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It is said that through meditation, Medicham heightens energy inside its body and sharpens its sixth sense.
It elegantly avoids attacks with dance-like steps, then launches a devastating blow in the same motion. It gains the ability to see the aura of its opponents by honing its mind through starvation.
It flies so silently through the dark on its four wings that it may not be noticed even when nearby. The development of wings on its legs enables it to fly fast but also makes it tough to stop and rest. As a result of its pursuit of faster, yet more silent flight, a new set of wings grew on its hind legs.
A Pokémon that gained vastly enhanced flying performance by having its legs turn into wings. The transformation of its legs into wings made it better at flying, but more clumsy at walking.
As for what the reasons might be for such beings to exist, two stand out as primary — it allows the characters to interact with them (typically by fighting them) by the path of least Willing Suspension of Disbelief, or alternately it works as a touch of surreality.
One of the things Haruna had sketched and brought to life was a flying manta ray she used to get away from one of Fate's minions. One of these is the summon beast Clef uses to collect the main characters upon their first arrival in Cephiro in Magic Knight Rayearth.
Megaman NT Warrior inexplicably pulled this out when a virus Navi infected the robot fish in an aquarium.
In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Sky-Byte transforms into a shark which can fly (as well as burrow underground).
On a semi-related topic, this is actually how recent comics have tried to explain Sub-Mariner's flight power in the Marvel continuities - he doesn't fly so much as he condenses the moisture around him so he can swim through the air.
Delirium's fish in The Sandman, which are usually used to symbolise madness, are always seen swimming through the air (or rough equivalent, in areas where there's no clear sense of place, such as her story in Endless Nights). A throwaway gag in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck has Scrooge witnessing trout swimming by at shoulder level because it rains so hard. The Big Bad's plot in Creature Tech is to revive a long-dead giant space eel using the Shroud of Turin. In "Tell Me Again Why I Can't Be A Manta Ray" from Further Notes On My Unfortunate Condition by Nick St. Shinomura from the Godzilla (2014) tie-in comic Godzilla: Awakening, looks pretty much like a giant manta ray. The Leviathan for some reason was actually revealed to have the ability to fly as seen in the prologue of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The 2008 3D Journey to the Center of the Earth has the protagonist batting flying fish around, apparently so the filmmakers could throw something at the audience in 3D. The Star Wars Expanded Universe adores these, mostly vast and in the form of flying whales.
The Demonray from Natural Selection, a flying, air-breathing, implausibly intelligent, tree-climbing carnivorous manta relative from the abyss.

Justified, though, as it breathes hydrogen and has been genetically engineered for this purpose. During the long rain, One Hundred Years of Solitude depicts fish swimming through the incredibly water-saturated air in the house.
Played for laughs in Sewer, Gas & Electric, when the mutant great white Meisterbrau pursues a victim onto dry land, then spreads its oversized pectoral fins and swoops onto the unfortunate schmuck. Science fiction novella A Meeting With Medusa features a Jupiter inhabited by peaceful, cloud-grazing manta rays. The Stormlight Archive has "skyeels" which are basically Exactly What It Says on the Tin, they apparently fly using gas sacs or something. The Black Company spend some time in the Plain of Fear, which is home to wind-whales and flying mantas. In Richard Ellis Preston Jr.'s Chronicles Of The Pneumatic Zeppelin, they fight off a kraken from their zeppelin. The Horde Of Alien Locust Flying Robot Stingrays in Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Dead". Subverted for Vyvyan on The Young Ones, who once looked out the window, saw a shark passing by the glass, and declared it this trope and the most completely brilliant thing he'd ever seen. Yes's Concept Album Tales from Topographic Oceans has a school of fish lazing through some kind of misty air-stream emanating from a distant pyramid on a starry night on the cover. Flying fish actually has existed for quite some time in Magic: The Gathering, but it's only recently that they actually have the creature type Fish (creature type being the relative equivalent of species). Cloud ray, named so not because it flies in the clouds, but because you might mistake it for one. Said whales also happen to be humans (well, mostly, there's some uplifted whales and AIs who've sleeved in Suryas). Also, some marine magic has incantations like Air Swim, which can allow sea creatures to swim in air, if they also have the ability to breathe without water; usually used by dolphins, orca and some sentient alien whales, eg.
Many Underground Monkey variations of this exist in Final Fantasy IV — often literally underground, as there are many caves lined with water. It had a subversion, though - many of the aquatic creatures that could be found in the desert actually lost health every round.
Final Fantasy VIII also has them in the form of Fastitocalons, which swim through both the air and the ground.
Also in XI, in the area Al'Taieu (commonly nicknamed as "sea" by the playerbase) there are various types of enemies that somewhat resemble aquatic life (which in turn are also nicknamed as sharks, goldfish, etc.) All of them are capable of floating in the air. Pearl - The toxin made in its poison sacs is pumped to the knuckle claws through tubes down its arms. HeartGold - Swaying and dodging the attacks of its foes, it weaves its flexible body in close, then lunges out with its poisonous claws. SoulSilver - Swaying and dodging the attacks of its foes, it weaves its flexible body in close, then lunges out with its poisonous claws.
This Pokémon rests by hanging on a tree branch with its rear legs that serve as wings.
By alternately resting its front and rear wings, it can fly all day without having to stop.

OK, now since there are more aquatic creatures than any other kind on Earth, obviously you're going to have to throw in some Mons based on fish somewhere.
The Bount Sawatari's doll is the giant rock-like fish Baura that can fly through the air, as well as under the ground (by phasing through another dimension). Sure, it's got only one eye and it's green, but it's shaped like a manta ray and has baleen in its mouth. Then Mike spoiled it by explaining that London had flooded, meaning the shark was only swimming, not flying.
Not seen because of the low special-effects budget, but the protagonists mention that they taste weird.
Case in point: As early as the year 2000, we have Cloudskate, a flying manta ray, and Amugaba, a flying eel, but both have the creature type of Illusion instead (perhaps as a Lampshade Hanging). Since there is no material on the sun that isn't gaseous or plasmatic, its safe to call this flight. Underseas even details a ray which is sentient, and can use hooks on the end of its wings to type with; they often learn to use tech items which are mostly controlled by buttons and other panel controls, even though they obviously don't have the ability to make them. While they can't fly, they're elasticity-based, letting them propel themselves to great heights and made their home in a city made of building suspended in midair.
There was also The Veldt, where all the creatures the player had encountered so far in the game (except for most bosses note  A notable exception being the Holy Dragon )had a chance to show up in Random Encounters. Considering that at least two of them have practically no health at all, and have some great items to steal, it turns them into a Metal Slime battle.
The various seafood only appear in specific underwater battles, in which only three out of the seven PCs can participate, and on one occasion, a previously flying snake creature ends up being an underwater boss for a second beatdown.
These creatures are typically found on beaches and around waist-deep water — but not always.
Except the problem is, 90% of your game takes place on the land (because Atlantis Is Boring).
On Bespin there's the more rayfish-like velkers with 300 meter wingspans, which hunted the much, much bigger flying jellyfish called beldons, while on a much smaller scale rawks hunted tiny winged fish,◊ and a species of thranta was introduced before their homeworld exploded.
Then there is also Mulldrifter, an Elemental (in Lorwyn, Elementals are amalgamations of many animals, and this one just happens to be part fish and part bird). That included things like jellyfish sitting out in the savanna while suffering no ill effect.
Only recently we have actual flying fish in the form of Windrider Eel and Sky-Eel School, in addition to erratas which gives other sea-creature types to those that don't have them when they are printed. Fish People are similarly air-dwelling sea-creatures (and if their culture has a Horse of a Different Color, expect it to be something like this - most likely a seahorse).

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