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Dummett, Decker, Depaulis, Kaplan; here we document the people, places, and events that shaped Tarot History. The legend of the chess village Strobeck has it, that Gunzelin von Kuckenberg became prisoner in their village in the year 1009, and that this man taught them chess (which might have been the Courier game), initiating a great chess tradition in the village. Then the Bohemian trumpeter would possibly present a special Bohemian and unluckily unknown Joker-function. The plan favors a 16+16 - scheme, easily recognizable (16 inside, 16 outside), as a natural development of the wind rose with 16 directions (it just reminds the theories of Diane O'Donovan, who once supported the explanation, that Tarot developed from compass presentations). Though it might be, that two figures had special function or had been positioned outside of the usual 2-rows-system (possibly the pawns were positioned at 3rd and 6th row for quicker advance in the game. The hinges indicate that the board could be folded, similar to the board found at Baldock, Hertfordshire (1st century BC).
Figures are:1 King1 Queen2 knights = flying horses2 rooks = elephants2 bishops = like bishops2 knights = men dressed as Spanish knights with axe2 turks = with shield and saber2 men with beard and bald head2 standard bearerThe rules are, as it seems, unknown. The other side of the board container is painted with a Venus motifSpielbrett und SchachfigurenMitte 16. But not everybody is an artist and has the necessary talent, so the objects, which were painted, should have been easy to paint, but good to recognize during the game. Along the long edges of the Stanway board 13 white and 13 blue typical Roman glass counters were placed in more or less straight lines. One blue counter bunched with others in the corner was turned upside-down, while the central white counter was slightly smaller than his companions.The find poses a number of intriguing questions. The king should have been a sitting king and the marshalls had horses, the both are differentiated by the position of the suit sign, which resulted in Ober (suit sign at top) and Unter (suit sign at bottom).
Von den ursprunglich 64 vergoldeten und versilberten Figuren aus Holz fehlen 11, die sich aber aufgrund der Symmetrie beider Parteien hypothetisch erganzen lassen, wobei die Anzahl der Figuren darauf hindeutet, dass von den Schmalseiten aus gespielt wurde. In the early rules Ober and Unter had been probably defined as trumps and they were easy to recognize.

But these prohibitions often aimed at the clergy.In the distribution of Rithnomachia it's said, that it started in Germany, went to France and then jumped to England. If this had some tradition, it automatically should create suspicion, if you detect a horse in a complex card game like the Hofamterspiel. Counting all horses, we have 13 (of 48), 3 from Germany, 3 of France, 3 of Hungary and 4 of Bohemia. Dazu kommen vier neue Figuren: zwei Ritter im Harnisch mit spanischem Helm und Streitaxt, zwei Turken mit Schild und Streitkolben, zwei Bartige mit Glatze, zwei Wappentrager. And finally: what is the significance of such an arrangement in a burial?At first glance, one may think that such a rare find would add to our knowledge of ancient board games.
Die Bedeutung dieser vier weiteren Figuren kann durch einen Vergleich mit dem auch noch im 17. Il gioco nasce nell'anno Mille (si suppone che la data esatta sia il 1030 e inizia ad avere forte interesse tra l'XI e XII secolo in Francia e Germania. However, it is the other way round: the find cannot be interpreted without making assumptions about the game the doctor liked so much during his lifetime that he did not want to do without it in the afterlife. Jahrhundert von Nordeuropa bis Deutschland verbreiteten Courierschach mit 12 x 8 Feldern erahnt werden. This is not an easy task, due to our scarce information about ancient Roman and Celtic games.The relatively regular alignment of the counters - only some of them seem to have been drawn towards the cremated bones, while others seem to have shifted slightly to the side - suggests the gaming surface consisted of a grid of lines, like a draughts board.
Since the board was not square but rectangular in shape, eight by 12 or nine by 13 squares would fit quite well. Neben Justitia, die ohne Augenbinde, aber mit dem Schwert in der Rechten und der Waage in der Linken wiedergegeben ist, steht als Symbol der Wachsamkeit ein Kranich, der mit der rechten erhobenen Klaue einen Stein umklammert. So there's possibly an underground movement, the not detected influence of Rithnomachia on Italy during 15th century.
But this game was played with 15 counters for each player and two dice, while in the doctor's burial not enough counters and no dice have been found.On the other hand the raised rim suggests the use of dice, and the counters might not represent a complete set.

Die Gegenseite des Spielkastens zeigt Venus mit den beiden ihr zugeordneten Sternzeichen Waage und Stier. Sie halt ein brennendes Herz in der Rechten sowie einen Pfeil in der Linken und reprasentiert Leidenschaft und Unberechenbarkeit.
As the numerous game boards incised in marble pavements all over the Roman world demonstrate, people used to play in public places and buildings, where everybody had to bring their own implements – as many as needed to play any game.The two special counters are intriguing.
Die beiden Gegenbilder symbolisieren das fur das Schachspiel notige Kalkul auf der einen, Kampfeslust und Unbedachtheit auf der anderen Seite.
But the small white counter was placed exactly in the middle between six pieces on the left and six on the right, and close to the centre of the board as well. This is perhaps the most important question to answer.We do not know of any Roman board game that needed an extra piece. But a remarkable find from King Harry Lane site at Verulamium (St Albans, Hertfordshire) may help.
In a burial dating to the doctor's lifetime, gaming pieces in the shape of pegs were found, half decorated and half plain.
The Horse riddleThe professions have the curious detail, that one profession appears twice (the trumpeter). Furthermore the Bohemian trumpeter have it in other colors as the usual shield, which is a white lion on red ground.
The hero is lucky to create some peace between his own king and another (with the help of chess) and gets a reward, either money or wisdom. His choice is wisdom and he gets 12 sentences of wisdom and 2 breads, which the hero should eat much later at specific opportunities.

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