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AeroCool recently introduced their KCAS entry level power supply unit to local PSU market, that’s one more brand for users to consider.
Check out the image below to get the picture, notice how they lose the opportunity to “shout out” their product?
The KCAS 700w comes with sleeved cable and more than enough for the general computer setup.
Just as with the rest of my test, I’ve been running it on an R9 280X on load for weeks and all seems good.
Another thing I like about it is the cable sleeve as it covers almost every area possible, no unsightly wires visible even between connectors. In its continuing quest to bring gaming enthusiasts the ultimate in performance, XFX now adds “power” to its lineup with the introduction of the XFX 850W Black Edition Power Supply Unit (PSU). Designed specifically for the high performance gamer, the 850W Black Edition PSU supports multiple high-end graphics cards cards (NVIDIA SLI-Ready and ATI CrossfireX-Ready). Rated for a combined, continuous output power of up to 850 watts at 50 degrees Celsius, the XFX 850W BE PSU outperforms lesser quality PSUs. Rated with an 80-Plus Silver Certification, this highly efficient PSU is not only eco-friendly, it ensures quiet, cool operation.
Single, high-power +12V rail delivers power on demand and eliminates problems associated with multiple +12V power distribution.
Equipped with a 15.1MP sensor and 16x optical zoom lens, the newest member of the Leica's compact digital camera lineup, called V-Lux 30, also comes with built-in GPS capabilities and a new mode for creating 3D stills.
Corsair has quietly expanded its mid-range CX-M line of power supply units with the addition of the new CX650M model. At the front of the box in which the B800-MAS unit arrived we see a somewhat large product image, the LEPA, ERP Lot6 and 80 Plus Bronze certified logos and the model output. The rear of the box is filled with the unit’s features and several pictures showcasing the available connectors.

LEPA has placed the unit inside two pieces of black foam while the rest of the modular cables are placed inside a black bag. Along with the B800-MAS PSU you will also get the flat modular cables, a carrying bag, user’s manual, 4 mounting screws and AC power cable. The interior layout is very clean and is divided in 3 sections by 3 heatsinks (it's also identical with that of the HCG-750M). Primary capacitors used are made by the Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con and are rated for use up to 105°C. Cougar has placed two product pictures at the front of the box along with the main product features, company logo, the 3 years warranty statement, the 80 Plus Bronze logo and a Haswell Ready logo.
The rear of the box is filled with the features list, the electrical specifications table, available cables, efficiency and acoustic charts, a small picture of the 140mm fan grill and several certification logos. I would like a little bit better protection but the sample arrived here in one piece so it seems to be sufficient. The bundle is basic and consists of the modular cables, AC power cord, 6 cable ties, user's manual and 4 mounting screws.
The TruePower Classic 550W arrived inside a box with a large product image at the front right next to its main features, power output and the 5 years warranty and Antec logos. Just like with the 650W model the 80 Plus Gold certification, 5 years warranty and ATX v2.4 features are printed at the top of the box. The units’ electrical table and available power connectors are placed on the right side while on the left we see the features list in 4 languages.
Along with the TP-550C PSU you will also get 4 mounting screws, AC power cable, product overview paper and a warranty paper. Interestingly the KCAS 700 sticker is placed on the side of the PSU that’s facing the inside of the casing. Until I get a proper load tester, we’ll just have to look at it from how the consumer uses it.

For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Within the sleek black case are an array of industry-leading unparalleled features and performance enhancements that will appeal to gaming enthusiasts. Crossbreed engineering featuring both fixed and modular cables provide users with both exceptional performance and superior flexibility. High quality Japanese capacitors ensure high reliability and long life, and solid polymer caps provide enhanced reliability and stability. The E-PL2 an entry-level "new generation system camera" which  is compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard.
The good thing with this however is that it's not possible sometimes since really strong graphics cards require quite a bit of power and to get that people have no choice but to spend a lot more than they'd like to. Has always been amongst the top PSU manufacturers but it wasn’t until recently that they started expanding to other countries outside of Germany and what best way to do that than to release a brand new PSU line with both 80 Plus Gold and Platinum units.
Today we will be taking a look at the Dark Power Pro P10 750W variant which should be more than enough to power systems with dual GPU configurations. This is validated and accompanied by numerous awards for both power supplies and cooling solutions.
So once again with us we have what seems to be an excellent product, at least on paper and so it’s up to us to see if that’s really the case or not. Another first and second rank in the categories “fans” and “cooler” underline the high acceptance of our products. Thanks to these we ensure a really silent operation - our products reach the best balance between cooling performance and a virtually inaudible operation.

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