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If your shelves are not stocked with objects of art representing frogs, eagles, cats, horses, elephants, or any other creature in particular, then perhaps the simplest method of acquiring a totem animal–other then being born with an animal surname– is to accept the symbol of your birth sing as your spirit helper. Of course, those of you who know that your birth sing is Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius are already complaining that you have no animal representation. If the animal designated as yours by virtue of your birth sing intrigues you but still leave you a bit uncertain check any animal dictionary for additional information about that particular animal.
All of the cards which are assigned numbers and objects, Such as the 4 of Pentacles or the 6 of Coup’s, fall beneath the banner of The Minor Arcana. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell. My grandmother once told me that Aquarius-Pisces cuspers generally ruled that secret place mail goes when it gets lost; the same place all the missing socks go when they disappear and it is where hummingbirds come from. Office politics, what’s on TV, what the neighbors said, the low costs of taking a cruise, and so forth decorations and distractions of day-to-day living have the value of a dirt sandwich to these humanitarians. Weaknesses: A tightly-run project will often become boring for these chameleon-like cuspers, and they can lack follow-through and lose interest before the project is completed.
What they love: Originality, digging deep within, people who dig deep within, nature, nobility, the fine arts. Cusp of Sensitivity Famous Personalities: Rhianna, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, Smokey Robinson, Vanna White, Matt Dillon, Molly Ringwald, etc. The still surface of a pond in the warm, orange glow of evening always looks so calm, so peaceful, so ideal for any Zen-like greeting card.
This is what you get when you mix our sturdy, capable Capricorn with that I-am-always-inventing-something-new energy of Aquarius. What they love: What they love most is expressing the richness and virisimilitude of their dreams and fantasies creatively.
Cusp of Mystery and Imagination Famous Personalities: Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, John Belushi, Wolfman Jack, and so forth. Haven’t you noticed how some folks are born in one sign yet emanate the attributes of the preceding or following Sign? What I am referring to today are those delightful beings who are born in that colorful misty zone of when one sign tapers into the next sign, and their attributes and characteristics are filled with the verisimilitude of neighboring signs. On the Virgo side we see beings who are practical, reliable, acute attention to detail, and the waters run oh-so deep. So when a Leo is born close to the line between Leo and Virgo are they a Leo with Virgo traits and profluences (undercurrents)?
Western Astrology is based on two older Chaldean systems where each sign is divided into 10-degree arcs or periods called decanates or decans, with each sign having three decans.
The only way to really know your specific traits and influences is to have an accurate chart drawn up with the date, time and location of your birth. Did you miss out on the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) or the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) blogs? Usually when making a mix like this you would get a big cooler to combine the ingredients in. Cancer – This is the sign of maternal feelings and home.  For this sign I’ve pulled the Six of Pentacles.
Like few other signs of the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aquarius they like to keep people guessing with their ever changing styles.
California girl turned reality star Lauren Conrad is a wonderful person to spotlight as our Aquarius celebrity inspired look.
Aquarians, while liking to mix things up and try out funky new looks like to do it in subtle ways. Emma keeps it fun and simple while showing her young and edgy side with this short gray dress with cutouts revealing a white and purple underlay. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by PsychicsForetell.
We're Psychics Foretell, a leading psychic hotline service, and we offer free psychic readings and horoscopes. The Emperor, Death, The Tower, the Sun, Temperance,   etc; all fall into the same category.
My sign, for example is Pisces, which corresponds with the Major Arcana card entitled – The Moon. Occultists and astrologers will regularly reference the influence of the four elements — .fire, water, air, and earth. Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. And back in the 1990s Grandma’s sarcastic axiom made me think of the Big Lebowski as an Aquarius-Pisces cusper.
Aquarius-Pisces is the most intuitive cusp placement, originators of a naturally psychic and compassionate view of the world, especially when it comes to promoting their vision through art. They love to mix high spiritual exaltations and the intellect, and when it comes to involvement with anything else they will thusly appear distant and will lack follow through. The healthy kind of weirdness steeped in originality and a love for all things great and small. They work best, however, with champion communicators and listeners who color outside the lines. They are reserved yet social, security-craving but independent, and traditional yet offbeat.
The sweet feel of a warm fire.  Halloween is in this time of year and let me say I cannot wait!
The king is an emotionally mature individual who is not only wise but an empathetic and understanding listener.
Virgos are not afraid to dive in, analyze, and then report back the new parameters of perfection.
The Sun sign generally influences your basic personality; it’s your ego, the self you present to the world that most people know. They’re more social drinkers and don’t really have a “drink of choice” if you will but they tend to stick to beer because when they start drinking they go hard and fast. Stir ingredients well but not too fast until the frozen lemonade mixture is completely mixed in.
Pour mixture into a glass about halfway, slowly add seltzer water and stir together with straw or spoon until blended. Aquarians like to try new things and make sure everyone around them knows how different they are by choosing the most random drink on the menu.
I would also suggest as an alternative mixing the ingredients in a very large, clear jug or spouted punch bowl. She went above and beyond the reality star spotlight and started her own fashion line at a very young age.
You will often catch them in shorts or pants of bright colors much like the trousers LC is wearing in this picture.
More often than not they will go with a basic comfortable dress, some wedges, a necklace and be out the door. They don’t usually go for the basic silver and gold when it comes to jewelry and if so, it will have bold colors and stones or pendants on a basic gold or silver chain. Gemini people can be bearable but it requires much, much patience from a Virgo. Even if your Gemini is attractive, beautiful and has that young appearance (they all have it, they behave like teenagers even when they are old), after the first passion fades away, there will be few common things left to share. If you fell in love with a Libra, that means you are willing, as a Virgo, to make some serious efforts to have more fun, to put seriousness aside and socialize more. In theory, it should work very well, because these elements merge and each of them offers the other what (s)he needs. Two Earth signs like you should get along wonderfully, according to all known and unknown standards of astrology. You are opposite signs in the zodiac, so it is either heaven on earth or hell… Most probably, both of them!
Any opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by PsychicsForetell or any vendor. It is, of course, up to those who are born under those signs to accept or reject the totems revealed to me– but remember, you had none before.
There are 22 Major Arcana cards, and each one corresponds either to an element, a planet, or a Zodiac sing.
Swimming and team-related sports are appealing to them and they will excel as athletes easily. And they need ways to burn off bursts of energy–not manic energy, but energy that comes in waves. This is because they like to use their imagination and not because they have difficulty connecting (in fact, they connect well and make friends easily and quickly).

They crave intellectually rich and offbeat topics, and they are humorists through and through when they want to be. As in the last blog  for each sign I’ve pulled a card to see how the fall will be for this particular sign. When pulling this card in reverse you’ve got to really think about the situation and what is going on.
Your Zodiac sign, also known as your “Sun sign” or your “Star sign” is a quick and easy Astrology moniker for the position of the Sun at the time of your birth. You’ve heard it time and time again, “I was born on the Cusp.” And someone born so close to the border between signs seldom fails to delight us or confuse us with their mix of traits. Some of the more famous Virgos of our time are Sophia Loren, Patsy Cline, Leonard Cohen, Sean Connery, Mother Theresa, Leo Tolstoy, Mary Shelley, and so forth (the sign of Virgo is teaming with writers, by the way). Will a Virgo born close to the line between Leo and Virgo be a Virgo with Leo traits and profluences (undercurrents)? I say respectively because, well, three decans for each sign equals 360 degrees and there are 365 days in a year–hence, some decans vary by a day or two from year to year. Being born on the cusp of two signs means you have influences from the two different Sun signs.
Gemini’s are they type of drinkers that if you hand them a glass of something and tell them to drink it they will because they just want to have fun and be a part of the good times. Add ice into the bowl or pitcher and no matter what side of Gemini is out to play today, they’re sure to enjoy this one.
Then towards the middle for a bit of an added surprise and flavor chop up 2 or 3 cherries and put a thin layer of whipped cream and sprinkle the chopped cherries on the layer then fill the glass the rest of the way doing the ice cream and root beer.
They might even order something that isn’t even on the menu and tell the bartender how to make it! Mix your ingredients together except for the ice, mix the ice into the punch as last minute as possible before drinking. When you pull a card like this from the deck it usually represents someone you know, someone you could meet or even be you. In the transition from spring into summer we see more of a chance to get out and just splurge.
New cast member of American Horror Story: The Coven, not to mention the niece of Julia Roberts, this girl has a certain spark about her and it leaves us wanting more, more more! Accessories aren’t all that important so when they do throw on some jewels they love statement pieces and jewelry that have special meanings or stand for something. It is full of life, personality and beautiful colors that complimented her dress beautifully. Exciting in the beginning, the relationship will come across your different lifestyles quite soon. One single astrological warning for the relationship between a Virgo and a Crab: everything can be perfect if you keep in mind that your Cancer is as critical as you are.
Something like that, anyway… The relations between natives of the same sun sign are sometimes rather strange.
Libra likes spending, going to parties (or being among people, anyway) and being in the spotlight. With all the planets placed strategically in all the essential corners, you could last even more. Aquarius is absent-minded, idealistic, curious, unconventional, objective and detached, while you are a meticulous, traditional, careful, cautious, productive (that is hardworking) and objective native. Don’t get these cuspers wrong, sensitivity in this case does not mean they get their feelings hurt easily or they stay behind the clouds of hippiedom.
The reason why they are awful at marriage is because these cuspers when bored or uninspired have a tendency to either isolate in a cocoon or busy themselves with Universal issues.
The excitement of a pond is internal, creative, unique excitement: the mitochondria of genius. When pulling a court card it will usually represent you as a person or someone you will encounter. We already know how loyal the lion can be with his friends so expect to be a bit more protective this fall. Even though you are not able to control the way things are going you do have the power to react to the things going on. But this sign may not be true to your nature, and the associated horoscope may not be very accurate for you.
This means the odds of being 100% of a given Sun sign are slim–you would have to know the exact time of your birth, and location of your birth, in order to determine if you were born at a particular zenith. For example, someone born on August 20th is a Leo but they are also within a day or two, respectively, of being Virgo. Some of the more dominantly Leo personalities of our time are Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger, Halle Berry, Madonna, Monica Lewinsky, Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock, and last but not least, Barack Obama. The cusp is when a Sun sign is in the last 5 degrees as it exits a sign, or the first 5 degrees as it enters a sign. They will most likely have a different drink in their hand each time you see them if at a party or maybe for the hardcore ones they will have a beer in one hand and a mixed drink in the other.
They aren’t into bitters or dry tasting wines or champagnes so mixes with a bit of added taste or sparkling wines are great for this well-balanced sign. This is definitely a sign who wants to keep up on the trendiest beverages and go mostly by how they look rather than taste. The seven of pentacles is all about taking a pause and reevaluating everything going on in your life and see if you are going down the path of your desire. It’s highly unusual for this sign to back down but with summer coming there could be this strong desire in this sign to just bypass the mess that lays a head. I mean look at the card and you see a man claiming every pentacle (Traditional AE Waite deck). Aquarians are natural trend-setters often without even trying, sure, they know they have a certain eye for fashion but they are one of the only signs that can pull off bright yellow shorts, a purple zebra print top and electric blue sandals with a flower embellishment on them and still look amazing. In all honesty I could have written this whole blog on LC because she really does have all the bases covered when it comes to nailing the true Aquarian style. Lauren is wearing a sleek, loose fitting top that flows very nicely and looks very well put together.
Much like her character Madison on AHS, she has style and flare and she radiates confidence in a way that makes everyone want a piece of her; or her closet at least. They don’t like to be the center of attention at all times so they stick to the basics.
Every time you want to discuss, plan and think a little more, your Aries goes headfirst into the action. Moreover, Taurus is diligent and hardworking and (s)he will always agree with you on the practical issues.
You want stability and you’re a rather possessive native while Gemini people need too much freedom. Of course, nothing is forever certain with a Scorpio, but you, dear Virgo, will know how to go beyond the well-built shell and open Scorpio’s complicated soul. What attracted you from the beginning was probably the fact that you both are rational and intellectual, sensible and objective. Sensitivity means psychic phenomenon happens all the time to these cuspers, and they can smell a lie and they can smell trouble before anyone else. They work best with Virgos and Capricorns (although Taurus is an earth sign, too, the Taurean stubborn-streak gets in the way on this pairing). Even the lilies know this; they drape and reach their roots far below surface, to the depths, to that unlimited dark mother below. These cuspers can sometimes seem aloof because of their need for independence or critical because of the value they place on the imagination and using the imagination.
Someone is not doing their share of the work or perhaps your work quality is coming into question.
Some people are born so close to that dividing line between Sun signs they delight us with their multiplicity.
The closer you are to the moment of the transition, the more balanced the influence from the two different signs will be. I’ve found what I think would be the best summer refresher to please the wacky Gemini’s indecisive pallet. You could just feel so weighed down by some emotional baggage that’s been lingering around.
You may feel like you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown and masking your issues by pushing ahead anyway. The page of pentacles, even in reverse, still could represent a young man or youthful figure.

Both Virgo and Gemini have many qualities but neither of you appreciates the other’s. You were probably attracted to each other because you like talking about all sorts of things. But Capricorn’s humor is often called irony and Virgo will fly off the handle after a while, even if it is self-irony. Aquarius is always interested in a more or less grand cause and (s)he is a specialist in human relations, while Virgo is reticent, too cautious for such an Air sign and very, very practical. Take up Yoga or something that will connect the physical experience with not only the mental but the spiritual side of you. When pulling a court card such as he knight of cups it will either represent you or someone around you. Learning your lessons will not only prevent you making the same errors again but with everything that you learned it will contribute to your future successes.
The further you were born from the moment of transition, the more one sign will be dominant than the other.
It could be someone you know, someone who comes in to your life or it could be talking about you. More often than not, they will be wearing one of the three to complete their outfit on a regular basis. Scorpio, on the other hand, is very sentimental and passionate, spiritual and ardent, which will help you unwind and be less reserved (all Virgos are a little reserved or shy). Your ambitions are of a very personal nature and Aquarius is not very interested in listening to things like these. But… You know what you want very well and you also know how to ask for it (insistently). And when it comes to compassion very few non-Aquarifish will have greater skill at understanding another’s point-of-view or feeling their pain. As a student you are thirsty in your want of new knowledge and have the work ethic to pull it through. This is more like a warning about choices and mostly spending too much time in a mental world. Do yourself a favor and walk away from the negative Nancy and don’t become one either!
As the Queen: You are being very critical of yourself and you need to take the time to let up a bit on yourself.
And if you were born on a cusp you know how it feels to be one sign and have the roaring traits and profluences of another sign. Now is the time Aries to take a much needed step back and really look at life and where it is you are going. Make your goals and really focus them because you’re going to make them bloom.  There’s something behind you feeding your inner power. If you find yourself getting involved in a sticky mess just remember it’s another way for you to emotionally grow. Gemini’s apparent irresponsibility and shallowness gets on the nerves of any Earth sign that needs stability, profoundness and seriousness. And because the Moon moves the fastest of all the planets astrologers play with, Cancer is also very, very capricious (so they say).
The important thing is that next to a Virgo just like yourself you will never get bored or feel betrayed. Therefore, the Virgo-Scorpio relationship is an excellent one, in which you will discover a partner that gives you confidence and makes you feel loved and safe. A Virgo-Sagittarius relationship could work but the effort to make it work might seem too big after a while.
But I plead that you take some time out in nature and really get the feel of it beneath your feet. Just remember that everyone will have their own skewed perceptions of what the situation is.
Break the cycle and pay more attention so that you can fix the mistakes and be an all around better you. Trouble is coming to the home environment weather it be because you are drowning in chores around the house and not spending time with family or you are getting so caught up in rearranging things in the home that its allowing you to procrastinate on certain projects you need to get a move on with. Through loss and sorrows you’ve learned many things and the situations of pain have increased your wisdom. Though the world can seems like it’s spinning out of control you need to stay calm and try your best to make the right decisions. Then by that rationale if you are 39 years young, and you are filling out a personal ad, are you in your 30s or your 40s? That means Cancer laughs just to start crying or to get upset the next minute, without you realizing what it is that you’ve done now!
Well, after a while, you will start feeling suffocated with frustration and other such feelings that won’t do you any good. Virgo and Libra are not a classical couple in astrology, but with a little effort, especially from your part, dear Virgo, the relationship can become interesting. But if you really want to, understand this: Sagittarius is the optimistic, the philosopher and the free spirit. Earth signs come together for life because they have some essential features in common, such as faithfulness and stability.
It sounds nice, indeed, and you could do many things together, on the condition that you accept each others differences and try to give in a little.
And then add to this compassion and empathy a mix of quirky Aquarius and the spiritual artistic-side of Pisces. If the king is someone you know: This fall will bring someone forward who is very caring and could make a wonderful husband or is a fatherly figure. Try to take all feedback as best as you can by remembering that with your increased recognition will also come an increase of criticism. It’s because you need to connect back to the earth and stop focusing on the material world. Sometimes although very rarely this card in reverse could mean someone has a small victory they are keeping close to themselves.
So avoid withdrawing completely from what’s going on around you because there is a lessons to be learned this summer. BUT as a precaution I would start budgeting, getting focused, and be practical about the steps you are treading. You are as idealistic as one can be but, at the same time, you both have enough realism and practical sense to realize what can and cannot be changed about the other. It is you who should try harder to understand the way this native sees or, better, feels the world.
Best way to avoid situations like this is by projecting compassion and taming your inner beast.
Remember you’re primary focus when you start things and make sure you follow through.
It will boost your already stylish self and make you shine even brighter than normal.  You never know there might be something in it for you!
Try a more whole foods diet, take some time to exercise and make sure you get plenty of sleep. I know that comfort zone is rather safe but taking a risk here or there wouldn’t make or break you. Your truth can be a bit hurtful so figure out a way to not only be honest but kind as well.
This summer is about thinking about your life and organizing your thoughts so that you can move forward.
If you hold on to it, Leo can really make your life beautiful, dear Virgo, because you can only live royally at the arm of a royal creature. This fall i would suggest walking away from a possible aggressive situation and be the bigger person.
The six of wands reverse tends to come up when someone is using a position of leadership in an unethical or corrupt ways. However, be mindful and steer clear of the unwise investments because they will lead to losses.

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