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Another booty-tastic week for socialite, professional sister-person and my all-time favourite It-Girl, Pippa Middleton. Never mind Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam to star in the film version of mummy porn novels 50 Shades Of Grey, what about Pippa and boyfriend Nico instead? A group of Oxford University athletes are the first to de-bra in a bid to raise funds for organisations such as the city's food banks.
Show with the X FactorI cana€™t wait for I Cana€™t Sing, the X Factor musical which opens in London next February.After the awful disappointment of the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever (terrible) and Wag!
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You will receive previews of the latest collections and news available only to email subscribers. Published on Jul 15, 2012 by greatlifegreatloveThe True Blood cast entertained 5,000 fans at Comic-Con 2012 yesterday in Ballroom 20. I attended the True Blood Panel at Comic Con 2012 yesterday, and I have to say it was the best True Blood Panel at Comic Con ever, in my opinion. The panel kicked off with a preview of the latter half of Season 5 that revealed Manganiello’s Alcide will step up to become pack master and Russell Edgington will create all kinds of trouble (not much of a surprise there).
In addition to Manganiello and Ball, the panel included Ryan Kwanten, Deborah Ann Woll, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Christopher Meloni, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. Wesley described how much she’s enjoying Tara’s new vampiric identity, recreating the character while still maintaining her essence.
Things became even more interesting when an audience member request resulted in first Manganiello, then Wesley, then Ball, demonstrating their best stripper moves, prompting Paquin to exclaim, “I love my job!” It wasn’t the only odd moment, though: Kwanten, at another point, did a walking handstand across the stage after the conversation turned to the actor who was in the best physical shape.
But really, much of the panel revolved around sex, with Ball describing the show’s “soft-core porno” fairies, Manganiello promising that Alcide will “sexually eviscerate another cast member” and Skarsgard fielding a question about whether he might take the role of billionaire Christian Grey in the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” movie. A week in which absolutely nothing happened, although she somehow managed to remain the still centre of a storm of speculative headlines. Never mind Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam to star in the film version of mummy porn novels 50 Shades Of Grey, what about them instead?
The Musical (the most ghastly theatre-going experience of my entire life) my fingers and toes are crossed for a smash.A Backed by Simon Cowell, written by Harry Hill and Steve Brown, it promises to mercilessly take the mickey out of Cowell himself and also features a song called Ia€™m Dreaming Of A Journey On My Journey To A Dream. Jet-setting around Europe while promoting his Liberace film, freshly tanned from a holiday in Sardinia with friends, the actor was on a boysa€™ night out at the GQ Awards in London this week. Mr Wonderful's silence Is it too, too soon to be making a film about the late Diana, Princess of Wales? My group started camping out for ballroom 20 at midnight and there were already many many fans there.
Some of my favorite moments were seeing Alex console Kristin when she started to cry talking about the scene where Eric releases Pam, How neither of them wanted to do that scene. Anna Paquin, Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Deborah Ann Wool, Chris Meloni, and Creator Alan Ball will crack you up in this video where they tell stories about their favorite scenes, along with Joe's dance and Ryan's handstand at the end.

There were many delightful and meaningful moments when the cast were all on stage and we’ll have lots more to share with you about the event real soon.
The footage also appeared to suggest that Sookie might be turning in some of her fairy powers (given that Bill sure seems to be glamoring her).
Actor Stephen Moyer, far left, actress Anna Paquin, left, and “True Blood” panel moderator Tim Stack, right, look on during the panel presentation for the HBO show at Comic-Con. Ball promised that fans can expect to see three new romances develop before the season’s conclusion, and that the story line will further explore the fate of Sookie and Jason’s parents.
If I were their agent, they would be auditioning now.A Nico is the spit of suave, copper-haired Christian Grey. Swimming hats off to Diana Nyad, the 64-year-old endurance swimmer who achieved her extreme dream. While it is true her children are adults now, the imminent release of Diana a€” starring Naomi Watts a€” still seems rather untimely. However, here’s a few photos I took from one of those many great moments during the panel when Ryan Kwanten showed his gymnastic talents.Ryan performed a handstand for the audience. The boys all watched, did you get that?A Meanwhile, she wore a€?tiny shortsa€™ when doing cross-country running. At the third attempt, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida.A  One hundred and 10 miles in 53 hours with constant vomiting?
Underneath it all, he is probably as miserable as she is, but facetious comments do not help. He tweeted about having Sunday lunch and a€?the best roast potatoes in the worlda€™ at his muma€™s last week. Particularly as it was based on a 2001 book, itself based on a theory a€” nothing more a€” that Diana was dating Dodi Fayed, who died with her in the 1997 Paris car crash, only to make the real love of her life, Dr Hasnat Khan, jealous.I cana€™t help but feel that is a lot of hurt to spray around in the nameA  of entertainment. Still editing the many photos I was able to take from the front row.I wore a yellow sweatshirt much like the one Kristin wore as Vampire Pam when she turned Tara. Then she wore a seasonally appropriate light summer dress, what with it still being summer and all.
Not to mention a€” but, of course, she did a€” the a€?tight Speedo bathing suita€™ worn when swimming.A Got it, toots. It sounds like my usual journey from London to Birmingham on a Virgin train, shark cage optional. At least Catherinea€™s bleak demeanour is a bitA  more honest.Why is Health Minister Anna Soubry a€” who took up smoking because of a€?glamorousa€™ packaging a€” wasting time with this fag packet nonsense? Now hea€™s back in Los Angeles and looking to get two puppies a€” Cairn terriers, please a€” from a rescue home.
Ryan was reluctant to do it at first, but the audience cheered him on making it almost impossible for him to refust. Cue frenzied fashion commentary.A At one point, she sensationally failed to get engaged to stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson.

Or perhaps they should open a trattoria in Chelsea, with Nico at the till and Pippa front of house.A Oh, I can just see her now, walking between the tables, dropping and picking up red checked napkins as she goes, explaining the Italian specialities to her eager-to-learn customers. But Diana is truly inspirational.When she turned 60, she started thinking about her limited time left on this planet. The man Diana nicknamed a€?Mr Wonderfula€™ has vowed not to see the film, saying that the entire premise is a€?completely wronga€™ and based on a€?cruel liesa€™.Khan still works as a heart doctor in London and is a modest man who hates being in the spotlight.
To prove this, she walked down a London street not wearing an engagement ring, but still provocatively being sleeveless. They asked me to stand up and I let them know I had 2 friends further back who also had them on. Her swim was to wash all that away, re-energise herself and focus on a project that would push her to the limits, to be the best she could be. If Pippa doesna€™t want to be the Tara Palmer-Tomkinson of her generation a€” a woman ultimately damaged by her royal connections, rather than enhanced by them a€” she has got to get her act together.
He was offered millions, again and again, to tell the story of his romance with the princess, but he never did. All she is trying to do is refine her exclusive recipe for ice and live a nice life, while maximising, at every sodding opportunity, the commercial potential of her sister being married to Prince William. Both before and after her death, his behaviour has always been beyond reproach.I thought of Khan, the film and the Diana legacy when in Harrods this week. The store is no longer owned by the Al-Fayeds, but the life-size bronze commemorative statue of Dodi and Diana dancing together as they release an albatross into the sky is still there a€” albeit behind refurbishment screens at the moment.
Hush those throaty cries of: a€?Nearly everyone!a€™Since the wedding two years ago, Pippa has wasted no time in launching herself as a cookery writer, an entertaining expert, a socialite, a magazine columnist, a veritable chronicler of our times. For a start, they have been together for less than six months.A And apart from anything else, mummy Carole was hoping for a duke or a lesser-spotted earl to win second daughtera€™s hand. Her latest work was published in The Spectator magazine yesterday, and very revealing it turned out to be, too.A Pippaa€™s musings were supposed to be about her school sporting days, but it was really all about her bottom. The tacky death shrine is still a€” sadly a€” in the basement, stuck in a gloomy corner unsuitable for trading.
Here, electro-candles cast a ghoulish light on portraits of the doomed couple, alongside the lipstick-stained wine glass used by Diana on her last night on earth and the engagement ring Dodi supposedly bought for her, preserved under a Perspex pyramid.
Shea€™s got a very famous rear, doncha know, a fact that she likes to remind her fans of at every opportunity.

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