Power supply cable wont come out

Unlike DeepCool, which has released a collection of mid-range PSUs, Antec has put together a high-end line that doesn't cut any corners. Called EDGE, the new collection is composed of the fully-modular EDGE 550, EDGE 650, EDGE 750 and EDGE 850.
In that order, the PSUs provide 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts and 850 watts of continuous power. Since they are 80 PLUS Gold certified, it means that they achieve an energy efficiency of up to 92%. Cable-wise, there are a myriad of different possible cable combinations, thanks to the extensive multi-pin connectors.
All Antec EDGE PSUs have 13.5 mm fans with white LEDs keeping heat at bay, as well as Japanese capacitors for stable DC output. I mean, the situation that PC will not turn on by temporary electrical trouble sometimes occurs. If power will not really turn on, hardware might have some troubles, but they are diffrent meaning "not turn on" = "need to fix".
In case of power indicator light or cooling fan is rotating but PC seems not running, this might not be concerned with power supply.
I will explain step by step for laptop and desktop separately since they have very differ in structure. Laptop is easy to carry around, besides AC adapter itself is big and heavy, so end of the cable often get in hard damage. I also recommend you to check plug side of the power cable and AC adapter are connected firmly. I know the case example that power cable of general-purpose item did not reach to the terminal of AC adapter since it is subtle difference in shape. But these days, AC adapter with no power indicator light is increasing because of lower costs I think. Judgment by using electric tester is best way actually, but people who do not have it much so try to check rough and quickly.
Ultimately, the best way is to confirm the output voltage of PC side terminal by electric tester. If cable of AC adapter side or terminal damaged hardly, or AC adapter is completely cold when connect to power outlet, you would change new AC adapter.
Genuine AC adapter is need to order as parts, but can use compatible product by another manufactures for it.
The product which is different voltage cannot connect to the PC as different terminal form. About how to remove the battery, I want you to read instructions exactly but usually get to know by turning over PC.
Sometimes battery causes power trouble by deterioration especially laptop which have been more than 5 years from purchase.
Power supply unit does not have switch itself - for example manufacturer model - is no matter. The cable often does not turn on electricity because of power cable is not connect firmly to PC side.

Press the power button several times while the power cable does not connect, then reconnect the cable.
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We have established representatives of our interests in both management and institutional level positions within these departments. Federal regulations do not yet permit testing of implants on prisoners, but we have entered nto contractual agreements with privatized health care professionals and specified correctional personnel to do limited testing of our products.
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