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Update: If you know anyone selling a clean 280zx or even a 240zx or 300zx let me know as well! But I have seen many Saudi sellers in the area that is close to Kuwait who mention that they know how to do it and will help once u buy the car. All i know is you cant register old car or even import it unless your part of the kuwaiti club for classic cars.
Plenty of great ones here, if you are serious shoot me a PM and I can help you find what you are looking for. Rule for importing as far as I’m concerned, car has to be under 5 years, or 40+ (classic) which used to be 30+ a couple years ago.
Its easy to do it without any wasta, first you need to buy the car and register it under your name (im not sure if you can do it without having Saudi visa). This is not possible unless you’re a Kuwaiti citizen or company with the relevant trade license that allows importation of car. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) says the Mercedes Benz vintage car owned by the supreme patriarch nominee is illegal and cannot be registered because all procedures leading to official registration were wrong and violated several laws. The first owner as shown on the registration handbook is Somdet Phra Mangkhlajarn, abbot of Wat Pak Nam temple, the supreme patriarch nominee, and no one else, he said.
He said registration of this limited edition car with the Land Transport Department in August 2011 was also found to use forged signature of a person, use a name of company which did not exist in order to avoid taxes. He said the car was imported in parts with the body and chassis shipped from the United States on 17 September and engine on 19 September 2010. Other parts were declared to be bought from a local company in the country which did not exist as thorough check of its commercial registration had shown no such  company was ever registered. He said that as the import of this car involved many people, the DSI would treat the case as a special case because it is a sensitive case that might have impact on the peace and order of the country. He added the DSI would look into more suspects in the conspiracy so legal action could be taken against them. Earlier Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said he will not forward the supreme patriarch nominee to the King for approval as long as conflicts over the appointment are not settled.
Somdet Phra Mangkhlajarn or widely known as Somdet Chuang was earlier named nominee to the supreme patriarch top Buddhism position by the Sangha Council of Thailand. His nomination drew outcry from many people with reason that as long as all allegations against him are not cleared, he is not deserved the top position.

He also was known to have close connection with the abbot of Dhammakaya temple, Phra Dhammachayo, who is facing defrocking call by some former assemblymen and the activist monk Phra Buddha-issara, over fishy land ownership and embezzlement of funds of Credit Union Klongchan. Tags: activist monk, Dhammakaya Temple, DSI, forged, General, illegal, Prayut, Somdet Chuang, Somdet Phra Mangkhlajarn, supreme patriarch nominee, vintage car, wrong. So although these are the items we think we are going to use, please note these are only my opinions and every baby is unique, which can completely change your needs!
In addition to our main stroller, we registered for the Chicco® KeyFit Caddy Lightweight Aluminum Infant Car Seat Carrier Stroller for when we just need to snap in the car seat on the go. Aurora19201, mom2koda, jujujudy502, MrsPheel, miche82477 and 259 others earned the Photogenic badge. Hey ladies!I did a search on this & all I could find was the installation thread from back in June, but I didn't go through all the results, so forgive me if we've covered this topic!I'm waffling on which car seat I should register for & invites are going out this week for the shower, so I have to make a decision! We have the Chicco Keyfit30 for the infant seat and also got the Chicco Nextfit convertible seat when it came out. My advice would be march over to whichever store has the most choices and look at them in person. Peg perego mostly because that's the stroller we are getting but it has great reviews as well. I wouldn’t try to get it, too much hassle, Cops will stop you everywhere out of suspicion.
Then you have to unregister the car from Saudi traffic department and get import license plates on it. I allow comments on the site because I believe that you can make a valuable contribution but in return I expect that you comment responsibly. Read MoreCatomania (Cat Quiz Night)We are delighted to announce that K'S PATH will hold its first ever cat centric Quiz Night - K'S PATH's Catomania! It was overwhelming, stressful and exciting all at once but we've (almost finished) registering for our babe! We really don't have any floor space for a full sized swing in our living room, so we're leaning towards the mamaroo, but I've heard such mixed reviews - babies either love it or hate it and it's such a gamble.
I am a small person so I need a carrier with optimal ergonomic positioning for both me and the baby. The Motorola monitor was the only one offered at BBB, had really great reviews, and offers the two-way communication feature which is important to us {so we can talk to Caroline as she gets older, and I can talk to Matt while he's in her room looking for diapers in the middle of the night}.

Of course, we also registered for bath time supplies, diapers, nursing & feeding supplies, health & safety items, toys, clothes and nursery decor! With the boy I initially wanted a Chico but once I got in the store and looked it over I hated it!
Ship it to Kuwait with nessesarly documents, go to MOCI and get temporarly import license, clear it from customs and if anything, then you have to take it to technical inspection at MOI to get it registered with Kuwaiti plates. Even before we ventured to the store, I had pretty much completed our registry online based off of tons and tons of mommy recommendations, consumer reports, Baby Bargains book, lots of online research, etc. It is also the #1 pediatrician recommended sleeper since the baby is positioned at an incline (good for after feeding).
I've been told that the 4moms® Breeze Playard is great because it's simple and super easy to assemble, but it is $200 more than the average pack n' play that comes with lots of bells and whistles. I made the poor employee explain to me the differences in the car seats, what other moms were buying and why one was better than others.
All the cars I’ve been checking out are older than 25 years old so they should be considered a classic for importing purposes. Read MoreDesign Diwan Presents: Sell Out!Join our next Design Diwan, happening next week, on Tuesday 17th May at 6pm at the brand new Visual Therapy Gallery. I finally settled on a Britax B-safe because it was lightweight and compact enough for my car (accord) without squishing baby or the front passenger. I got two bases, one for each car so it's just a plug and play instead of trying to re-holster everything. When I got a blue slip for the bike it caused a few problems as the garage doing the blue slip had to call the RTA to get information about horsepower and other details. Of course, a "quick trip" to test drive strollers turned into two Saturday's worth of shopping, testing out products and further researching items. The RTA gave me a blank Bill of sale to fill in as the vehicle in question was purchased locally. Both strollers have a lot of the same capabilities and would work, but we chose to go with the Baby Jogger City Select!

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