do not have a lot of options. I am hoping that we can find ways to expand this technology in a logical direction. I have heard of gyms which wire up their treadmills to store the energy produced by the constant motion and use this to power the run the lights or the machine itself. You are working on a computer, you have lights running, your stereo is playing and maybe you have the microwave or stove on.
You can ask the elctric company to inspect the power lines running to your building to make sure there are no faults.
So much of our lives are facilitated by the cheap and ubiquitous distribution of power throughout every area of our society. The reason we are able to live such comfortable live is that we found ways to store and distribute energy that was previously wasted.

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