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Roman numbers or roman numerals are the letters of the Roman alphabets, which are general to show the sum of their values. Teacher's Guide 2013-Free worksheets, printouts, lesson plans, SMARTBoard templates, and more. Do you remember waking up on Saturday morning and tiptoeing onto the ice cold porch to grab that tightly wound paper in the plastic bag? After tossing it on the kitchen table you’d tear it open and fill the air with the stale stench of newspaper ink, hot plastic bag, and morning dew. Strawberry jam fingers hadn’t dog-eared corners, flyers weren’t scattered everywhere, and unapologetic backwards-folding hadn’t flipped sections inside out, making them flimsy and disorganized — pages at different heights, untethered middle sheets slipping onto the cold linoleum floor. When you flipped open the paper there were kids huddling under cars in distant countries, stern-eyebrowed generals swearing in to lead violent armies, and tornados blasting barns to bits, all photographed inches away, just yesterday, and sitting in your hands right now. Windows couldn’t pop up, email wasn’t a click away, and detergent jingles didn’t scream out of random corners.
And after reading for a long time your fingers turned black with ink smudges smearing your body like tiny tattoos. Little poems caught your eye in obituaries, colorful characters pulled you into cartoons, cheeky letters to the editor got you laughing, and crossword puzzles kept you and dad guessing for hours. Instead of clicking the most popular articles there was something about flipping past everything all stitched together and making up your own mind. Newspapers helped decide what was important and acted like filters against information overload.
Clipped and cut into squares and rectangles were painted patches of our city and our friends and our lives.
Yes, long, long time ago, I can still remember … how that paper used to make me smile. Now fat weekend papers are getting thinner, foreign bureaus are getting dimmer, and there’s bad news on the door step, with flat wire stories replacing local depth. Next time you pass a newspaper stand, next time you snap a dirty rubber band, next time you crinkle thin sheets in your hand, enjoy the feeling, enjoy the moment, and just enjoy the view. It’s like a momentary reprieve from the world around you as you delve into the carefully selected, back-checked and thoughtfully worded place that is the newspaper.

One day recently while reading a newspaper, I glanced down at the lower right hand corner of the newspaper page to check the time, as if that piece of paper could magically display the current time. On Sunday morning I would snuggle between mom and dad in bed and read the comics while they read the rest.
Then, my brothers introduced me to Silly Putty, and we would lift the pictures of Beetle Bailey or Dagwood and Blondie and stretch them out for laughs. When I was in college, I met a woman at the airport who gave me her copy of the Wall Street Journal.
The last time I moved, I looked for old newspapers, and suddenly realized I didn’t have any. I actually work at a newspaper and it was so nice to know that some people still feel this way.
Roman Numerals were used by traders of Roman origin by the use of English Alphabets to express the numbers.
Next you peeled off that disgusting black rubber band and unroll it till you had a bumpy beautiful stack of crisp fresh news. Everything faded into the backyard background as you got sucked into tales of police corruption, stunned by fiery photos, or captivated by a long two-page profile of the local athlete on a comeback bid. It was slow, meandering, and adventurous, instead of flashing headlines hitting you like a rubber mallet to the forehead. Costs prevented spam, space limited excess, and daily deadlines prevented constant updates from buzzing on cell phones all day. Maybe we’re all fitter, happier, and more productive, and maybe we’re better informed with wider choices, greater access, and more transparency. That was a rather unsettling moment for me, to realize my computer (and all its little widgets) had become so much the norm. Even though I am a broke college student, I will always pass up going to a show or dinner to keep my Sunday subscription to the New York Times.
We get one delivered here at work and since I’m the first one here, I get to read it first. I just graduated from a top notch Journalism school, and I am scared out of my mind about what is happening to the news right now… The format change is killing a lot of jobs and really hurting the quality of the content.

There is a combination of more than one alphabet to show a sum or a difference of quantities to express a number.The Roman numeral is a decimal technique but it’s not openly shown and it does not have zero.
While you were leaving greasy prints in its cracks and corners, it was leaving something with you. It was a twenty minute vacation into a faraway world where you were watching Olympic games, attending film festivals, and trying new banana bread recipes, all from your front porch.
Sometimes they went in-depth, sometimes they sent reporters overseas, and sometimes they created a weekly series to crack big cases in your hometown. Album reviews, stock quotes, and relationship advice were waiting every day for new listeners, investors, and lovers. Thanks for the reminder of the sheer enjoyment of the printed page arriving at one’s doorstep. And this is a man who rolled his eyes at our first desktop, a man who was born before India was. I flip through the local news and look a bit at the other news, but I always take time out to read the comics. Whether it was the sharp-tongued sports writer who hated ownership but loved the game, the provocative political pundit with the bleeding heart, or the snobby movie critic with biting reviews that kept you laughing, you could always count on opinions. Just the one thought you bring up about no pop up ads is enough to make me go out and buy one this weekend and snap my laptop shut for a day. But this technique was modified little bit in the middle age, and this it is the one which we used today. When your neighbor’s daughter finished college, there she was in her graduation cap, flashing a big toothy grin, in fuzzy black and white.

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