Power supply output 5v 2a

Low power IC voltage regulators of the 78L series used in our measuring instrument are now so cheap that they represent an economic alternative to simple zener-npn stabilisers.
The two transformers can be controlled by the power supply switch PS 1 The switch also controls a neon lamp, which lights up once the transformer supply is on. This is a Constant Current Source LED Driver, When the LED driver Upper-NPN is driven by a voltage thru 4.7K the LED lights up. I had to once interface an high voltage circuit to PC, The uC had to communicate thru RS232--Comm port--Serial Port. The schematic diagram come from circuit: Adjustable High Voltage Power Supply 0 to 1000V power supply. In most of the power supply circuit designs, after the rectification stage of the AC signal, large, heavy and expensive electrolytic capacitors are used to avoid the ripple voltage at the output.
The principle of the gyrator circuit is it multiplies the capacitance value of the capacitor connected between the base and the emityer terminals by the static forward current gain, HFE of the transistor. The circuit also provides a soft power-on since the voltage stabilisation and reaching the maximum value take a few hundred milliseconds. This is a dual regulated and stabilized power supply, usually used to supply amplifier circuit, it also known as split powersupply.
Logic probe is used to determine if a point in a circuit has high or low state when the circuit is in operation.? In this design, this large capacitors are replaced by an active power transistor (2N3055) gyrator circuitry which also does the same job greatly and less costly. Different not-so obvious voltage values can also be obtained from the transformer by rectification circuits. In fact, virtually the only way in which these regulators can be damaged is by incorrect polarity or by an excessive input voltage. The other two terminals of the secondary are fed to a bridge rectifier constructed using diodes.

The ground terminal in the 3 pin plug is earthed to the chassis, while the other two terminals are connected to the primaries of the two transformers.
This archive is based on my own Instrumentation Designs and Generic Basic Designs too for education. Though the elimination of the transformer makes the circuit compact, economical and simple, also facilitating quick assembly and built in short circuit protection, certain drawbacks creep in. For simplicity, compactness, convenience and accuracy the use of three­ terminal regulators is ideal.
Regulators in the 78L series upto the 8v type will withstand input voltages upto about 35v, whilst the 24v type will withstand 40v.
With adjustable voltage regulator the circuit voltage can be obtained varies from 7 to 20 VDC. For good load regulation, the internal impedance of any power supply should be as low as possible. These IC voltage regulators are freely available in various ranges both positive and negative. Normally, of course, the regulators would not be operated with such a large input-output differential as this would lead to excess power dissipation. The filtered output is fed to IC6 which is a 3 pin voltage regulator which gives a regulated output of + 5v.
This circuit requires a voltage input> = 20VDC Circuit Notes The addition of an op amp MC1741 allows adjustment to higher or intermediate values.
All the regulators in the 78L series will deliver a maximum current of 1000mA provided the input-­output voltage differential does not exceed 7v. In this scheme, adjustable voltage regulator IC 78L05 is used in conjunction with the integrated audio amplifier TDA2030.
It can be seen that the device is a complete regulator, with built-in reference, error amplifier, series pass transistor and protection circuits.

Physical contact should be strictly avoided, since the output terminals are not isolated from A.C.
The protection circuits include current limiting, safe area protection to limit dissipation in the series pass transistor and thermal shut down to limit temperature. It is also necessary to produce a +12v and -12v supply for application to operational amplifiers. This is precision high voltage regulator circuit diagram based 3 terminal adjustable regulator LM317L IC. Agus when the mogul accompanied his nephew for his initial prostate cancer consultation nearly eight years ago.
The output of the bridge rectifier is clamped to +12v and -12v respectively using two zener diodes.
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