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When I was a kid, I was crazy for Nandan and Champak, their simple mythical tales and animated world painted my childhood with many colors. As I think back, I have realized that my book-mania owes a lot to our Indian writers and over the last few years, I have read and reviewed many Indian books on scribbles of soul. So, today I have prepared this list of 30 Indian books that you must read, if only to discover a tiny speck of mountainous gem our Indian Literature has to offer. Though, at the end of the day, 30 is just a number, I welcome all your comments, recommendations and criticism to make this list more exhaustive and useful.
And the more I read, the more new books I discover that entice me with the promise of yet another slice of Indian heritage.
Some of these books are well known classics, others well received contemporary ones and yet others are lesser known regional ones, I discovered in dusty shelves of my local library. Gora : A true Tagore novel, rich in philosophical debate on politics and religion with a deep understanding of human emotions. Great Indian Novel : A totally different take on Mahabharata where Indian Freedom Fighters and politicians replace usual mythological characters.
Hungry Tide : Practical modernity merged with traditional wisdom creating a heady mix of folklores and offbeat rituals in enticing Sunderbans. Long Walk Home : A superbly executed historical fiction exposing truth behind partition and riots. Mahatma vs Gandhi : Focuses on lesser known aspects of Mahatma Gandhi with his wayward son as protagonist. My Experiments with Truth : A must read for every Indian if only to know the true ideals of one of the most revered yet least understood man Mahatma Gandhi. My Sainted Aunts : A rare attempt to bring alive the past of elderly women we take for granted in a short collection of 08 emotionally charged stories. Nirmala : Age-old story of love, jealousy and guilt made extra ordinary by inimitable affable style of the great Premchand.
Queen of Dreams : A story about a simple housewife whose psychic dreams wove a fantastic tale.

Sister of my Heart : A beautiful story about two girls who are as diverse as chalk and cheese yet are joined in heart. Srikanta : A slightly lesser known yet epic novel by Sarat Chandra, that would make you laugh, cry and cringe at the same time. Storm : A strong satire from the mighty pen of Kanhu Charan Mohanty, an Oriyan writer, who deserves many accolades.
Swami and Friends : Misadventures of Swami in idyllic city of Malgudi makes for an appealing read.
He goes on to explain why this tradition is deep rooted in India’s culture and why it is still staying on. A story set in the partition of 1947, Midnight’s children is in a way the story of the harrowing ordeal that India had to suffer in those times.
John Keay, in this book, in a very colorful and engaging way, narrates the story of a 5000 year old civilization. However, if you find there has been an error please contact for removal of copyrighted material.
The following books are an essential collection that everyone who is interested in India should have.
They portray the Indian way of life in all its beauty.  Made into a televised series, this book is a timeless classic and one that should be read by anyone who tries to understand the idea of India. This argumentative tradition is the reason why one of the poorest countries in the world, to this day remains a democracy even though its neighbours have undergone military rule.
The novel is in fact a story of the wounds left behind, minds mutilated and families left to fate.
Intended to be an introduction to the history of one of world’s oldest civiilization, the book also throws in many surprising facts about the history in between. A nine volume work, it sums up everything that is there to know about Indian Philosophy and religion. It is a gripping narration of how a nation took on the might of an Empire armed with the most modern army and weaponry with nothing but the might of the mind.

Written at a time when political histories ruled the roost, Basham’s tale meanders through the art, culture, religion, literature and thought of ancient India.
Narayan’s most famous novel that challenges moral sanctions and questions blind superstitions. Mix that with Rushdies wonderful narration, you have midnight’s children, a tale of a child born at the midnight hour, when a nation woke to independence and the horror of partition at the same time.
Cricket, once a game played by the Sahib, introduced by the Sahib, stormed into the centre stage of Indian Life with the Indian triumph at the 1983 World cup. Without reading Vivekananda, you will be left wondering your whole life as to how so many religions, so may philosophies and so many people co-exist. Written in a thoroughly engaging manner, this book is a must have in any collection of books on India.
Despite the challenges of the time, Ramachandra Guha does a fantastic job in bringing out the story of the world’s largest democracy in a thrilling and colorful way.
Keay as a deeply knowledgeable person of both Indian and Chinese history, is able to connect the dots and thus weave together an engaging tale of the subcontinent. You will be left flummoxed as to why a revolution on the model of france doesn’t happen in India despite the presence of a poorer and larger population. Many characters who worked towards making India what it is today come and go and at the end of it all, we are left with a feeling of awe. This book explains the working of the Jugaad way of life and how the elephant deals with the challenges that a money dominated world throws its way. This book tells the tale of how a young nation, despite a bleak future predicted by the leading political scientists of the time, braves them and survives to become one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

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