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A recent conversation with Michael Graves, University of Minnesota professor and long-time researcher, reminded me that a broader, more balanced approach is a superior way to teach reading comprehension. Graves further states, "with comprehension portrayed as one of five parts of the National Reading Panel's (NRP) suggested curriculum, there is a danger that some will see it asdeserving only one fifth of your the time and effort. Nurturing Response to Literature -- targeting the student's emotional and aesthetic response to an author's words. Patrick Howard, a Canadian high-school teacher reminds us that "true literacy is an affair of the heart. And remember, when nurturing plants in a garden, you introduce sunlight and nourishment frequently and repeatedly. Known as the "Literacy Ambassador," Cathy Puett Miller uses her library science degree from Florida State University as the foundation of her work.
Cathy lives with her husband, Chuck, eighteen-year-old son, Charlie, and lots of friendly, ferociously read books in Huntsville, Alabama. Atomic Learning offers solutions for professional development, technology integration and software training and support that simplify educational technology . In schools across the country, STAR assessments have long been the #1 choice of educators when it comes to measuring overall student achievement. The Bottom LineThis reading support program presents a personalized and instructive method of improving reading and spelling skills for anyone requiring extra practice.
Jim Larrabee, a 25 year veteran speech pathologist and reading specialist, is your digital teacher in this software program based on his proven phonics-based program.
This package contains 3 CD-ROMs with one-on-one lessons that combine video and audio to teach spelling, reading, and reading comprehension.
The program is sensitive to the performance of its user and automatically schedules review tests and reassigns lessons if necessary.

An amiable and encouraging host helps to keep interest, but on the whole, this program is best for people who are motivated to learn.
Installation is cumbersome, and though in many ways the interface is straightforward, it could have been a little easier. Motivation and commitment to learning will be essential in order for users to follow through to the end of this program. They use specially selected texts to teach using prior knowledge, asking questions, and monitoring. This, in fact, is what we repeatedly see in conference presentations, professional development sessions, and discussions with teachers and administrators." That also might inadvertently be the reason behind our limited approach. It means reading and writing what touches our students most deeply." Take that definition and carve out time for students to connect with and experience text.
Do the same when nurturing student responses to literature; it must happen regularly and often with all types of literature or students never will internalize it.
Graves also suggests adding a much-neglected category -- "rich and varied language experiences." Independent reading, exposure to several reading levels, read alouds and independent writing all fall into that category.
By having students and parents read aloud at home, or read the same text independently but simultaneously, you tap into the wellspring of practice time so essential to proficiency and help students connect reading with life. It is a structured, flexible, mastery-based, multi-sensory educational software program that provides a virtual reading specialist and speech pathologist to every student. The products developed by Scientific Minds not only teach necessary content but also teach students to question, analyze and apply new information. Now with all-new STAR Enterprise, you'll have access to data for standards benchmarking, screening, progress monitoring, skills reporting, and instructional planning—everything you need to improve instruction. It combines audio and video to present its 47 lessons and reviews, without much in the bells-and-whistles department.

This package contains 47 lessons as well as practice activities designed as reading support for anyone ages 7 to adult requiring some extra coaching and reading practice. Instead, Graves recommends the NRP list be expanded to include at least five additional segments, especially when teaching fourth grade and beyond. Use such research-proven approaches as readers' theater, journal writing, literature circles, and classroom discussions to engage them interactively and meaningfully in text (see resources in "Further Reading" sidebar). One fourth-grade teacher in Georgia regularly uses her waiting-in-lunch-line time to pair students in quick "how do you relate to this character?" or "what did today's story remind you of?" discussions.
My Reading Coach is now available in this single-student edition that can be used at home or for home schooling. Be sure you choose interesting and appropriately leveled text, so even less engaged students participate. It allows the user to complete the program in up to 100 hours or one year, whichever comes first. Graves warns us: "Used by itself, direct explanation of comprehension strategies may be too artificial and too separated from ongoing activities of the classroom. On one hand, the coach presents lessons in such a way that is most appropriate for older children, yet the encouragement and praise given seem best directed at younger kids in the suggested age group. Later lessons include topics like blends, policeman e, 2 syllable words, 3 syllable words, and compound words, to name a few.

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