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We provide a free no obligation valuation for those serious about selling their registration. You will find full instructions and addresses on the back of the green V778 Retention Document or pink V750 Certificate. If the registration number you want to transfer is on another car, then a straightforward transfer from vehicle to vehicle is all you need. If the registration number is on a mainland GB Certificate (either a V750 Certificate of Entitlement or V778 Retention Document), then it cannot be transferred straight to a vehicle if the vehicle is registered in NI (Northern Ireland). Some number plate companies offer this specialist service to transfer a number plate to vehicle in Northern Ireland, and have vehicles available especially for the service. Because there are two number plate transfers needed, involving both the DVLA (Swansea) and DVA (Coleraine), it takes a little longer than normal.
Simply paying for it, and having that confirmed does NOT mean you can put the number plates on your car and start driving around. You also need to inform your insurance company so they can amend your insurance policy schedule. But if you’re after the full name Briony, then choices are limited to a very small number.
The limiting factor is that you will only be able to transfer this registration number to a vehicle registered on or after 1st March 2010. DVLA is today warning buyers that they should check the Certificates for private number plates before buying them from a private seller.
You should also check if it looks as though the serial number for the Certificate looks like it’s been tampered with. In addition to the number plate certificates, 200 blank driver license counterparts (D470) were also stolen. Rhys had his plate put on the car that afternoon ( as you had posted tax disc etc day before so brilliant timing ) and i haven’t stopped hearing about it since .
I’m very glad your gift made your son very happy, and created a long-lasting memory for both of you. If you’re buying your registration plate from elsewhere (like an auction site) look into using a professional number plate transfer service to take care of the payment and paperwork for you and make sure ownership transfers smoothly. If you’ve bought your registration plate from a reputable company, they will offer a full money back guarantee if (for any reason) they were unable to complete the sale. The next DVLA auction will be at the RBS Williams F1 Conference Centre, Wantage, Oxfordshire on 5th, 6th, 7th August 2009.

The feature registration number for sale next month is 4 O, which will be offered for sale on the final day of the auction. Although, if you can go along in person, this would be a great opportunity to take a tour of the Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection while attending the auction.
With the release of previously unissued number plates into the market, the DVLA transformed the landscape. Hide the age of a carDateless registration numbers or Irish number plates are usually most popular if you’re hiding the age of your vehicle.
So that we can keep advertsing rates as low as possible, we ask you to pay your advertising fees quarterly (every 3 months).
Private number plates which bear the sequence SN07 were banned from the streets of Edinburgh because they are "offensive"! Licensing officials at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) changed the plate to TN07 to avoid it being similar to the word "snot".
A DVLA spokesperson said the decision to change the private number plates was taken to avoid offending car buyers in the capital. Turn the wheels towards the car next to you, which makes it harder for the thief to drive it away quickly. If, after all that, your car is stolen… and it has a personalised number plate on it, make sure you act quickly to retain the number plate.
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These are only payable when you want to remove it from your car, usually when you either selling the car or the registration number itself.
As soon as you have them, all you need to do is put the new tax disc in the window and the number plates on the car. Naturally, 3-letter shortened names are easy… there are loads of these and we see them everywhere. If you have any reason to be suspicious, you should get in touch with the Northumbria Police.
Your payment to them should be protected, and it’s their responsibility to check that the paperwork is legitimate. There are plenty of other options if you want a personalised number plate, but on a smaller budget.
If you find what you’re looking for don’t hang around too long… the best ones get snapped up quickly.

Another 1600 personalised number plates will be for sale at the next DVLA number plate auction in August.
The three days will see the sale of 1600 number plates, with reserve prices ranging from just a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds.
The plate had been due to follow on from the SN56 registration in March has been banned this year , it has emerged. The change means that cars registered in the capital are the only ones in Scotland not to begin with an a€?Sa€™. She added: "It is our policy that any registration mark that can be construed as being offensive to people will be suppressed. A personalised number plate makes the car stand out, and they’re usually more memorable than a standard number plate. If a number plate is not your thing, then maybe some flowery stickers or fluffy toys (if you like that kind of thing!).
We will market your registration through our extensive marketing strategies and give it the exposure you deserve.
Or, if you’re going in person to your local DVLA office, you can usually pay by card. Most companies will offer this service as part of purchase, or you can re-register the number plate yourself. But a name like Briony may not be so easy to get on a number plate… or so you might think.
That’s because it contains the number 10 in the middle, which dates this current style number plate to 2010, and you cannot use a number plate that would make a vehicle appear to be newer than it is. Just make sure that they are members of the appropriate number plate Associations and offer a full guarantee. Everyone wants JON 1 or JRP 1, and are quite taken aback that something like that would set them back quite literally ?10,000′s. Reputable companies will be members of a professional body, like the Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA) or Association of Personalised Registration Traders (APRT). There are six DVLA auctions each year, taking place at prestigious venues around the country.

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