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If you expect to build wealth in your life, you will have to accept the fact that you MUST begin to do the things that 95% of the population is not willing and too lazy to do, such as reading about self development.Unless your friends have already built long term wealth in their life, they are probably part of that 95%.
Because books are so readily available at such a small investment price, people believe there can’t be too much value in them, otherwise why would they be so cheap? Some parts of books will just not resonate with you yet, while other parts may totally make sense.

Take advantage of this to get your ego out of the way a bit more.If you don’t agree with a concept written in a book, that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re listening to an audio recording of an author who’s teaching concepts that make sense to you but their voice irritates you, then you might miss some great wisdom just because the person’s voice reminds you of someone you didn’t like back in elementary school. It’s what’s already there talking all the time anyways. You will see a differenceReading one self development book doesn’t guarantee success, just like cleaning the dog poop out of your back-yard or painting the bathroom doesn’t guarantee you will sell your house for $25,000 more, but imagine what would happen to your real estate value if you spent 4-6 hours every week for 5 years improving it? Painting the rooms, adding a Jacuzzi tub, cleaning the back yard, starting a garden, adding a patio deck, etc.It’s the same thing with reading self development books.

It’s hard to see the value you get out of one book, but it’s easy to see the value you get out of reading a book every month or every week for a year or two or ten.

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