Power supply lg plasma tv 50pg20

If your LG 50PG20-UA plasma TV is either completely dead or clicks on and back off you may need this service. Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for thepower supply board found in LG 50PG20-UA as shown on the picture.
REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send in a malfunctioning board which we will diagnose, service, test and return back to you.
Please make sure your TV has the same board before proceeding with this service or contact us if yours is different to see if we offer repair service for it.
Failure symptomsFailure in this board is usually indicated by a completely dead TV (no front LED even available) or just a pair of clicks (click on and then click off) upon attempt to turn on the TV, or a fast clicking by the board or a TV taking time to turn on or turning off by itself after a while. Some of these symptoms can be caused by other boards too, though, so do not jump into conclusions! You can search our store for DIY repair kits for the board or complete boards ready for sale or trade-in.

Sometimes the damage extends beyond the common failures that this service covers for a fixed price.
It is not a nice experience for either side, but it is part of the business and it is best that we both know it upfront. The board we receive must be physically intact and must have not been tampered with or serviced before.
If either of the two conditions is failed we reserve the right to reject service and return the board back to you at your expense. If we take the board for service and fail to fix it within reasonable time (2 business days unless you allow us more) we will issue you refund and send it at our expense. If a board arrives working you will only be liable for the return shipping costs, a fixed $20 diagnostic fee and whatever transaction fees eBay and PayPal incur on the transaction.
Failure will simplify the process of isolating which circuit board failed to operate properly.

We try to repair everything that comes our way - this is our business - but when we break even on a board we will contact you and tell you that it is not worth repairing. Once set is warm i might have to do it 1-2 times might get lucky and get it on the first try.
Any suggestions, i took off the back to the set and i didnt see any swollen caps are burnt circuits.

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