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Are you looking to automate your social media?Personalized one-on-one coaching with the Marketing Mentress. Annabela€™s combined efforts of her Guides & Masters and yours is always invoked through Goda€™s Golden White Light and the positive forces of the universe seeking only the truth. If you are seeking guidance, Annabel will help you find understanding and direction to fulfill your highest good and destiny. Annabela€™s Spiritual classes and personal growth sessions I truly believe that within each of us, resides a inner wisdom called intuition. I have been having readings with Annabel for many years now and she has been always right on.
Annabel you are an amazing individual, full of life and energy that cascades down to the people around you.
I have had many readings by Annabel and she was so incredible that I hosted a reading party for my friends, co-workers and family.
I have had readings with others before I met you, but they all left me unfulfilled and even more confused about the issues after I left than when I first walked in. At first I was very skeptical on Psychic's but it took one appointment and I was a believer. I have been seeing Annabel for over five years now and I have NEVER been disappointed with any of my readings. Goodbye 2015 Creating all those memories you have graced me with and all the blessings you bestowed upon my family & friends and all of us.
Losing a Loved One– People often turn to their spirituality for comfort after the passing of a loved one.  And this connection to spirituality brings them closer to Source, and their true, soul-level essence which can cause a psychic awakening.
As we mentioned earlier, there really are no rules as to why an awakening occurs.  But as you can see, a major change of life event, or anything that causes a shift in your perspective or energy fields can crack the door open enough to cause an awakening. You may also find that you are picking up on the emotions and feeling of others quite easily.  This is known as being empathic, or an empath. Because of your sensitivity, you might feel drained being around people who are very negative or dramatic.  Honor what you are feeling, and stay away from the drama whenever possible. These foods help keep you from being weighed down and keep your vibration light.  Some people even choose to adopt a psychic diet.
Intuition is a perfectly natural thing.  As a matter of fact, even Albert Einstein was a huge believer in intuition!  You can read some of his quotes on the subject here.

When you first realize that you are having a psychic awakening, it can feel strange or unfamiliar.  This is normal, and lots of other folks have felt the exact same way when they began opening up. I make recommendations for books, music and other products and in many cases the link provided is an affiliate link.
Do you experience the feeling of being intuitive or capable to see or feel things without having to be really present on location? This Clairvoyant test 2016, 2017, helps one in knowing without a doubt if they have genuine psychic capabilities. Clairvoyance, or seeing, is the capability to see happenings in the future, present and past in your mind minda€™s eye.
Telepathy may be the direct communication between two living people without any written or verbal communication or using the five senses. Clairaudience, meaning hearing, is the skill to hear sounds or words from sources within the spirit world.
Clairsentience, meaning realizing, is the gift to understand the present, past or future emotional and physical states of others, without using the standard five senses. Precognition is the opportunity to really see or visit a future event through extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance, before it takes place.
For those of you who relate to a number of these capabilities and have this question in mind "Am I Psychic or What?a€?, then you have found the answers to your questions.
A psychic tests helps one analyze their telepathic strengths and weaknesses and choose the right path. Take this free 2016 psychic abilities test and be sure of your inborn clairvoyant powers and strengths. Psychic Reader, Medium, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer and Teacher living in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Over 40 years of developing her many gifts, she has successfully helped many people who have crossed her path seeking her guided messages.
In addition several tools of divination such as tarot cards, pendulum, jewelry and pictures are used to give more information to your readings. Her strong belief a€?no man, women or force should ever interfere with the universes plans for your true happiness and balancea€?.
When followed, developed and trusted, it is a powerful inner realm that infallibly points us into the direction of success.
I have been having readings (in person and telephone)about every six months, for the past four years. Unknown to me, you advised me that I was adopted and that I had a sister I didn't know about in great detail.
I thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational words and reconnecting with my mother in spirit whom passed 14 years ago. Everyone whom attended that day (even the skeptics), have commented on just how accurate she was; several people have even asked me what I told Annabel about them prior to their reading because she knew so much about them, I obviously didna€™t tell her a thing! She is not only an incredibly gifted and talented psychic, but she is a kind and caring woman; always looking to interpret even the negatives into positives.

I have had telephone & in person readings which have been so insightful and amazingly accurate. But some people are lucky to have ESP or Extra Physical Perception which makes them conscious of others and their surroundings.
Your sixth sense and abilities may be used to heal others or help people discover solutions for their problems.
Once you know you are a psychic, you can become a psychic reader and help people with your accurate readings. I have had many readings over the years, but I must say you are dead on, very accurate in your readings. Annabel is the real deal, go to her with confidence, and know she will tell you what the other side wants you to know or thinks you should know right now in your life! Your readings are totally amazing and I have recommended you to everyone who has asked, and once they've had a reading with you, they recommend you to others they know. She's enabled and assisted me in the growth of my successful business with her insightful direction and strong intuition.
She was able to understand me as a person which was evident upon the very first items which she spoke to me about.
Then you may be a psychic and therefore are fortunate to be blessed with clairvoyance and telepathy.
Thanks to you I found my sister I never knew existed, found that job you told me about and I'm getting married as you predicted. Thank you Annabel you have touched so many lives and helped them through countless challenges. I really appreciated the way she would a€?seea€™ something and then go on to dig deeper into the issue and find alternatives or gain further clarification. Annabel has given me great insights, strength and confidence and there is nobody that can compare to her. Take this quick and simple psychic quiz to understand much more about your natural psychic strengths. I recently recommended a friend of mine who was also fascinated by Annabel's ability to quickly read her situation and reassure her about a difficult problem she was facing. Thank you Annabel for all the amazing things you have done for my family, my friends, and me.
I have raved about her to all my friends and family and am trying to arrange a party because I believe in her and her gift that much.
Annabel is the real deal a€“ do not hesitate to have her read for you, you will not be disappointed!! It has gotten to a point where before I make any decisions I don't make them until I see Annabel.

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