Powerpack 400 plus ac adapter

Product DescriptionNothing's more annoying than a major trunk rattle when your subwoofer is pounding. FeaturesPlay all your audio devices wire-free through your car stereo, iPod, MP3, Personal CD player or other devices.
I recently purchased an iPod and I thought that it would be great to be able to take it in the car and not have to worry about taking a bunch of cds with me.
Product DescriptionIntroducing a great plug & play way to send audio from portable devices to your car stereo with wireless ease, convenience and clarity! The Tripp Lite PV375 supplies up to 375 watts of continuous 120V AC power to two AC outlets from any 12V battery or automotive DC source. It's lightweight and holds everything you need to take your portable DVD player, battery, accessories and DVD's anywhere.
Dynamat's 19105X trunk kit works as a team with your subwoofer to ensure that you get the cleanest, tightest bass possible. Just connect the PodTape to your iPod or any audio device with a 3.5mm headphone jack and insert it into your car cassette deck. There are many products available that will allow you to do so, yet their quality is quite shaky. It provides structural reinforcement in your trunk so that your vehicle can handle high bass pressure.
First there is the FM transmitter that sends the frequency over the radio into your car stereo. Portable and compact, the inverter's design is among the most rugged available thanks to its lightweight metal casing.A low-battery alarm with auto-shutoff preserves vehicle battery, while an equally handy overload alarm with auto-shutoff prevents wattage overload.

I can't say as I find this a negative though as there's plenty of room to hold my player, full size fold up headphones and all of the batteries, and cables for the player plus quite a few DVDs.Probably my only complaint is that the pouch where you store DVDs is a little difficult to get into (it doesn't open too wide).
Titanium finish solid brass bar stock blocks with 24K gold-plated fittings handle all the current your battery can supply and an autosensing digital voltage meter indicates battery condition at a glance.
This item produces quite a bit of static and requires you to change the station as you move from one area to another. This exciting new product features patented wireless technology to send high-fidelity stereo audio signals from any audio device to any FM stereo radio with a range of up to 15 feet. The other downside was that the straps stick out because of the contoured seats making it very uncomfortable to sit. So for those of us with fat paws its a bit of a challenge to pull out some of the discs that are in the bottom sleeves of the case.Overall though I'd say it's well worth it. The kit consists of 12 square feet of Original Dynamat and 8 square feet of Dynamat Xtreme.
Dual ANL fuses under clear insulating covers satisfy all safety and competition requirements.
Simply tune your FM radio and the AudioBUG™ to any frequency on the FM band, plug the AudioBUG™ into any audio output source, and enjoy! You can clip the microphone to your sun visor, mount it on the steering column (behind the steering wheel), or place it anywhere that provides it clear reception (as long as it doesn't interfere with vehicle operation). This item also allows you to broadcast a signal over the radio, however, in order to change the station you have to have downloaded a code into your iPod that will play on that station.
The ATB-350 will automatically turn itself on when detecting an audio signal and will automatically turn itself off if no audio is detected after 80 seconds.

The self-adhesive wire guides keep the microphone's wire neatly tucked away for a clean installation. Obviously this can create a problem for a spur of the moment trip or an trip to another area where you aren't sure of the station code that you will need.
The AudioBUG 350 is conveniently built into a cigarette lighter power adaptor adapter, so you never need buy batteries.
Also included is a wireless remote that mounts conveniently on your steering wheel (the mount is included, too), along with installation and operation instructions.
However, this item only allows you to control what you are listening to through the head unit. So in the event that you want to listen to a song that is somewhere in the middle of your playlist, you have to press the forward button until you get there.
I really liked the design, I just couldn't find a way to mount it securely and comfortably. The solution that I found that works great for me and is particularly inexpensive has been to purchase this part (Pioneer CD-RB10) to connect to the back of my stereo and allow me to plub in something with RCA plugs (those little red and white cables). The result is cd quality music all the time and the ability to control what I'm listening to from my iPod.
There is a similar product available from Alpine in the event that you have an Alpine radio.

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