Power supply for 12v winch

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Current amplifier is used to bypass the regulator output current fixed voltage power supply with 12 volts which is controlled by IC LM7812. Note:- We have developed another water level controller circuit using micro controller AT89S51 from Atmel. A simple but very reliable and effective water level controller circuit diagram is shown here.
Probe D is positioned at the bottom level of the tank while probes A, B and C are placed at full, half and medium levels of the tank respectively.
When the water level goes below medium, transistor Q2 gets switches OFF and its collector goes positive. Use insulated single strand aluminium wires for probe and they can be arranged in the tank as per the probe arrangement diagram.
The load current, voltage ratings of the relay must be selected according to the ratings of the pump motor. The type number of the transistors used here are not very critical and you can do suitable replacements if any type number is not available. I am complete this circuit and tested in baiket water it is working and I install to overhead tank it is not working properly some problems come when water goes below probe b relay not on and d2 led not fully off it is dem showing after half and one hour relay getting on what can I do please help me sir. Your circuit helps me alot in my field of learning and open my mind too, please i can guys sent me more circuit so it will back me.Thank you very much. I have built the circuit, and when I energize it, two of the LED lights come on and the other LED light stays off. 1N4007 in parallel with the relay to protect the diving element from the back EMF of the relay during switch off. I tried the circuit, i have second and third led always growing slighty and motor does not run? Relay coil rating 5volts 200 ohms relay with 2pole changeover contact with AC rating of 250 volts 2amps contact rating relay.
Hi you please use float swiches in place of probes, which requires cleaning every alternate months though it is SS. I need circuit diagram for water level controller which should be set in the underground tank which collects the water from the municipal.
Can you kindly explain the role of IC555 as it is a timer IC and i dont see any thing that is obviously using a timer related feature..
The circuit described here is of an economical smooth variable power supply which offers 0V to 24V. The pots used for voltage variation are 23mm carbon-film linear type and for current limit 10 ohm, 1w wirewound type is used. This circuit is simple and usefull but not really stabilized its working without any error correction . If I would make the circuit for upto 0-12Volt & upto 2 Amp variable power supply, what changes are required to incorporate in this existing Circuit?

100% accuracy of the contents is not promised, so your contributions and suggestions are highly welcome by the author. 5A adapter 12 volt circuit, with a current amplifier transistor 2N3055 can be purchased in kit form or assembled themselves with the PCB in the market.
If not, we recommend you 3 books that provide a very good understanding of the IC and its applications. Collector of Q2 is connected to the base of transistor Q6 and as result transistor Q6 gets switched ON. Capacitor C3 couples the collector of Q1 to the trigger pin of NE555 and facilitates edge triggering whenever the transistor Q1 goes ON. When I energize the circuit, the relay chatters and when I fill the bin with water, the other LED light comes on, but the pump never goes off and the relay continues to chatter. Please check whether the NO (normally open contact when relay is off) is connected for self latching of relay.
It provides all controls and short circuit protection with acceptable regulation and a ripple free supply and yet uses very few components.
After rectification and filtering, a constant reference voltage is obtained by the 24V, 500mW zener diode. I have designed 0-24V power supply using your given ckt diagram & It is working smoothly. This site will be updated from time to time, so remember to check back occasionally for updates.
You can check out the reviews and buy the book from our online store:- 3 Great Books to Learn 555 Timer Circuits and Projects. The circuit is completely automatic which starts the pump motor when the water level in the over head tank goes below a preset level and switches OFF the pump when the water level in the over head tank goes above the full level. When water level is below the quarter level probes A, B and C are open and the transistor Q1, Q2 and Q3 remains OFF.
Transistor Q5 will be also ON because its base in connected to the collector of Q4 which is presently OFF. As a result its collector goes to ground level which triggers the IC1 which is wired as a monostable.
A monostable circuit can be made edge triggered by connecting the trigger signal to the trigger input pin through a capacitor. The probes can be binded on a plastic rod and should be erected vertically inside the tank. A small aluminium heatsink can be fitted to the 7812 for better saftey.Small Al heatsinks for TO-220 package are readily available in the market. Latching of the relay is sullying the power through its own normally open contact for energising the relay.
Our website contains Free Collection of Electronics Circuits, PIC microcontroller projects, diagrams, tutorials, cad and PCB design software, vintage vacuum tube archives, hobby designs, datasheets and many schematics.
Also note that the capacitor must be replaced with the one that has voltage greater than the peak voltage.

A complete range of power supply and list of components to assemble their own 12V 5A can be seen in the following figure. When the water level rises and touches the probes the corresponding transistors gets biased and switches ON. As a result when the water level goes below medium relay K1 gets energized and the pump is driven. The length of the probes wires and the supporting plastic rod must be chosen according to the depth of the tank.
When relay coil gets an on pulse from the driving element it will switch on and continue to be on through it own NO contact even if the driving element switches off. Resistors R1, R2, R3 limit the bases current of corresponding transistors while resistors R4, R5, R6 limit their collector current. The relay is wired in the latching mode so that even if the water level goes above medium level the pump remains ON so that the tank gets completely filled.
This makes the transistor Q4 ON for the same time and transistor Q5 whose base is connected to the collector of Q4 is switched OFF cutting the supply to the relay. The circuit used here is termed as negative edge triggered because the monostable is triggered when ever the trigger input signal falls.
Since DC is used in the level sensing section electrolysis will occur in the probes and so the probes require small maintenances in 1 or 2 month intervals.
This makes the motor OFF and it remains OFF until the water level again goes below the medium level. R10 and R12 limits the collector current of Q4 and Q5 respectively while R9 and R11 limits their base current.
Using AC in the sensing section will completely eliminates the chance of electrolysis and I am presently working on such a circuit. When relay is activated these contacts close which forms a short across collector and emitter of Q6. R13 limits the base current of Q6 while D4 is a freewheeling diode which protects the switching transistors from voltage transients. This makes the state of Q6 irrelevant to the operation of the relay and the relay remains ON as long as the transistor Q5 is ON. Once tank water reaches full level Q1 will be on and LED D1 will be lit and will switch of the pump motor. The only way to make the relay OFF is by switching OFF Q5 and it is done automatically when the water level reaches the full level.

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