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Chipko Andolan is known as one of the most famous Himalayan resistance movement for the conservation of the hills. Oh, the possibilities!Be it Batman or Smurfs, comic book characters turning into successful movie franchise all over the world is nothing new.
Back home too, there’s no dearth of iconic comic book figures aching to take life on silver screen.
Here’s a fun look at 10 such characters along with Bollywood actors we think could play them best. Indrajal Comics’ kurta-clad hero takes on dacoits, aids the police and endorses rehabilitation over retribution in and as the action-packed Bahadur. As you may recall, Peepli Live’s Raghuvir Yadav previously took a stab at the character for television. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the enormously talented Pankaj Kapoor in the quick-witted Chacha’s shoes someday?
Fantasy, sci-fi, magic, Nagraj is one loaded package deal just waiting to be explored by Bollywood.
Just like Dhoom 3’s Aamir Khan, Super Commando Dhruv, born to folks working in a circus, lost them under tragic circumstances at a young age. If his daredevil skills weren’t cool enough, the man can talk to birds, animals and dolphins. Nimble, muscular and expressive, Shahid Kapoor is our bet for this popular comic book vigilante. Who better than Bollywood’s wackiest, zaniest, self-mocking Ranveer Singh to portray this hilarious dunce? Oodles of physical strength and combat know-how along with a history of violence and disturbed psychology, Doga is darkness personified.
Donning a dog mask and alter ego, Suraj transforms into Doga to take on hostile forces of organised crime as Raj Comics’s page-turning creation. Sweet on the face, sly in the head, Tantri the Mantri’s sole purpose in life is to bump off the King and take over his throne. What is little known is the story of the brave women who lit the fire in the hills with her brave and bold decision to confront the armed contractors who had come to cut the forest. There was a world before the internet for children and it was filled with books and comics that today’s generation needs to know about! The dim-witted domestic help that left his masters pulling their hair out, Suppandi’s foolish antics are stuff legends are made of. The goofy, mostly bald, middle-aged sleuth sporting his trademark moustache, joined by his faithful pooch, does his lumbering best to solve a mystery. A  Gauraa€™s tale is a tale of simplicity, courage and deep understanding of the ecological benefits of the hills to humanity. Iced lollies, long cricket sessions in the afternoon, He-Man on Doordarshan and train journeys to meet cousins were a staple.

It includes popular News Papers, Magazines, Comics, Books & Journals, all within the same application.
But I look back at my childhood, I remember comics and story books as being the best part of it. Read content from some of the premier newspapers of India, most read magazines and popular comics. The languages covered include English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Kannada.
The funny, informative and adventurous stories in these books never made reading seem like a boring task. Magazines include some of India's best known Magazine brands, publishing on categories ranging from News, Bollywood, Entertainment, Health, Art and Architecture, Automotive and many more. One can still remember the excitement of sending subscriptions via post and waiting for the comics to arrive every month.  Almost everyone read books by Enid Blyton and attempted to imitate some of the adventures. Here’s a list of some comics of the golden days that you would love to get your hands on again: 1. Characters like Shikari Shambhu, Tantri the Mantri, Suppandi, Kalia the crow, etc were hilarious while instilling morals at the same time.
Our eBook collection covers many interesting Books, which are from well known publishers and are best sellers in their own right. This include books on various subjects taught in School, Kids Books, Books on Health and Wellness, Astrology, Novels, Personal and Professional Growth, Management to name a few. Published mostly in Hindi, its short stories, puzzles and jokes were always imaginative and dominated by animal characters. Chandamama Chandamama was another one of kids’ favourites and was originally started in Telugu. Chandamama was mostly famous for mythological stories and reading it was like listening to stories by grandparents. Amar Chitra Katha Another creation of “Uncle Pai”, Amar Chitra Katha was an attempt to introduce children to their own Indian mythology.
With beautiful illustrations and story-telling, ACK was responsible for children developing an interest to know their heritage. Diamond Comics Who doesn’t remember Chacha Choudhary with his glorious moustache and tag-along bodyguard from Jupiter? Famous cartoonist Pran also created brilliant cartoons like Daboo, Pinki and action figures like Mahabali Shaka. Many a visit to the railway Wheeler book stalls were made for these amazingly original Indian comics. Gokulam A monthly children’s magazine, Gokulam was originally in Tamil and published in English in their later years. Very similar to Champak, Gokulam had amazing children’s stories and games and taught us balance between tradition and modern values.

The magazine had stories of Indian mythology, focusing on behaviour, morals, development of skills. One of the few magazines that needed actual subscription and which were not available on Wheeler stalls. Tintin The adventures of Tintin and his dog Snowy were originally published in French but later came out in English after immense popularity.
Tintin is a young reporter who gets involved in dangerous situations with help from his four-legged partner in crime to save the day.
Archie and his friend’s dumb antics and Jughead’s occasional wise cracks make it a hilarious read. Marvel Marvel comics spanned its popularity with series like Spiderman, X-men, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, etc. These teen comics had an ardent following and the cousin returning from the US was always asked for more of these!
DC Detective Comics revolutionized comic books with pop icons like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc and created the modern comic industry. The Five used to meet every holiday when they returned from their boarding schools and always had a series of hair-raising adventures that made us want to be a part of them. Secret Seven Another Enid Blyton masterpiece, the Secret Seven was a society of child detectives and their dog. Along with their bossy leader, the Seven try to bust wrong doers in their neighbourhood while regularly putting themselves in danger. Nancy Drew Girl detective Nancy Drew was quite the inspiration for many young girls all over the world.
The original Nancy Drew series changed female stereotypes of those times with the young woman nailing criminals and fighting danger. Hardy Boys The Hardy boys are two teenage brothers with some of their detective father’s talents. The young sleuths often help their father or stumble upon incidents that lead to them inevitably cracking a case.
The boys also teamed up with Nancy Drew in books and TV series, much to the delight of fans. Although there was hardly any death portrayed, the series was quite scary if you were 10 and read it during the night.
While many of the above mentioned comics and books have evolved and been digitised, some have been sadly forgotten.

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