Printable telephone address book template

If you'd like to support this site and all the free things I post- please check out my Don't Eat the Paste Mandala collection coloring book for 9.99 at Amazon. This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark.
My daughter loves color coding her notes for book reports, and when I showed her these bookmarks she said "Oh! Like Astrobrights on Facebook for an opportunity to enter their sweepstakes "Give a Brighter Year".
This is an adult coloring book that collects 50 of the mandalas from this site into one book for 9.99.
They are good quality papers in bright, eyecatching colors that work just great in printers.

Highlight where it says "Name" and replace "Name" with names of the people you want to make the bookmarks for. Because of the high spam levels and still wanting the site to be friendly, I switched to moderating comments instead of a captcha.
You have my permission to use it for personal use but not to use it for commercial purposes without my express permission. My review policyThis site uses Amazon affiliate links to help pay for the site.There is also the occasional sponsored post. You'll put in your name, address, all the usuals, plus one extra, the K-8 school you want to give the big part of the prize. Using black ink designs, it works very well for quote art, party invitations and other projects.

I will not endorse any product that I haven't had personal experience with and enjoyed using.The mandalas, boxes and other printable content on this site is my own creation and copyrighted by me, Shala Kerrigan, and meant for personal use. At 5 per page, with each field as a separate name, these are also good for class room situations.

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