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There is nothing like curling up with good books that are real page-turners, unless it is reading those mystery stories online. Great detective novels, like the Sherlock Holmes series, have kept readers entertained for centuries. While mysteries keep you guessing until the end, in suspense novels often you know who the bad guy is up front. David Dean's election bid for Sheriff becomes complicated after ten-year-old Martha discovers a skeleton in an abandoned mine. Pages is a collection of four very different novellas, all with heart-grabbing similarities of family challenges and insights.
Miss Mary Morstan comes to detective Sherlock Holmes for help solving the mystery of the disappearance of her father. Opera star Nora Harrigan is a success on the stage, and enjoys the attentions of many suitors, including Edward Courtlandt and Herr Rosen. The London fog can hide a lot of things, including the thief who has stolen a sapphire necklace from Kitty Killigrew. At a spooky, sprawling summer home in New England, wealthy spinster Miss Inness finds herself at the center of a murder mystery.

With the help of their young, rich landlord and their daughter Shirley's resourcefulness, a homeless family is able to transform a stone barn into a wonderful new home.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Find the perfect mystery writer who will keep you in suspense until the end and coming back for more.
If you love playing detective and matching wits with both the criminals and their pursuers, then Mystery and Suspense titles are sure to please.
Each page turn gets the reader closer to understanding the heart of the characters and the situations encountered. Every year since her father vanished, Miss Morstan has received a valuable pearl from an anonymous gift-giver. She has heard parts of a conversation in the mist, however, that might simplify solving the case but complicate her new romantic interest. After Shirley starts to fall in love with the landlord, she becomes afraid that he might forsake her family. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Whether you love old-fashioned mysteries complete with red herrings or you prefer to solve more difficult puzzles, there are books to fit the bill. Step inside the mind of a great detective and see if you can solve the crime before they do! Both genres are designed to make you think and to add a little drama into what otherwise might be a dull world. The case is officially closed, but the detective's feelings for the missing man's wife grow, along with his suspicions. Lords and ladies are influenced by an otherworldly enchantment that empowers them to challenge death and seek life and love. When her nephew disappears and her niece falls for the disreputable friend, Miss Innes must unravel many mysteries. Find cozy mysteries and classic mysteries that feature new heroes and heroines that you're sure to enjoy.

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