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There are a number of apps that are available to read books on iPad, free or charged, allow us to buy, download and view ebooks for iPad. But if you often use iBooks you may not feel so satisfied with it, like me, because its catalog is not so bigger than other stores, like Kindle. But eBookMobi's shortcoming is that it can only read drm free ebooks, while you know that most books we purchased from sites are with drm problems.
With an iPad you may not just want to read books, but also some videos, web searching, games playing, etc. Except for iBooks, another apps are third-party readers, they are related to their stores, and the formats and DRM kinds are also limited.
No matter which store you like, go there to find your books, download them to your iPad or other devices or computer. As iBooks is the built-in reading app, so the reading experience is guaranteed, be safe, be free.
Not only does it display text and imagery with vivid clarity, but iPad also has a wealth of amazing features that turn reading into a magical experience. Before you can get started, open the App Store app, search for iBooks and download the app to iPad. If you’re reading an interactive textbook, then you can swipe through galleries, tap on interactive images and rotate 3D models with your fingertips. Just tap and hold on a word, then choose Define in the pop-up window to see a detailed definition of the word.  You can also search the web and Wikipedia for more details about the word.
Satellite navigation and GPS technology has made driving to unfamiliar locations so much easier. We cannot deny that Kindle is sort of the symbol of eBook nowadays, especially they have enhanced their eco-system with so many advanced but cheap gadgets and powerful assistant apps like Send to Kindle. We can't transfer downloaded books to this app with iTunes but only Send to Kindle, it can't read ePub books, it doesn't have a built-in dictionary and we have to manually download one, there is no text to speech function, and so on.
Then easily drag and drop those Kindle books into the Epubor Ultimate, it will automatically make those books convertable, then just choose the output format as ePub and click the convert button, wait for a moment and you can get the fresh ePub books. We have complied a very detailed guide post about how to transfer books to iPad, click the link in case you don't know how to do it yet.
Just like the image above shows, iBooks is the app that could nearly meet all kinds of needs when we read an eBook. While Amazon would love to have you purchase one of their new tablets, their focus is on books and the selling of those books.
When you first launch the Kindle app, you’ll be asked for your Amazon account email and password. The view presented is the Cloud view, meaning that you have access to these books provided you have a connection to the Internet via WiFi or using your wireless carrier. By default, the Kindle app presents your books in cover mode and they are sorted by date of purchase.
If you’ve completed a book and would like to conserve storage space on your iOS device, it’s easy to delete books.
Tip: This process deletes the book from your iOS device, but doesn’t delete it from your library or other Kindle devices. Highlighting a word: If you tap on a word, the app will highlight it and present a number of options. Across the top row are your menu items which you can reveal or hide by tapping once in the middle of the screen. At the bottom of your book you’ll find your location and this works similar to the audio scrubber in the Music app. Amazon uses Whispersync technology that automatically syncs books between all of your devices. There is no option to purchase or buy books from within the Kindle app and that’s due to Apple’s policy on purchasing from stores other than from iTunes.

But as both an iPad user and an ebook fan, sometimes we may feel confused about which app to use is better, is there an app that allows us to read books purchased everywhere, no matter drm protected or drm free, and so on. So if you love reading different kinds of books, I'm sure iBooks will not meet your needs totally. The Kindle has an larger catalog, we can find some more books that we couldn't find in iBooks.
Once a book are purchased from amazon, we can only use Kindle app, no matter we like it or not. Though Kobo app reads DRMed epub books, but we must make sure they are with the same Adobe ID as our kobo account email.
It collects a lot of google books in this store, thus we can say it is designed for Google fans, or android fans. It supports Adobe DRM books, connected with your Adobe ID, regardless of where they were from. About books iPad we can install an reading app to help us read books, so just need to listen to them, for a good rest. The tool needed Ultimate Converter, helps you remove any drm from books and convert them to epub or pdf format. If you don't want to install so reading apps on your iPad, or you just want to use iBooks, but reading a lot of books, this way may help you.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to download and manage books, add bookmarks, interact with content, highlight text, define a word and save PDFs to the iBooks app. Because with this method you are still bonded with Amazon Kindle store, and the Kindle for iPad app is far away from being GOOD to meet our reading demands. And in fact, Apple's official apps are almost always the best in its area, and yes, not including Apple Maps. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.
What started as strictly an e-book reader, they now offer a full line of Android powered tablets. To download a book to your iPad for access for when you might be in Airplane mode, simply tap on the white arrow that appears at the bottom right of each book cover. This feature will allows you to get background information on people, places and terms used within a page, chapter or the entire book.
If you read a few pages on your iPhone and then open up the app on your iPad, the Kindle app will automatically bring you to point where you left off. I frequently need to refer back to previous chapters when responding to assignments and back to copyright or table of contents for reference points. And, in order to meet your needs, I also spend some time talking about their features, my own opinions, give you some good suggestions to help you find the best way to read books on iPad. The best thing about iBooks is that you can purchase books in this store directly, while another third-party reading apps require you to go to their websites to buy, then back to their apps to read. Kindle is provided by Amazon, as eBooks we purchase from amazon store have kindle's own formats, such as azw3, mobi, so we have no choice but installing Kindle app on iPad to read kindle books. We can intall this app on android smart phone or tablet with easy, just with Google account.
For example, as we known that some of kobo and sony books are protected with Adobe DRM, so when reading kobo and sony books, if we don't want to install kobo, we can install bluefire instead. With iTunes Filesharing we can import those files from our devices or computer to iPad with easy.
It’s possible to manipulate 3D models, tap and swipe through galleries of images, highlight text, save bookmarks, take notes, search for content and more. Bookmarks and pages are also synced to your iCloud account, so if you open the same book on your iPhone you can continue reading from the same spot. For instance: We can only read the books from Amazon, the limited web access, poor refresh rate, etc.

If you are considering a new tablet, the iPad and iPad mini make for great reading devices.
This is a one time process that will then provide you with infinite opportunities to find definitions for words. You can select ‘highlight’ from the pop-up menu, which will look as if you took a yellow highlighter to the word or sentences you selected. For example, my wife is reading Andy Cohen’s Most Talkative and he often makes references to celebrities. The books will immediately show up in your library where you can download with a tap of your finger. To access PDF’s on your iPad, just send it to the email address associated with your Kindle account.
So with iBooks after you find an interesting book, you can purchase it right away (with Apple ID), then download it to iPad to have a reading. Except for books from kindle store, Kindle can also display PDF and Mobi files if they are DRM free. So if you collect a lot of books with multiple formats, this app may become your best choice.
Once a book or sample book has been downloaded it will automatically appear on the iBooks shelf. Regardless of what model Kindle you own or have owned, you’ll be happy to know that your library of Kindle books can easily be accessed on your iOS device.
It is what is called a Universal app, meaning that it will work on both your iPhone and iPad.
Within a matter of seconds, you’ll be greeted by book and magazine covers from your Kindle library.
If you select more than one word or a sentence, the dictionary will no longer be available. Simply reverse this process to remove the highlighting. This is certainly helpful for those who are reading textbooks are simply want to note favorite parts of a book. This is the easiest way to find your Table of Contents, beginning of the book or a specific location. Using the X-Ray feature, it came up with 132 people listed and within the app it will pull a brief bio of those people from Wikipedia. Once I refer back, I seem to lose where I was reading, and when the table of contents only lists chapters and not subheadings, I have to scroll thru the chapter to find where I left off. We must purchase their files on the website, then log in the kobo app to sync books we've bought. In fact, you don’t even need a Kindle in order to start purchasing Kindle books for reading on your iOS device. To see what books are on your device, tap on the Device tab at the bottom of the Kindle app. List mode will present you with a line of blue dots that acts a graphical representation of where you are in the book. If you created Notes or Highlights that we covered in the previous paragraph, you can easily access them from this menu.
One very neat function is the Popular Highlights option that adds a social element to reading.
From latest best-selling books to your favorite classics, its all there.Also, big iPad screen makes book reading easy and comfortable routine.
If you have ebook in PDF format, then you need to first convert PDF file to epub format to able to read it on Apple iPad.

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