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Hand out these reader achievement awards and bookmarks to the kids to help motivate their reading. My son was sick and missed Jacqueline Davies school visit which included a writing workshop which was unfortunate timing, but I have her author visit for him to watch. My son will take apart an Owl Pellet in 5th grade and I think this series will make the science portion much more interesting because Lasky has vast knowledge of different owl species that she includes in her series.
I’m not sure if we are going to make it through all fifteen books of this excellent series, but so far we are chugging away. All my kids have read and loved this book as part of 4th grade 19th Century Immigration unit. I am finding that the Timmy Failure series is just as potent as Diary of a Wimpy Kid to get reluctant readers reading. I thought Hoot and other books by Carl Hiaasan would be better for my son next year when he’s in 5th grade but his friends are reading and loving the books now so I persuaded my son to start with Hoot which is one of my favorite books! My son received this graphic novel series for Christmas and we are really enjoying learning yet another layer of Greek myths.
Our 4th grade reads this book every year and my other kids have gone on to read the entire series.
The City of Ember is a very great book where you can predict what is happening next but makes you read on to find out if it really happens. My son’s sisters also loved this book though Grasshopper and Sensei only liked part of the series.
I think it’s a very interesing non-fiction book about how people get different plants and how we use them.
I never realized how dangerous and exciting life is for explorers who search out new plants. It was a Superhero Wii game that got my son really in Marvel and DC comic superheroes but it’s launched him into drawing comics at a mad frenzy, reading comics and now reading these books on comic book artists. What is really great about this book is that you see the sketches Jim Lee drew as well as the finished art work.
This is a cool non fiction book about the 100 feared creatures around the world like snakes and sharks. I like the Book of World Records because it lets me see all the crazy things that people do to set records. My son refused to read this two years ago when I bought it for him but he asked to read it after finishing the last Percy Jackson book because he said he was getting ready for the Magnus Chase new series! This was a very inspiring biography and it helps me connect with a book I read called One Hen.

I love how my son got the message from this biography picture book that one person CAN make a huge impact in the world, but it takes a lot of perseverance! I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. We will keep updating as the year goes on and then I’ll have him pick his top 5 or 10 picks to help your son out. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th!
Covjek ili drustvo koje ismijava pamet, a slavi glupost, nema svijetlu ni kvalitetnu buducnost. Sumnjam u postojanje vraga, jer kada bi postojao, on bi bio najveca budala, ali reci da vrag ne postoji, isto je kao reci da bog postoji.
Uspjeh koji se temelji na zloupotrebljavanju drugih, nije uspjeh vec upotreba odredenih okolnosti, te lazno uvjeravanje u vlastite sposobnosti. Ljudi koji nisu perfekcionisti i ne teze perfekcionizmu su ljudi koji ne znaju prepoznati bolje od losijeg. Do spoznaje se ne dolazi razmisljajuci, nego zamisljajuci, i kada se zamisli, tek se onda razmisli. Svi cemo umrijeti, ali ako je u tom zivotu najvaznije samo zivjeti i prezivjeti, tada je i sam zivot besmislen. Glupo je i jadno zloupotrebljavati mlade ljude zato sto to mozes i znas, jer oni su godinama ispred tebe i nikad ne znas sto ce tko od njih postati i koliko je to lose za tebe.
Idealisti su jedini realisti, svi ostali su samo sanjari koji sanjaju vrijednosti za koje se ne usuduju boriti. Ne osjecam se kao muskarac niti kao zena, vec kao bice zatoceno u programu materijalnog tijela. Pogreskom se lakse tjesis ako je cine svi, zato je sirimo na druge, ne bismo li sebe utjesili. Jedina nepravda koju vecina zena ucini muskarcu, jest da se prvo daju onima koji im ljubav ne dokazu.
If you're truly book obsessed, this ultimate reading challenge will be right up your alley. Overview:  A Greek political drama that explores the collision of the needs of the state and the needs of the individual.
I liked it because it’s about a boy who makes up a word and gets everyone to go along with it.

I’m surprised I forgot to suggest to my son and so happy that he found it on his own in his classroom library. I actually tried to keep him from reading Percy Jackson when he was 2nd grade because I wanted him to stay in Early Chapter Books — no rush, right?! I took my son to a local bookstore to find this one, and he grabbed a copy then sat in a chair and read until it was time to go. For those kids who fan reference obscure superheroes culled from Marvel and DC comics, this book mixes humor with DIY book project extensions. My son’s friends were also reading Percy Jackson and Harry Potter in 1st grade and 2nd grade when I was trying to keep my son in early chapter books and picture books (unsuccessfully). It’s set in 1919 Boston, so I think this is a fun connection for him since we live near Boston.
A memoir that is also a How To guide for writers and those in search of their dreams, this is another chapter book with a wide age appeal!
It’s great at bedtime when you are rushing to get the lights out because you can read just a page or two on one creature and feel fulfilled. It gives a nice overview of different religions and I hope it will set him up ask to learn more.
It helps that he is assigned to read every night by his teacher and she reads to them as well! We also noticed how all the elements in his drawing have a sense of movement and drama and tried to pay attention as to how he did that.
And I am finding that we might need to read this Norse myth book at least twice; the gods and goddesses are unfamiliar to us and it’s hard to keep track of them! Whether you want to transport yourself to a distant country or learn something new about a time period, this challenge will make you grow both as a reader and as a person.
This challenge is particularly great because we aren't providing you with specific books, just different kinds of books you can try to read. That said, here 30 recommendations that fit some of the critia if you're looking for examples! Download our printable, and check off the books as you go (then use a site like Goodreads to keep track of what you've read). Pin the handy graphic below for reference, and pass it along to all your book-loving besties!

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