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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Do you own a vehicle that can’t┬ábe driven on California roadways because it suffers from mechanical problems, or maybe you have a primary vehicle you use and do not have use for the other car, then perhaps you might want to consider placing the vehicle on Plan Non Operation (PNO). Planned Non-Operation allows the vehicle owner whose vehicle is not being used on California Roadways, to notify DMV that their car will not be in use. You can put your vehicle on PNO 60 days before your registration expires and 90 days after your registration expires. It’s a smart decision to place your vehicle on Plan Non Operation Status if your not planning on using it for a while. To purchase a bond, Click on the link above and select your State and then select Defective Motor Vehicle Bond from the choices provided.

All In One Vehicle Registration Service is a Privately Owned Business and is NOT affiliated with the DMV. The concept of Offshore Car Registration is becoming increasingly popular among residents of European Countries where it is legal to drive a vehicle that is registered in another Country. Regulations in some countries require expensive compliance testing on all imported vehicles, and even more costly inother jurisdictions are the VAT or Import Duties due on imported vehicles upon first registration.
If you decide to place your car into PNO status after your registration expires, you will be assessed a penalty fee. If you take it off before then, you may be assessed for current and prior year registration fees.
You will need to fill out the REG 102 Certification for Planned Non Operation, which you can download from our forms page.
With All In One’s electronic system, we can access your DMV registration and place or remove your vehicle from PNO status.

There are many reasons why people may choose to register their car offshore, often it is due to the vehicle that they are importing, being unable to comply with local vehicle requirements for registration, despite thevehicle being in safe working condition and with minimal engine emissions. Whatever the situation, there may be a easy way to avoid all the unnecessary time and moneywasted, just to drive the vehicle of your choice! The information included in this site is for information purposes only and must not be taken as legal, accounting or other professional advice. Any one seeking to establish any offshore legal entity or bank account should first seek professional legal, accounting or other professional advice.

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