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X You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Our prophet Muhammed (s) inspired us to protect orphans and destitutes and promised many rewards for it. It aims to prepare a group of skilled "Ulamas" who are enable to propagate Islam in the modern era. This is the first Institution in Mahmoodiyya endeavours, it trys to form experienced Islamic Scholars. Royalty free animal clip art of a cat watching a boy reading a book amidst many colorful books.
About This BookThis book recounts the story of the man who traveled west planting apple seeds to make the country a better place to live. Scholastic helps teachers save on classroom materials with our exclusive "educator-only" pricing. With a vast number of new software and Web-based reading programs on the market, students of all ages and abilities can target specific reading skills, such as comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness and vocabulary.
Scholastic Read 180, contact Scholastic for pricing This reading program is for students in grades 3 through 12, as well as special education and ELL students. Capstone Digital’s myON Reader provides students with computer-based reading opportunities tailored to their interests and gives administrators tools to track, monitor and report on student growth in reading ability. Lexia Learning Lexia Reading, contact Lexia for pricing Lexia Reading helps educators identify students of greatest need, predicts whether students will finish the year on grade level, and offers recommendations to improve student performance. Scientific Learning Reading Assistant, $40 per student or $3,000 per site By combining advanced speech recognition technology and research-based reading instruction, Reading Assistant helps students increase reading fluency, build vocabulary and improve comprehension.
Texthelp Systems Fluency Tutor, $14 per student; site licensing also available Texthelp Systems’ Fluency Tutor is a Web-based program that focuses on oral reading development and assessment. Curriculum Associates i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction, $27 per student annually This new cloud-based program uses data-driven instruction and adaptive assessment to place students in the appropriate Response-to-Intervention tier.

Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader, contact Renaissance Learning for pricing This reading improvement program allows students to read books at their own pace and then test comprehension with a series of assessments, including reading practice, vocabulary practice, literary skills and textbook quizzes. Academic Merit Literary Companion, $10 per student annually Academic Merit has focused its efforts on the Common Core’s College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards in reading, writing and language for secondary education.
Learning A-Z Reading A-Z, starting at $64.95 per classroom Reading A-Z allows educators to access, download or print books as well as fluency passages for timed reading, customizable worksheets, poetry and Spanish resources. Other reading software is available from Flocabulary, School Specialty and Super Duper Publications. Our institution Mahmoodiyya is situated at Perinjanam , very nearest to this Kodungallur, Thrissur,Kerala. One example is MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach, which scaffolds learning for ELLs by allowing them to hear a virtual speech pathologist give direct instruction in English and activity directions in Spanish. Multiple tiers allow educators to use this program as a core reading program or for intervention.
Students choose from hundreds of digital books—which they can access at school, from home or at the library—and myOn Reader provides assistance such as read-aloud support and word highlighting. It features seven new lessons that can be used on an interactive whiteboard with the entire class or with targeted small groups. It tracks students’ reading progress through recorded audio history, automatically records time, and includes easy-to-use tools.
It allows teachers to access easy-to-use reports to find out the cause of each student’s challenges.
Literary Companion is a text-dependent, online, close-reading tool that is part of Academic Merit’s suite of tools.
It includes all tools necessary for reading instruction, including assessment tools to establish benchmarks and track individual student progress.
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Students no longer need to be in a computer lab to use Web-based programs; they can use laptops or tablets as part of a one-to-one computing program or their own devices if their school has a bring-your-own-device policy.
The reading programs featured can be used for intervention programs, as supplements for after-school tutoring or as part of classroom instruction.
To support ELLs, a virtual speech pathologist can give direct instruction in English and activity directions in Spanish. Read 180 also provides tools for administrators by collecting and organizing districtwide student performance data through the Scholastic Achievement Manager application. Students take a quiz at the end of each reading passage, and a glossary of definitions is available in English and Spanish.
This suite provides professional development for educators and assesses students often to help teachers target direct instruction. Other teacher resources included are systematic phonics, alphabet books and vocabulary resources. By 25 years Mahmoodiyya has gained several achievements in the fields of Islamic propagation and social services. Most new Web-based programs can be accessed from any device and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). As these standards become more widely followed, educators need to find ways to interest students in nonfiction books, as that is a major component of the CCSS. Capstone Digital’s myON Reader, a Web-based reading program, provides access to more than 2,500 books, customized to each student’s interests and reading ability.

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