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The numbers on the cards indicate where the card’s energies lie on the scale, ‘beginning to end’. For instance, in a relationship question, four could mean feeling secure. How do you work out what these abstract ideas mean when trying to decipher a real-life situation? After all, you want answers in concrete terms.
If you get stuck then try looking up the meaning of the corresponding tarot card to see if it works in the context of the question you are reading for. Take the knave of hearts – we have youth + love, so that would mean that a young person is in love or, at the very least, attracted to someone.
Clubs: Creative, forceful, charismatic, hot-tempered, he’ll respect someone who can stand up to him. The Three of Diamonds means ‘practical connections’, therefore making an effort to improve my relationships with my co-workers might be a good place to start.
The Eight of Clubs means ‘movement with creativity’ so I should put my creativity to good use. There might be something I could improve on in my working environment, something that makes my life and that of my co-workers better and more productive.
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Tarots with French suit signs started appearing in around 1750, notably by Andreas Gobl of Munich. As they have no titles or legends, the images on the trump cards must speak for themselves. Above: woodblock and stencil Animal Tarot cards, probably of German origin, 2nd half 18th century.

Playing cards have been with us since the 14th century, when they first became a part of popular culture. Once you have an idea of the progression of meanings assigned to the numbers 1 to 10, then you’ll soon be reading like a professional.
In traditional tarot, the Eight of Swords shows that someone has got themselves into a situation they feel trapped in, therefore they are unable to move forwards.
When a personality card appears in a reading, it can represent an actual person or a situation. You will become very popular in your circle of friends if you can whip out your deck of cards and answer their questions. Subjects depicted on the trump cards varied, but during the 18th century there was a preference for pictures of animals or hunting scenes. Sometimes they appear to depict fables or folk sayings, perhaps even suggesting a moralising interpretation.
The city of origin seems to be indicated at the bottom of the King of Diamonds (A Mumijswii) but it is a real challenge to decipher. However, if you’ve never read tarot, then all you have to do is memorize a simple system and carry out some practice readings. You will also have to familiarize yourself with the ‘court’ personalities, which are also based on the suits.
An eight might indicate that it’s time to move away from the relationship or to take things to the next level.
For instance, nine – growth; you could expand it to learning a lesson, knowing yourself or seeing the end in sight.

Another three card spread could be: my influence on the relationship, his influence on the relationship and the outcome of the relationship. It takes some practice to become fluent with reading playing cards, but it is a fascinating subject and one that will reward the student cartomancer. This is the most usual form of Bavarian Tarot, with panels at the top and bottom of the trump cards containing their value in Roman numerals. In traditional tarot, this card, the Five of Pentacles, means financial loss or some kind of physical hardship.
Towards the end of the century mythological and literary subjects started to appear as well.
Lozenges of the Bavarian arms can be seen on the round shields of the King and Queen of Diamonds. The Fool was usually depicted as a harlequin, often dancing and playing a musical instrument.
Other decorative features on the court cards suggest a derivation from the old Paris pattern.
The 'Fool' card in this example has been reassigned as the Queen of Hearts by a previous owner.

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