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Your child can practice reading - anywhere, anytime - while youa€™re driving, shopping in the grocery store, or having a quick coffee at your favorite cafe. Imagine your child reading a new book every day, and developing a love for books and the habit of reading. Spend less time searching for apps because there are great new books in Read Me Stories, already there, right in the app.
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Affiliate Program - If you would like to purchase any of the apps, please use the links provided. Using a controlled vocabulary in a series of graded steps, reading schemes offer a structured approach to teach a beginner reader. The Ladybird Read with me reading scheme adopts the look-say method, introducing learners to the 300 most frequently used words in the English language (Key Words).
This cold weather is terrible for playing outside but perfect for snuggling under blankets with a good book (or more)! Of course you know the story but the experience of reading it aloud is totally different than watching the Disney version — most notably the language is a bit more complicated. But Molly pushed him aside and went up to the unicorn, scolding her as though she were a strayed milk cow. Recommended by the owner of The Bear and the Books in Hopewell, this is part of a series of books about a shy little black cat with a red scarf named Jenny Linsky. I’m ending my list with my other favorite childhood book that I have loved more as I read it more. As for your granddaughter, many of the books I suggested have very few illustrations and would be appropriate for Willa’s age and imagination.
5 million parents, just like you, have downloaded Read Me Stories to teach their child to read.
If you want your child to learn to read by themselves and graduate an awesome and confident little reader, you can help them accomplish that! Join our characters on an engaging adventure, get a new story every day, and make everyday reading a breeze.

For over 12 years our qualified teachers have achieved 98% success in teaching kids to read one-on-one. Read Me Stories a positive introduction to reading and will nurture your child's education development. Maybe you're just worried about technical stuff like Common Core Standards, reading level correlation, leveled readers, phonics, assessment, reading intervention, miscue analysis, reading recovery, supporting multiple children, etc.? Keep reading to discover our favorite games of the week: Angry Birds Action, Spectrum, Zer0, Zombie Frontier 3, Versus Run. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. And you can spend quality time with your child while teaching the core skills of reading and speaking that are so necessary for every child in todaya€™s modern world. This series of stories takes Tuffy the pony on a grand adventure, where he learns how to meet new friends, and do good deeds. Ita€™s a great way to get birthday and Christmas gifts for your child, and ita€™s a nice way to help friends and family get great gifts for them too. Keep your reading sessions short and stop immediately (continue at a later time) if your child loses interest. But who doesn’t love a challenge to advance your own and your child’s vocabulary? She’s a joyful precocious little girl living alone except with a horse and a monkey and has superhuman strength. Jenny lives with a sea captain, Captain Tinker, and has backyard adventures with other neighborhood cats, finding out that she braver than she ever thought. If you are the kind of person who leaves their house, supporting local businesses is great. My mother read us The Scarlet Pimpernel and Jurassic Park (that one in the back of our jeep with a flashlight). Read Me Stories is great at achieving amazing turnarounds with kids that fail reading test standards in school.
Give your child a super head start with Read Me Stories - it works great for preschool, kindergarten or concurrent with early primary school.

The app contains an easy step-by-step assessment to start your child at their reading level! So reach out to us for anything, from technical questions to advice from reading specialists.
Our interactive storybooks engage your child with Disney-caliber illustrations and voices like they've grown to expect from modern animated movies, achieving higher engagement than traditional picture books.
You'll love our optional Parent Booklets with step-by-step lesson plans and printed activity resources.
Once again, we've complied a run down of the biggest and best stories from the tech, mobile, and app world.
There has been a huge overhaul of how it looks on the inside as well, with a simpler, more minimalist design that puts more focus on your photos and videos. She always gets in a bit of trouble but everything always seems to work out alright in the end. And if your child gets really stuck while reading an English sentence, they can fall back to the sentence being displayed in their home language. Just write to us and we'll answer all of your questions about curriculum, pedagogy, and how Read Me Stories dovetails with your learning paths.
Opt out information is provided at the bottom of each email we send – as is our physical address, PO Box 260 Hopewell NJ 08525.
I knew the ending, have read it many times, yet still cried while reading the ending to her. I have a huge list of favorite books: my favorite storybook of all time, from my childhood is Tales from Storyland, edited by Watty Piper. We’re currently reading Winnie the Pooh, and Many Moons is another great book to read aloud.

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