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For those of us who live in the south, the legacy of Uncle Luke is a part of our rap history lessons.
After releasing a couple of singles, Jay Dot Rain connects DJ Burn One for his latest project The Dixie Renaissance. A couple of months ahead of schedule, Styles P gives the go ahead to release his latest LP, A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy.
Coming in at 20 tracks, the LP features Chris Rivers, Tyler Woods, Dave East and course his brothers Sheek and Jada.
After the success of the EP, he rereleased the project as a full length deluxe edition and even followed things up a couple of weeks ago with the release of his Room 221 EP. The two have wrote for everyone in the industry and though I will spare you the long list, just know they put in their fair share of work. For the first time in 20 plus years, The World’s Most Dangerous Group got together for a magazine shoot for Billboard. Watch the 25 minute interview below and by all means, make sure you hit theaters tomorrow to see Straight Outta Compton.
Since finding his Old Soul Young Spirit mixtape about a month ago, Milwaukee native IshDARR has quickly became my artist to pay close attention to.
A couple of weeks ago I found myself in Lenox Mall here in Atlanta at The Adidas Store for RaRa’s Trap Deco listening party.
The New Jersey native Jean Michaels makes his debut on Da Den today with his An Unfamiliar Place: Chapter 1 EP.
A couple of months back I had the pleasure of seeing the homie Reginald Gohnson perform during one of our shows at PAG Lounge. With his long-awaited Wave[s] LP dropping on August 21st, Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins gives NPR the go ahead for an early preview.
Check out the track list below along with the stream and head over to iTunes for the pre-order. During a sit down with ItsTheReal’s A Waste Of Time podcast, DJ Clark Kent gave a history lesson on his journey through hip-hop.

Listen to the whole interview below and if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing fast forward to around the 54 minute mark. Today we continue our management conversation, as we discuss having time for self-management. We are also joined by Arizona artist Gospel Lee, as he gives his personal account of self-management and his approach to selling his upcoming Brillant EP.
The latest guest on The Good Hennec Show was one of our past Sunday Spotlight artist here on Da Den, Jack Preston. Stream the single below and be on the lookout for the accompanying visual to drop tomorrow. Now of course there is plenty to say about the Vancouver native but truthfully, this is one of the few guys now a days where their music is enough to convince you that they are ready for the big leagues. Now while most people thought Hov was releasing a new single, we quickly found out the opposite once the rapping ensued. Now that alone was enough, but add on a sit down with Kendrick Lamar and you pretty much have your hip-hop fix for the week.
Coming in at 11 tracks, Michaels gives his personal account on what the pursuit of happiness and success looks like in this country.
The 9-track project is the follow up to his The Water[s] LP (this was on our Best of 2014 btw) and features production from Lee Bannon, ThemPeople, KAYTRANADA and more. Take a listen to the joint below and feel free to support Sean Price’s family with a donation here. Produced by Sap, this one will live on the Inglewood native Live & Grow album dropping September 25th. Simply put, the record tells the narrative of what happens outside the church in the streets of the community. Sean Price definitely held his own as a solo artist, but I first fell in love with him as half of one of the most underrated rap duos of all time: Heltah Skeltah. He tells stories of working with Big, trying to sign Nas and Mobb Deep, ghostwriting and more.

We break down two ways to be efficient when managing your career alone, including time management and the importance of finding a mentor.
Based in Montreal, Canada, LANDR is the world’s first intelligent drag-and-drop instant mastering service, by MixGenius. During our sit down the Atlanta emcee gave us some insight on his End Of The Future LP, get into some interesting technology talk and explains how we are in a post trap era right now.
With his new book out now, The Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City, Uncle Luke makes his way to The Combat Jack Show to talk his journey, along with paving the way for freedom of speech for rap. This guy broke on the scene with his Dayton Spokes EP and since then its been nothing but up for him in our book. Some of you may remember them as Planet VI (6) or if you really been down, then you remember their whole PTFAO campaign as Rock City. Having spent part of their lives with their father in prison, the video paints the perfect picture for anyone dealing with that situation. From that point on the Chicago spitter continued to release new material, while keeping his identity hidden from the public eye. He gives us deep detail of what happened with the cases, how 2 Live Crew turned on him and more.
Now we’ve seen this before with the Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and of course DOOM. Even though this one is a little under two minutes, Kyle Wildfern manages to grab our attention.
He said that the record remained unreleased out of respect for Pac’s legacy after he passed away.

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