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The following titles are books that either I have read to my 1st grader this past year, or that his first grade teachers have read aloud in class. Bobby the Brave (Sometimes). I first wrote about this in my list of multicultural early chapter books.
Have a wonderful and restorative July and we will all be waiting for your return in August. I’m so glad you enjoy the lists, Rachel and thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment and let me know.
While I recognize that the movie and book are quite different from one another, I have always loved the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie, as well, since it was brand new.
You will note that we use Volume 4 of Susan Wise Bauer's 4 volume Story of the World for year six.
The Childhood of Famous Americans Series along with the Guerber spines is stellar for helping the elementary crowd with US History.
Although some of these books may appear on other lists, I have purposefully not included books on my two most popular lists, Read Aloud books for 4-6 year olds and Chapter Books for 3 year olds and Preschoolers. We have read others, too, but since I try to find books my 10 year old will also enjoy, I’ve included only the ones I think were particularly suited to my 6 year old.
My son’s teachers read this to the class and my 6 year old loved it so much he wanted me to read it at home.So of course I did!
These quite hilarious tales feature McBroom and his 11 children, bamboozles, tricksters and lots of wit and wisdom.
This very popular duo star in an early chapter book series for young readers but the books also make great short chapter book read alouds for the first grade set. Ivy and Bean become fast friends, despite their differences and their intrepid spirits take the readers on all sorts of amusing adventures from trying to find dinosaur fossils in the backyard to getting through the dreaded ballet recital very, um, creatively. This is Dahl’s quirky tale about a boy who mixes a concoction to turn his horridly grumpy grandma into a sweet old lady. Both kids loved this book from the 1950s in which a chicken’s egg hatches to reveal a baby triceratops.
1 Ladies’ Detective Agency book series for grown-ups solved her very first case in Botswana when she was just a girl. This is still an enormously popular series today, but you many not realize that the first book was written in 1924!
My son is going into first grade, and I am trying to get more books that he will be interested in. When we read our main selections each year, these should be interspersed throughout the year.
This charming story follows the adventures of a bat with a taste for junk food, a kind dog and a wise hermit crab as they try to save their friend Stumpy the Squirrel and her new babies.
Once Ginger Pye is part of the family, he mysteriously disappears and the kids are convinced he’s been stolen. A novel written in verse may not be high on your read aloud agenda, but I encourage you to try this one.

Detective Gordon, the local crime stopper, has more of a penchant for tea and cakes than he does for police work, and don’t even think about asking him to use the gun. My older son started listening in, even though he had already read it so that’s a good recommendation for you!
When her friends’ lunchtime treats go missing Precious is on the job and when she discovers the surprising thief a nice chuckle is had by all. Four orphan siblings try to make an independent life for themselves by living in an abandoned train car. I’m also discovering I can peel my 12 year old off of Minecraft for a few minutes to read to him, too.
If you decide to use the other Bauer volumes, you may still wish to use them over the full six years, adding the other selections as needed. For instance, if you read your Synge book one day a week, another of the days should be reserved for China, Russia, Egypt, Africa, or Middle East.
Nothing beats Montessori map puzzles, but other large floor puzzles work when Montessori apparatus is out of financial reach. They make good read aloud material for younger children or lit selections for 3rd and above. Recently we also read the sequel, Gooseberry Park and the Master Plan, and enjoyed it just as much.
He gets a small but enthusiastic assistant when he meets up with a young mouse, who he mistakenly takes for the criminal in a case he has to solve.
Bobby Ellis-Chan struggles the fact that he is not interested in football even though his dad is a retired professional. Unable to recall the exact ingredients, George and his father try to recreate the medicine with decidedly hilarious and Dahl-esque results. This book is nice way of exposing young readers to other cultures and includes a reading guide, glossary, activity ideas and even a recipe!
By experiencing the main selections either by listening, independent reading, or in theater reading, and carefully narrating them, the child will gain a great deal of historical knowledge. Not every family will want to read every biography, but choosing several that seem interesting or important will round out the childa€™s sense of history before delving into US history more thoroughly in years 9 and 10.
Synge (Abraham to Christ)-Family RA (If you are new to Milestones Academy with a Year 4 -6 child, you may want to use a more condensed resource. Synge (Roman Empire 4 AD to Renaissance 1500)-Family RA This is a good year to do the Shakespeare play Julius Ceasar. If you haven’t read any of the books on this first grade read aloud list, start with this one.
Three plot points: a boy who needs a dog, a dog who needs an owner and a neighbor who needs a friends come together in an extremely satisfying story.
Together they concoct a plan to discover the real thief, who has stolen all of Squirrel’s nuts.

We then retired to the dining room table or computer to narrate what was learned by illustrating and dictating or illustrating and writing (depending on age and ability) in a history journal.
The additional selections offer a richer picture and some practice in reading and narrating.
We put a large map under a clear plastic table cover on our dining room table for dinner-time discussion. When the library didn't have what I was looking for all those years ago, I mined our household budget. Guerber-Family RA (Story of the Great Republic might be one of the only elementary US histories spines that doesna€™t paint Latter-Day Saints in a bad light.
Bobby’s family is bi-racial and his friends come from different ethnic backgrounds but it is not a focus of the book at all.
If the children (8+) are really into drawing, The Draw and Write Through History Books by Carylee Gressman are a great resource for journals.
I simply listed all I know about, some of which arena€™t the first choice unless the child has an interest in a certain field and some of which I havena€™t read. Yup, that's why my children are so familiar with eating food storage: rice, beans, corn bread, muffins, oatmeal, homemade whole wheat bread, homemade noodles, homemade tortillas, sprouts, tomato sauce, and on sale fruits and veggies. The story is heartfelt and engaging while still providing kids (and parents!) the opportunity to contemplate and discuss ideas like the importance of community and companionship.
We also kept a simple wall timeline, which idea I borrowed from Hillyera€™s A Childa€™s History of the World.
This is a funny, charming book with non-stock characters and I’m looking forward to reading more books in the series. According to Van Loon, the best success in learning geography and how it played a major role in shaping the course of history from settlements, to battles, to conquering journeys, to emigration, and so on and so forth comes to those who draw their own maps (Van Loona€™s Geography is a good read, but not a great text to use with children IMO). That is why I flossed and brushed the children'sa€™ teeth each night until they were eight. After the child completed his personal living book on his own level, he journaled it and moved on to the next selection. Which one you choose depends on the level of the reader, if you are going to read them aloud to the group, if the group is going to read them round robin, or if the child is going to read them solo.
Sacrificing for a childa€™s education, you invest not only in your future posterity but in the future of society. From right to left top to bottom, attempt to duplicate what you see in each square connecting each square as you go. Playing the Geo Bee board game and the 10 days board game series, you find another great way to learn geography.

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