Psychic abilities empath clairsentience and telepathy

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic MediumAn Empath is someone with the strong ability to feel the thoughts, emotions and energy of others. These are all signs you may be sensing the energy, emotions and thoughts of those around you. Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic MediumVisit Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium's profile on Pinterest.
It’s the ability to sense, connect and understand on a soulful level with the Spirit of another individual on Earth.It’s the ability of clairsentience, clear feeling, manifesting in the physical world with physical people and animals. And if you are currently in the process or interest of wanting to or beginning to connect with Spirit in this way, it’s essential to know that you have the ability to do both.

And many of my clients, before they begin working with Spirit in the Spiritual World, have already begun working with Spirit in the physical world.
Being an Empath, you have the ability to sense and feel both those in Spirit in a human body and those without a physical body at this time.Thankfully, being an Empath is actually pretty cool - once it’s been identified, managed and under control.
Unidentified, Empath abilities can manifest as feelings of apathy, anxiety, overwhelm or numbness - all signs that you’ve had too much of your fill.
You may even have a hard time sensing what are your feelings and thoughts, compared to the feelings and thoughts of others.
But, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.Empaths can feel, sense or know what is already going on with someone, even without their own personal knowledge.

They can pick up on vibes, energy, illnesses or emotions coming from others, even if those others, don’t even know what they are feeling themselves. An empath is someone who, spiritually and energetically, has fair skin, but many days, walks around in full sun with no protection, due to the lack of knowledge about the condition of their skin.There are signs you may be extra sensitive and using your abilities actively within the physical world.

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