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World-renowned psychic and star of TV’s Psychic Sally On the Road, Sally Morgan returns with her sensational live show. Throughout her career Sally has built up an extensive client list to include high profile celebrities. Now in her seventh year on tour, Sally continues to wow audiences across the country, delivering messages with incredible accuracy and validating the presence of spirit.
Sally’s infectiously fun and down-to-earth personality often leaves audiences in fits of laughter, bringing a refreshing twist to the work of mediums. LoBrutto, whose genial face is framed by the flowing black mane of a romance novel cover model, has gathered about a dozen paying visitors for a “Spirit Transfiguration Seance,” a supernatural performance with roots in Victorian England; it’s part of a weekend of events hosted by the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida.
LoBrutto has said that, in the past, guests have seen departed loved ones, Native American chiefs, Asian women, Abraham Lincoln—even a tiny baby—transpose themselves in front of LoBrutto.

He tells us we may also see flashes of light, objects materializing out of nowhere (called apports, or gifts from the spirit world) and random knocks on the walls.
As the spotlight casts LoBrutto’s face in a barely perceptive flicker, tonight’s event begins with an inexplicable smell: a perfumelike fragrance wafting through the air that LoBrutto says is another common occurrence of spiritual contact. For the next 35 minutes, backed by a steady musical drone, it looks as if LoBrutto’s face is being molded like Play-Doh into an ever-changing Rolodex of visitors, few of them sticking around for more than a second.
An ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift, she believes that she has been able to communicate with people beyond the grave.
Each show is completely unique; Sally hopes that people will leave feeling enlightened and more open-minded about the thought of an afterlife.
Under the soft glow of a single spotlight in a pitch-black room, LoBrutto is about to enter a trance and allow spirits to physically take shape on his person, througha veil of ectoplasm that he says will appear in front of his face.

At one event, LoBrutto recalls, 45 people watched him levitate a table 5 inches off the ground. The classroom’s door is locked, and all of the windows are duct-taped with black plastic tarp, as if preparing for a mild hurricane. Some will say that no medium can do this; it’s one of the more incredulous phenomena in an already incredulous field. Once the evening’s event commences, nothing and nobody is supposed to enter the room—nothing living, that is.

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