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With the help of their young, rich landlord and their daughter Shirley's resourcefulness, a homeless family is able to transform a stone barn into a wonderful new home.
This is the love story of a tormented foundling who falls in love with the daughter of his benefactor.
Daughter of the deceased Red Jabez, Sultan of the pirates, the passionate Dolores is left to rule a Jamaican pirate island. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

After Shirley starts to fall in love with the landlord, she becomes afraid that he might forsake her family. They long for each other and have to share the violence and misery caused by their attraction. Although more than equal to the job of managing the ruffians, Dolores dreams of the day when she can be off the island and on her own, taking her jewels and fortune with her. We will ship you items we have previously done so that you can see it and test it for yourself before you make any final decisions.

She is introduced to a town full of children with no memory of their lives before the island and sets her mind to find out who she is and uncovers a terrible secret.

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