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WHAT ARE THE MAIN LINES ON OUR PALMS?  Here’s a handy dandy sketch I made to help you identify your lines!  Like her fuchsia painted nails?
The Maha Meru is the three-dimensional form of the Sri Chakra, the cosmic symbol of the Divine Feminine Archetype. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new Craftynail posts by email. For thousands of years, wise men, sages, philosophers, kings and leaders have all turned to palmistry for answers to these questions. Just as palmistry has enlightened many before you, you are about to receive great insight into your inner psyche and personal potential!
Marriage is the one special bond that holds the two individual in one knot and deep bonding between the couples shows the success of marriage. This line starts from the outer edge of the palm located just below the little finger and ends at the little distance above from end of the heart line located at the outer edge of the palm.
Palm reading for marriage life could not be done without a heart line because it gives you the clear image about your marriage as it would be successful or not.

This practice was first originated in India and then spread to the countries like China, Sumeria, Tibet, Persia and Ancient Israel. We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information.
In India, palm reading is mostly used to predict marriage life and in some parts of the country it is the culture to get one’s palm read by any professional before a marriage just to make sure that marriage would not hurt him or her in the future. The conical shape of this Maha Meru resembles a pyramid with 9 subdivisions or phases called “Nava Avarnam”. If you seek an answer to a question, keep that question in your heart as you examine the intricacies of your hands!
Through the view of marriage line, mounts of Venus and heart line, palm reading for marriage prediction can be done.
This line basically represents love and attraction and also used in calculating marriage age. This study of palm which made anyone foretelling one’s future is known as palm reading or chirology.

This practice is now spread to many different countries and now people are evaluating scientific values for palm reading and providing people a modern and scientific method to read a palm. According to some distance measured between marriage line and heart line marriage age is calculated. Your palm can tell more about yourselves but one should have basic understanding of reading a palm. Different palmists have different approach to read palm so there are indefinite positions of lines are mentioned by different palmists. Marriage line present on the palm tells a lot about your marriage life and on the basis of it your marriage life could be predicted.

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