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Though there are myriads of books out there to read, it can be difficult to choose which ones.
This will be consistently updated with Our Favourite Read Aloud Books for 5-9 Year Olds (watch for other lists to be developed also!) as we continue to read and explore the world of books! All of these books make great read alouds, though some of our older kids have read them on their own as well. Red and Blue Fairy Book (the original fairy tales are quite different from what Disney tells us. Other times we’ll get into a theme or series of books and just drop everything until we are finished with them.
It’s quite overwhelming actually, and I sometimes feel like we’re missing so much!

As I get time I will  try to add some simple descriptions to whet your appetite and anything that you may need to be aware of in the stories for sensitive readers.
I’ve tried to include books that you can find easily online, but some you may have to dig around in second hand stores and yard sales for.
Passionate about teaching my children the truth of God's word through his creation and his-tory, spending time as a family and outdoors, learning how to be more creative, and giving glory to God.
And more often than not I find myself scrambling to keep our shelves and baskets stocked with material as the kids whip through and read them multiple times, leaving them hungry for more!
It keeps us reading and searching for more books though, and we are finding new ones all the time. I’ve also included some good audio book versions you can listen to – because sometimes mom just needs a break from talking!

Seeking to serve Christ and set a godly example for my children, to grow in love and encouragement, failing forward, learning to lean on God's grace and trust in his strength. Asking friends and reading blogs is the #1 best way to find great material to read – which is why this post is here for you!

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