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As World War II was ravaging Greece, soldiers and civilians were dying by the thousands on a weekly basis.
Alice de Lambert thought she would die an old maid then she moved from the nunnery to become matron of a local almshouse.
In service to King Edward III, Sir Nigel Loring must prove himself worthy of the hand of his the Lady Mary by performing three deeds in her honor.
Free-spirited Zora is a child of the American South, yet she is in love with Bles, a true Yankee from the North.
This famous story of a courtesan and her love affair is partly autobiographical, reflecting the author's own relationship with real-life paramour Marie Duplessis. Dumas takes us to the Mediterranean during the early 1800s in this sweeping story that has remained popular through the centuries. With the help of their young, rich landlord and their daughter Shirley's resourcefulness, a homeless family is able to transform a stone barn into a wonderful new home. Whether you are looking for romantic stories of southern bells longing for lost lives or steamy, hot romance stories, PublicBookshelf has free online romance novels to meet your romance reading needs. There are many types of romance novels - historical, erotic, paranormal, multicultural, inspirational, suspense, and contemporary romance. While the core of any good romantic book is the budding relationship between two characters, don't be surprised if you find some awesome action sequences or side-splitting humor subplots. A restful bicycling vacation in the country takes a young professor down more adventurous paths than he had planned. Maggie, a simple Scottish fisher-girl, finds herself pursued by a passionate young artist in this romantic story. Kate Bates feels the weight of the world on her shoulders, left to care for her aging mother while her siblings acquire land and education.
The book is about two people, Edward and Gladys, who meet and are attracted to each other almost immediately, but have difficulty in resolving their feelings, especially because of Edward's past and other twists. Judy Abbott has come a long way from the orphanage where she grew up in this sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs. Shy architect Veronica Baxter finds herself on a jet with dangerously charming Zadir Al Kilanjar, heir to the throne of Ubar.
Cytherea, a lady's maid to the eccentric Miss Aldclyffe, realizes that the man she loves is already engaged to another woman. I am a normal 15 year old girl entrapped with a mind comparative to Einstein with a fondness and flair for fighting.
This is the witty, but sometimes sad, tale of Don Quixote, a self-appointed knight who travels through Spain in the 16th century with his loyal squire practicing the chivalry that he admired from the Knights of the Roundtable. Part II continues the adventures of Don Quixote, a self-appointed knight as he travels through Spain in the 16th century with his loyal squire.
The ultimate vampire novel takes Jonathan Harker to a remote castle in the Carpathian Mountains to meet the charming and strange Count Dracula. The scene of a western romance novel could take place anywhere from the mid-west or western United States in the 1800s to current times in the outback of Australia.
Kate Oa€™Hara had a good job, good friends and, aside from her recent nasty break-up, a good life relatively free of drama until she woke up in bed with a handsome no-nonsense cowboy named Dusty Miller and discovers she's married to him! Caitlin Chadwick, 30, returns home to Valley View and the Double C Ranch after her grandfather dies. Major Daniel McDonald does not hesitate to bring his high-sprited daughter, Molly, to Fort Devere, where he is assigned to protect the new Cimarron trail to Santa Fe.
Moya dreams of the stars even as a child, creating constellations from imagination and red paper. Rhoda Tuttle moves to the desert for her health, only to be stung by a scorpion on her first outing. Young Sophy longs to leave the tiny fishing village of Pittendurie, so isolated from the world, with its small cottages hidden amidst the rocks.
Sometimes the most challenging, and important, quest a knight can embark on is the quest to settle his own soul. Architect George Somerset is unsettled, and finds himself wandering until he comes upon the scene of headstrong young heiress Paula Power, refusing to be baptized.
Elfrise Swanston is caught in a love triangle between the love of her youth, Stephen Smith, and London society man Henry Knight. After a year working with soldiers, Lily Cardew returns home transformed from girl to young woman. On tour in Italy, young Lucy is overwhelmed by her feelings for a stranger staying at her hotel. The northern shores of Sicily, all ruins and castles, is the setting for the story of the fallen house of Mazzini. Haggard returns to the exotic world of Africa in this tale said to be based on true events. Daughter of the deceased Red Jabez, Sultan of the pirates, the passionate Dolores is left to rule a Jamaican pirate island.
In love with a supernatural angel, Alwyn feels unworthy of her affections and looks for a way to change himself. A young pianist suffers a debilitating depression until she meets artist and mystic Rafello Cellini, who provides a potion that brings her divine visions.

A young woman, escaped from her criminally-minded father, finds kindness in Ernest Maltravers. Timeless passion takes on new dimensions in this romance between two souls bound together regardless of the eras or bodies they inhabit. Although having been bombarded daily by life-and-death situations, the love that Anna and Nikolas felt for each other could not be ignored; nor put aside until the end of the war.
Young Pip overcomes hardships with the help of a mysterious benefactor, but nobody can save him from the torment of loving the beautiful Estella. On his way to the altar, Nigel rescues a woman from dishonor, fights a pirate leader, and battles against the Spanish at sea, among other heroic feats. Their relationship reflects the social and economic clashes of the late 1800s through the lens of the passionate romance of this most unlikely pair. Countless versions of The Lady of the Camellias, or Camille, have been performed in theatres worldwide since its stage debut in Paris in 1852. Exiled Edmond Dantes re-invents himself as the Count of the island of Monte Cristo, leading him on a twisting trail of fortunes found, loves lost and redemption reached. After Shirley starts to fall in love with the landlord, she becomes afraid that he might forsake her family. While some titles still center on lonely women longing for lost loves, today's authors are more likely to include career driven heroines or vampires searching for love in all the wrong places.
Each type typically follows the format of traditional romantic stories, but writers today can add their own personal twist and put the hero and heroine in any situation at any place and time.
It is through these attention-grabbing scenes that the characters are allowed to grow and learn more about each other. Staying with various families along the way, he meets beautiful women, receives marriage proposals, survives a bear chase and more. Faced with challenging issues, Carmen must make choices that may determine whether or not their marriage survives. There she meets a man who employs her as a companion for his mother - which includes babysitting his daughter. While Maggie breaks with the family fishing tradition with Allen, her brother David also leaves the nets behind for a very different career. To get a life of her own, she will have to pursue her dreams against the wishes of her parents. From the moment mischievous Sir Jonathan catches her reading books she is supposed to be dusting, he is intrigued. She reaches back through time to help childhood friend Sallie McBride improve conditions for the children living there now, but romantic entanglements may foil their plans. Prospecting in an Arizona border town, Richard Gale sees the possibilities of passion and gold when he finds himself trying to save a beautiful Spanish heiress from a Mexican bandit.
When their plane crashes in the deserted Empty Quarter, they search for a way to escapea€”and discover each other. She becomes influenced by Miss Aldclyffe's manipulative steward Manston, and quickly becomes involved in romance, blackmail and murder. Adventure, romance, battles and beautiful prose continue to present tales of chivalry, bravery, loyalty and madness.
The Brides of Dracula work their magic on Harker as the Count casts his spell on Lucy, the woman Harker was meant to marry.
Whether it is the handsome cowboy trying to catch the attention of the beautiful woman, the challenges of the city-slicker trying to fit into western life or the man or woman looking for wide open spaces, the characters are often not expecting to find romance. Western romance novels are just one of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf. Carmen thinks that she and Alex are not giving their children enough attention and they should take a vacation. Will she ever meet the person who taught her to let go and become one with nature and music? Time spent with Garrett Winston, 40-year-old ranch owner and family friend to the Chadwicka€™s, leaves Caitlin wanting more. The stoic and reclusive rancher has offered her access to a horse and 3000 plus acres in her spare time. He underestimates the threats from nearby Sioux warriors, however, as well as the attention Molly attracts from his soldiers. Real life is not so lovely, but the Irish girl keeps her dreams alive even when she finds herself engaged to the wrong man in a hardscrabble American mining town. Charley Cartwell, or Kut-le, swoops in to save her, charming and frightening her at the same time. Young Charley, or Charlotte, and her neighbor Roger grow up together as new practices makes lush crops possible even in the desert. Step back into the American Revolution, the European Dark Ages, the French Revolution or Medieval or Victorian England. Overwhelmed by the wishes of her suitors, her parents, and society, Elfrise struggles to choose between her comforting country past and all that London has to offer.
Lucy is supposed to marry her proper suitor, Cecil, but she is overcome with attraction to the witty George Emerson, who opens to her an unconventional and freethinking world. Mixing the possibility of the supernatural with the psychological, the story follows the extraordinary struggles of heroes and heroines fighting mysterious villains.

The adventures include a search for a missing man, a shipwreck, and the quest for hidden gold. Although more than equal to the job of managing the ruffians, Dolores dreams of the day when she can be off the island and on her own, taking her jewels and fortune with her.
Young physiologist Austin Gilroy is drawn by his professor to test her psychic powers, but the medium enchants his fiancee and falls in love with Gilroy herself. His transformation takes him back in time thousands of years, to the fantastic world of Ardath and a series of adventures that prepare him for his metamorphosis. Her journey to the light continues with her guardian angel, Heliobas, who shows her the secrets of human destiny. They are terribly scared: they have never been anywhere but in that far-off place and, what's more, the night hides fatal specific dangers for them. When his father dies, Rayel goes to live with cousin Kendric, and practices his ESP on his cousin. During their brief time together, Alice and Ernest fall in love, only to be separated by a kidnapping.
The physical world limits their union, but changes are at hand to bring them together forever in the spirit realm. The story created such a sensation that it also inspired Verdi's celebrated opera La Traviata. After all, real life is more than romance, and books typically mirror real life in the most important aspects. The 1919 novel was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, made into a black and white movie and then made into a 1937 Hollywood musical.
Thus begins a clandestine relationship that is, for both of them, amusing, confusing and enlightening. Iris is finding that being married to a man with such a dark past keeps threatening her present and the couple's future. Just when Gabriel a€“ Death a€“ thinks he knows where his heart belongs, he discovers there are two Deidres and they made a deal that will send one of their souls to the underworld.
Traveling with four children and a reluctant husband is difficult enough, but they accidentally observe a drug deal and are captured.
Although promised to marry her cousin Manuel Nevarro on her seventeenth birthday, she begs her father to break the engagement. Rhoda wonders how this man of the land will measure up to her current suitor from the city. Their own relationship is as difficult as desert farming, but with nurturing, anything is possible. Experience the pain and loneliness of a Civil War romance, or the challenges of a young woman in late 19th century society.
The characters could be members of a medieval court, an aristocratic family or a gang of misfits. Heartbroken, he turns to Christina for comfort, not knowing where this path will ultimately lead. Will he be distracted by her serene beauty, or inspired by her life of refinement and faith? Her family may not approve of his lack of wealth and fame, but Lily sees what is truly important, his heart. Also called The Spirit of Bambaste, Benita is alive with mysticism, ghosts, a lost race, and spirit possession.
So strong are his skills that he appears to make real the image of a true love that Kendric carries in his mind. As a modern day Adam and Eve they age, fall in love, discover sex, have a child and learn the basics of living in a loving relationship as adults.
The mysteries include how how the two will find each other and the strange role of the supernatural. The young man's volatile moods are nothing compared to her suspicions about the source of his wealth. For this to happen, Garrett must move beyond the past, his divorce, and not struggle with their age difference. Regardless of when or where the romance is experienced, the hero and heroine still face the same issues of love, loss, regret and renewal. Historical romance novels are just one of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf. As Garrett and Caitlin argue over Scotta€™s true reasons for being in Valley View, Garrett kisses Caitlin.
Have to say I really enjoyed this step- brother romance,the authors Cailtin Dare and Alyssa Alpha threw in an unexpected twists or two that certainly kept you involved, not that it was hard to be involved with the plot line to start with!

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