Quick kundalini meditation

This article is addressed to all those that had started already to practise Sahaja Yoga Meditation and that are at the beginner and intermediate level as well for anyone interested to learn about the subtler connections between the chakras and our day to day life, including some geo-political correlations and explanations.
The second power which we have of Viratangana we can say because Virat is the kinetic force of but the source is Viratangana: is everything that brain can do.
Most of the Americans have come from the outside, and the real land owners I don’t know where are they hiding. So when you rise into your Virata Shakti by the enlightenment of the Kundalini, the Viratangana is the power which gives you a complete vision of the decline into which every mental projection which was idealistic, beautiful has fallen. All of you are part and parcel of that, all of you are part and parcel of that and all of you are important. It is not difficult to realize joy, bliss and peace – once we are purely devoted human beings. It is very interesting to observe our planet from outer space… There are no borders, no dividing lines and no artificial rules to be seen. Thank you so much for posting this extract with such wonderful and helpful explanations of the Vishuddhi, Virata, and Viratangana–to read and meditate often.
Thanks Ioana for this wonderful compilation from Shri Ma’s talks about subtle understanding of Sahaja knowledge that progresses from micro to macro viewpoint, encompassing the entire humanity.
So full of vibrations and pure knowledge, I feel humbly learning as if I am starting over and seeing everything for the first time every day. Thank you for beautifully piecing all these talks of Shri Mataji together like doing a beautiful quilt (part and parcels of the whole!) to better understand the meaning of the Virata. Let us collectivly pray that may the Land of Virata-America- be awakened with the conscience power of Shri Krishna to emanate the desired collective consciousness and awareness to the mankind, that it needs today. May 15 Arts & Culture Makers photo -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers Proud to be IN! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. HOMELIGHTINGCHANDELIERSPENDANT LIGHTSCEILING LIGHTSWALL SCONCESTABLE LAMPSFLOOR LAMPSRECESSED LIGHTINGTRACK LIGHTINGSPECIALTY LIGHTSLED LIGHTSDIMMERS, SWITCHESBULBS-20% OFFModern and Classic Lighting Fixtures selected by Casa Di LuceOUTDOOROUTDOOR WALL SCONCESOUTDOOR FLOOR LAMPSLED OBJECTSPENDANT LIGHTSLANDSCAPE LIGHTSWith growing environmental consciousness and a need to be even closer to nature, furniture is providing a more diverse interplay between indoor and outdoor. Quick Overview:The Loup-O Pendant lamp has everything that is required to make your home look prettier.
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Not only that but you know meta science because the brain which was just knowing science, now knows the Source of Science. From a winter garden to a living room, the frontiers have become blurred: outside and inside are mixed. Over time, this idea has been instrumental in the development of the brand and its ascent to stardom. The main body of the suspension lamp has a tubular shape and is made of spun and laser cut metal structure using advanced technology and acts as source of direct and indirect spotlight.
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Also, most of the communications vehicles like computer, like television, other things also, all those so many of them were developed in this country. Like you climb up a hill or a mountain, the higher you go you can see the whole vision of the place.
So when you go above this you start thinking of one world, because you see that it was one world. That I would say is the higher state where you reach and you start seeing ‘This is wrong with me”. Modernist design was able to strip down decorative elements and focus on the design of the object in order to save time, money, material, and labor.
This idea applies to all products designed by the company, which fills their products not only with beauty, but also the meaning.
Draped in opaque finish in white or black, the Loup-O Pendant lamp can effortlessly blend with a range of home decor.
In the same way whatever is created out of your brain, anything, you start getting the whole vision of it what they have created. You have to look after all the suppressions and the wars and all the civil wars everywhere, is all your headache, because you are sitting in the land of Virat.
You start seeing God has created beautiful rivers and beautiful mountains, He never divided. You cannot be friendly and loving and one with other Sahaja yogis unless and until the center of Vishuddhi is all right.

To take you inside my body as a cell and to cleanse it, it’s very very difficult task but one has to do it. One starts seeing matter as a source of wealth and source of dignity and a source of great positions, powers.
And the enjoyment of Niranand (means Pure Joy, Bliss – in Sanskrit) , you get it when you rise above and see the whole thing in a different perspective.
First of all you see it as a Drama, as a witness.And the third thing that happens to you with this Viratangana that you humble down. Matter is for making the place beautiful, giving you joy, and this matter is also for expression of your joy to others.
If we know how to handle the situation we’ll never get angry, on the contrary use the anger of another person for your own benefit.
Then you start thinking also how God has created this beautiful world and you start creating beautiful things in art, in music, drama, even films, everything.
That is the state you achieve not as a slave, not out of domination, but it just works in you, it penetrates into your brain, you become that. It is Her great power that has really given you such an understanding about life, about yourself. If you see what a change it was for you, all this transformation, everything is the power of Viratangana. Is the brain is enlightened, has become the light and you know you have the light – That is doubtless awareness. She teaches you how to have bhakti (means genuine devotion – in Sanskrit) in your heart. And the love and the affection and the understanding that you have for each other is remarkable , is very enjoyable and very beautiful. That’s how your brain, which is the one which receives all the information and creates all the information, creates all the mental projections becomes a new vehicle to create a dimension which goes higher, not declining.

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