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OCZ packages their ZT range in a large, sturdy box with plenty of product information on the outside. Bundled with the PSU is an information leaflet, mains plug, cable ties and a set of screws for use during the installation of the product. Abstract: In the energy conscious world of today it's great to see that electronics producers are making an effort to reduce the power consumption of their products. Here's one example; the traditional six pin PCI Express videocard power connector provides an additional 75W of power.
Adding in the power demands from the rest of the system (hard drives, fans, memory, etc.) just goes to confirm that a good power supply is vital to today's modern PC. There are four +12V rails which can all deliver 19 amps each, for a maximum power output of 648W. The Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W supports Active Power Factor Correction (A-PFC) which improves efficiency, reduces heat and uses less power. Corsair certainly seem to have the Midas touch – earning a great reputation within whatever market they decide to target. The CX430 V2 is marketed at the same price as the original version, and gives a system builder 80 Plus Certification and an extended three year warranty. Universal AC input from 90~264V — No more hassle of flipping that tiny red switch to select the voltage input!

Inside we find a new CWT based design, though that isn’t a huge surprise given the security screws used on the outside, and the overall layout is decent with minimal heatsinks used. The TX range also has several features which combine to protect the PC components in the event of a fault developing. Inside we find the PSU wrapped in a cloth bag and beside it is a separate box which contains the bundled extras and cables. Also provided are the PSUs modular cables which look similar to those used on the ZX series, more on those later. Both Intel and AMD have decreased the power demands of their latest processors, but unfortunately the situation is not so bright for videocards. There are many models and brands of power supplies on the market, but PCSTATS would suggest sticking to the 80+ certified units, or models with "real world power" ratings. There is one large 120mm fan on the bottom, drawing warm air from the inside of the PC up and out through the rear of the powersupply in a fashion which is typical of virtually all "low noise" PSU's. A note to users of older motherboards, pins 21-24 are not detachable and there is no 24 to 20 pin converter included. Their reputation in the power supply sector is already one of the best and today we are looking at the follow up to the original CX430 – the new CX430 V2, created to offer a solid, reliable power supply at the lowest possible price point. The CX series might not have gotten a lot of high profile attention in recent months, with the AX and HX series grabbing all the headlines.

Mixed with this high specification is an 80 Plus Bronze certification which means it has passed certification of 81% efficiency at 20% and 100% load with 50% load rated at over 85% (230V). By and large nVIDIA and ATI graphics cards consume a lot of power, and with each successive generation those videocard power consumption continues to skyrocket. In operation the Real Power 750 stayed pretty quiet, and as the temperatures rise the fan speed will increase to match. Over-Current Protection works on the same outputs to ensure DC voltage remains within safe limits.
Now of course the GeForce 8800GTX does not use that much juice constantly, but it's certainly scary to see where things are headed.
Then Short-Circuit Protection powers off the PSU should any of the 3.3v, 5v or 12v rails short any other rail or ground.
If you're getting ready to pick up AMD's new Radeon HD 2900XT, well, that card sucks down even more energy!

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