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More and more people have moved to the camp of Windows 8 nowadays partly due to its chic combination of traditional PC interface and Touchscreen-oriented tile style.
Make sure there is a Microsoft (Windows) Live account associated with your Win 8 computer, then you can easily download and install free Kindle for Windows 8 app on it (with Internet connection).
Step 3: The first time you launch Kindle for Windows 8 app, you will be required to sign in with your Amazon account. To transfer your personal Kindle MOBI books to Surface Pro or other Win 8 device, you can use Microsoft SkyDrive to do the upload & download. Kindle for Windows 8 app enables readers to pin favorite Kindle books to the Start screen, customize the reading interface including background color, font size, reading columns and the like, use web-based Dictionary and sync books, reading progress, bookmarks, notes, highlights across multi platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Blackberry).
Together with reading Kindle eBooks on Windows 8 devices, you are likely to have other devices to read Kindle books on.
Download Epubor Kindle DRM Removal tool and follow this guide to remove Kindle DRM on Windows 8. The downside however is that as with all hacks, you risk bricking the device and voiding the warranty. Once the reader boots, you will be prompted for you Gmail account (as usually with Android) and some initial settings.
First thing that I did was to download Kindle application and verify that it works – it did.
All-in-all, I’m quite happy with this experiment as it shows once again that Kindle books can cross device boundaries and run even on competing devices. After you Root your Nook, can you still add .epub(s) and .pdf(s) via Windows Explorer and access them? I had Adobe Digital Edition on my PC to load ebooks checked out from my public library onto my nookcolor.
Elsa- I noticed this too, but when I just skipped the log in after the 2nd or third time that happened, it went on to the few settings then finished by pulling up the wall paper and then the log in did not show up anymore with each power up.

Installed Zeam launcher and now can manipulate the desktop and still chose anytime to launch nook UI. On another web site, which offers the same rooting instructions, it recommended a Class 6 or better SD card. I just tried rooting my NC and when it boots back up all I get is the nook symbol and it goes no further. I have a pandigital reader will it work with that as well would love to have the access to apps.
Everything seems to have worked fine except that I cannot find the Kindle app on Market on my Color Nook now. It was reported recently that Microsoft would stop support for Windows XP in 2014, which might push more people to Windows 8 OS. Then register the Kindle app with your Amazon account and you are able to read Kindle books on Windows 8 as with other Kindle reading apps. Once the registration is done, all Kindle books under your account will be synced in seconds. As a result of DRM restrictions imposed on Kindle books, however, things are a bit tough and constrained. It’s actually quite easy now to get Kindle books on Nook color and have both eBook stores available to you on a single device. With Andoid market you can install all kinds of applications, including Kindle, Kobo reader. NOOKcolor review first, but this post turned out more about how these two devices cooperate rather than compete. Just go to settings and hit wireless and chose the signal you want to connect with (as long as you have the password or it does not need one).
The Nook Color display screen is a bit harsh on the eyes after a while, compared to iPad or Kindle.

As to eBook reading, what should we do when we want to read Amazon Kindle books on Windows 8?
Thus you might have to use DRM Removal tools to remove Kindle DRM, so that you will be able to read Kindle books on non-Kindle devices. This is possible because Nook Color is more of an entry level Android tablet than a dedicated eReader.
Another method is to hold power, nook and Volume+ buttons pressed until you are prompted for device reset. As it comes out of the box it just happens to start the Nook application by default and not let users run anything else.
Installing the Kindle application for Android will let you read Amazon Kindle books on your Nook Color device. Now, when I turn on the Nook Color, it goes right to the wallpaper I set instead of asking me to sign in every time. Rooting also allows for changing around the nook desktop, choosing an alternate web browser (like dolphin browser HD which is a free downloadable app) and playing Youtube videos and other stuff too.
Kindle opponents meanwhile have one less reason to complain about device-restricting DRM system. I had little problem rooting mine last month and it just took a little while to get used to the new navigation. Later, you can do the rooting if you want to make it more powerful (I love mine like crazy now and it was not very difficult).
This is a free service from google which you can set up on a computer before rooting the Nook.

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