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My research into the Aquarius love horoscope for 2015 tells me that this year is going to be an intense journey for those born under the Aquarius Zodiac. Part of the reason is January 2015 is going to bring a lot of excitement in you r love life.
Part of this is due to the fact that you are going to be sending out the right kind of emotional signals. There are also the religious and spiritual disciplines and philosophies that call this a lot of things.
The good news is that in January 2015 for some reason or other, things start to click and you’re starting to send out more love signals.
Your partner will respond in kind and you basically end up pulling each other up instead of dragging each other down. The key days in January for Aquarius’ love horoscope are January 17th, January 19th and January 22nd 2015. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a lot of dates; this doesn’t mean that you will be going out a lot on romantic adventures but the opportunities will be there. You have to remember that in many cases your past defeats have gotten the best of you and you have really shut yourself off from the possibility of falling in love. If you are in a relationship expect the higher level of emotional authenticity to really push your relationship to a much higher level.
The key days in February for Aquarius’ love forecast are February 2nd, February 7th and February 10th 2015. You have to really pay attention to the strands in your love life otherwise they will get the best of you. The most important days in March for Aquarius’ love horoscope are March 3rd, March 19th and March 20th 2015. In April of 2015, the Aquarius love horoscope is going to revolve around the concept of resting. A lot of it is self-inflicted but it truly doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship that has been under a lot of strain or your relationship feels like you’re not getting the kind of love that you should get. If you are feeling a little bit lonely or you’re feeling that there’s really nobody there for you and you’re single, you need to chill out. The most important days in April for Aquarius love horoscope are April 7th, April 12th, and April 23rd 2015.
Regardless, there will be a lot of yearning on your part because deep down you’re not really happy. The most important days in May for Aquarius love issues and love horoscope are May 3rd, May 7th and May 9th 2015. June of 2015 is actually going to give you opportunity to truly love yourself and really get in touch with the things are not perfect with you. It’s these weird elements in your emotional life that can actually make you more attractive to the right people. If you are in a relationship you might want to explore this part and open up opportunities with your partner where they actually accept that part of you.
You have to remember, if you are in a relationship and there’s really no deep acceptance it’s really a relationship worth hanging on to.
If you are single, take this time to really be comfortable in your emotional skin and really accept yourself fully.
The most important days in June for Aquarius’ love horoscope are June 1st, June 8th and June 9th 2015.
A lot of the deep introspection, a lot of the emotional idealism, a lot of the heavy self-love and self-analysis of previous months are beginning to bear fruit.
If you notice that your partner is paying more attention to you and giving you the kind of attention and emotional feedback that you feel that you deserve, thank the previous months. The good news is that regardless of whatever challenges we face in the world of romance and emotions, they happen for a reason.
Nine times out of ten, they are there to strengthen us, make us better people and make us better lovers. Even if you’re not in a relationship a lot of the things that you have resolved in the past are beginning to resolve now. A lot of your revelations in 2015 can help you identify these people and stay away from them. The most important days in July for Aquarius love horoscope are July 7th, July 19th and July 30th 2015. By the time August 2015 comes around the corner, Aquarius love horoscope is looking quite hopeful indeed. A lot of the emotional heavy lifting that you did in the earlier months is beginning to pay off. Also another piece of good news is that you’re beginning to look at yourself in a completely different way. The reason for this is because your internal mental mechanisms will send out the right emotional signals.
Whether you are in a relationship or whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or you have a husband or wife, you will see this in action. The most important days in August for Aquarius’ love horoscope are August 8th, August 19th and August 25th 2015. You tend to look at the world in terms of emotional ideas and when the world behaves differently, which it normally does, you tend to whip out this emotional map and basically think that something is wrong. Otherwise you will find yourself trying to swim upstream and your relationship will suffer. You really have to put in the work to resolve these issues otherwise your relationship won’t be as meaningful as you’d hope.
The most important days in September as far as the Aquarius love horoscope is concerned are September 1st, September 8th and September 19th 2015. However, if made some serious changes in September 2015 expect some of the seeds that you planted to bear fruit. This doesn’t mean that if you are feeling unloved and unwanted, that all of a sudden all of this people will come out of nowhere and put you on a pedestal. If you are feeling lonely in your relationship don’t expect October to basically be the breakthrough month where you r relationship becomes the most fulfilling and loving relationship on the face of the planet.

The key days in October for Aquarius love horoscope and personal growth are October 8th, October 16th and October 27th 2015. If you’re already in a relationship, by basically making the month of November all about them and listening to them, your relationship can get much deeper. If you’re single, this is especially crucial because when you’re getting out there you’re really sending out signals.
When you take the time to learn about these signals people are sending back then you can basically work with your signals and send out the right signals that would attract hopefully the right signals. The most important days in the month of November 2015 for Aquarius love horoscope are November 7th, November 18th and November 23rd 2015. It doesn’t matter even if you are in a relationship with Mother Theresa patience can only go so far. Peace should be the number one goal for all Aquarius people regardless whether they are in relationships or not in December 2015 because this can be the powerful emotional bridge that you will travel come 2016. Depending on how well you do in December 2015, 2016 can be a promising year or it can be a very disappointing year. Remember, the law of karma, the law of cause and effect, the law of sowing and reaping are all the same thing.
The most important days in December for Aquarius love horoscope are December 3rd, December 4th and December 17th 2015. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. So look at your left palm and you will see the upper (heart) line; the middle (head) line and the lower curving (life) line. A person who lives life to the fullest, with no regrets, tends to have deeper and darker lines than a person with lighter lines. Now looking at each aspect of the three major lines with this concept in mind, will open doors.
This is not exclusively a romantic line- it shows the generosity of spirit and emotional depth a person possesses in general for family, friends, pets, as well as lovers.
A lighter line does not mean that a person does not feel or experience deep emotions for others- only that it is not as easy for them to open up. Contrary to popular belief, the length of the life line does not necessarily mean how long you will live- it simply means the quality with which you live your life. Again, shorter lines signify people who hold back and have a list of coulda woulda shoulda in their back pocket. Long life lines that almost hit the wrist are for people who fill their days and follow their dreams, and luckily, I see more of these palms than the latter! Palm Reading is such a great way to reach out and connect with a stranger- at a coffee shop, a party.
You do not need to know very much but as long as you have the basic knowledge of the Palm Reading Hand Chart, you are half way there already!
One thing you will soon discover is that Tarot reading is much more than a form of card divination that can tell us about our past, present and future. People who are ascendant in Cancer normally don’t show a large variation in classical Cancer traits.
With that said, you still need to understand that typical Cancer rising personality traits. Keep in mind that Cancer rising personality, just like with other rising personalities, it’s neither good nor bad.
I’m talking primarily about the Cancer rising personality side to your overall personality. Nine times out of ten, a more accurate description of your personality would be the typical characteristics of the sun sign that you’re born under. With that said, if people say to you that you often surprise them after they know you better, you might want to chalk that up to the fact that you are born ascendant in Cancer. In many cases, the classic Cancer dichotomy is that you see a person who is really falling apart inside with deep insecurities, profound sense of inadequacy and low self-esteem. But, on the surface, this person is very driven as a nice car, lives in big house, has great goals surrounded by people who are going places in life and he’s looked up as a pillar of the society. If anything its Cancer trying to put up a good front and a good appearance because really that’s the only thing that keeps them from emotionally imploding. In many cases, the more miserable they feel inside, the more success they outwardly become.
One key external manifestation of people born ascendant in Cancer is that they appear to be strong.
Where they basically reinvent themselves based on their goals and not let their internal vulnerabilities, over-sensitivity, and feelings of emotional hurt get the best of them. But deep down, you can see somebody who feels that they’re disorganized, falling apart, and always late. The reason why they look like they have everything and are so well put together is because deep-down they feel that they don’t have any control. If you tend to focus on the bad things people did to you in the past or you tend to focus on your low view of yourself or your failures, that’s going to hunt you and prevent you from living the life that you are capable of living.
You can look at your dichotomy between how you feel inside and the things that you actually accomplish outside as a form of weakness. However, I would like to argue that if you have a Cancer rising personality and this element of the Cancer character is present in your life, it can also be a source of strength. Ultimately, you need to work on making sure that your external strength is reflected in internal strength. But, the end goal for a really happy person, whether you have a Cancer rising personality or a true Cancer, is to live a life of integrity.
When people see you, they get what they see and this in my opinion is the best aspect of Cancer rising.
Not only with this year ahead bring extreme happiness it will also bring hardship and difficult times in terms of love and romance for Aquarius signs. If you had a tough time finding love or staying in love or sparking new romance in your relationship in 2014 it looks like 2015 would be a different year all together.
Regardless of whether you are already in a relationship or looking to be in  a relationship or just enjoying the single life; there are going to be a lot of romantic opportunities.

I’m sorry to break it to you but a lot of the people that you attract in the past are actually people you shouldn’t have attracted in the first place because they are harmful for you.
If you though that you had a tough time getting dates in the previous year things will finally come to a head come February 2015.
Whether you are in a relationship, whether that relationship is loving or not or whether you are looking for a relationship, it truly doesn’t matter.
And you are busy tearing your hair out and asking yourself why does this always happen to me.
On the other hand, some people think that it’s a high expression of personal authenticity and emotional depth. You have to remember that the line separating yearning from nostalgia and self-pity is quite thin indeed.
I know this sounds awkward but you have to really accept the weird parts of your personality. Send the right signals so you attract the people that will actually benefit you, people that actually respect you, and people that can actually love you.
You have to remember that you’re external world really is a reflection of your internal world.
We’re all emotional creatures, we’re always picking up these signals and we are reflecting that back. It would seem that a lot of the progress that you’ve made in the previous month is beginning to unravel. Instead of building bridges with your love ones and people that you want to attract you actually build a wall. Instead, you are given yet another opportunity to step out of the shadows of the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself in the realm of emotions. This means you really have to let go of whatever fears and insecurities you have and just get out there. You’d be surprise as to what you would learn because all roads lead to your emotional growth. There’s been a lot of emotional turbulence in earlier months of December 2015 and basically everything will come together for a great opportunity to achieve a high level of personal peace. If you are in a relationship and you’re feeling conflicted, anxious and stressed inside you’re not much of a good romantic partner. And a lot of the actions will really take place in your heart so you become a better person in your heart so that you become a better person by finding that part of yourself where there is peace. This effect proves that the future is already written, and that the fortune tellers tell the truth!
Whether you’re interested in learning about tarot card meanings, tarot reading, or tarot card spreads, we have created this site to make the Tarot accessible to everyone.
You may be doing or thinking about things a certain way and these might not match up with how you understand yourself in terms of your horoscope personality.
In many cases, the Cancer is extremely sensitive and emotionally vulnerable deep down inside, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at what they look like, how they live their lives, and their goals. If you see this dichotomy in your life, you can chalk that up to the fact that you have a Cancer rising personality. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you if you have this disconnect between your internal world and your external appearance.
They can show up early, take care of their to-do list, meet their goals, operate on a timeline, and be very professional. If you want to get love, you have to give love and a lot of that is the signals that you send.
In many cases, it’s your thoughts that are truly limiting you from getting the kind of love that you deserve. You have to remember that the idea of quadrant core normal is exactly that – it’s an ideal.
October 2015 above everything else is really all about an opportunity to finally rise out of that because you often find yourself in an emotional thread mill where you basically roll forward and forward but you’re really not getting anywhere. The 4th card matches!Explain that the fortune teller asked you to choose one of the 4 cards that are on the table.
It does this by enabling us to peer into the areas in our lives that are challenged as well as offering us new perspectives.
And this pushes them even further to become more focused, to achieve goals, and to get things done. A lot of the progress you thought you made in January and February are starting to unravel. By choosing to ignore certain signals and choosing to overlook certain patterns in your emotional life, you basically chose the current state that you are in. Any kind of law impact activity that helps you to be more in touch with your emotion is definitely a good idea. In essence, the Tarot are mirrors to the self, reflecting our world back at us, and enabling us to peer into our inner beings.
If you are born under a classic horoscope sign, the elements of that sign are what show up the most in your personality. It can help us on our journeys and shed light on the important life lessons we ultimately must learn if we are to achieve personal growth and transformation. This is world of the hidden self, the world of dreams, and the world of one’s personal truths. This is the realm of the soul and it is often the driving force behind our motivations and behaviors.
By exploring the realm of our unconscious, we can truly come to understand our inner workings.

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