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Retainer, Liaison agent for Government Tenders, Railway registration, Kendriya Bhandar, NCCFI Ltd., DGS&D, DGQA (Ministry of Defense), IOC, HPCL, LIC, Oriental Ins.
Our services include getting the technical approval of the product, getting it included in the proposal of the relevant industry, release of funds by the policy department of the respective Ministry, floating of tenders with specific specifications, follow-up of tender and the placement of order. Selfmark Trade Mark Attorneys & Lawyers is a boutique Intellectual Property Law firm specialising in trade mark and related areas of law including copyright, designs, business names, domain names and consumer law; but is unique in also offering a do it yourself trade mark registration option under its Self Managed Trade Marks™ service. An initial investment in time with Selfmark will help you to protect and grow your business through a cost effective trade mark registration strategy. All India Delhi Mumbai Ahmedabad Chennai Hyderabad With Price JavaScript is not enabled in your browser. This information is for current UNDERGRADUATE students who registered with SSD prior to March 18, 2014 and are approved for Priority Registration as an accommodation.

If you have no bars and you do not see the Priority Registration time slot on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) you MUST email your Disabilities Coordinator before Thursday, April 10th by 5 pm. Campus Accessibility UpdatesClick here for the latest news about disruptions to campus accessibility. Request A PresentationPlease visit our outreach presentation page and click the link at the bottom to fill out the form. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Our philosophy involves sharing our knowledge and experience to empower you with the skills to take self control over your trade mark portfolio, resulting in cost savings to your business.
The News section of our website is regularly updated and contains concise summaries of current cases and decisions. With this knowledge you can choose to handle your trade mark registration work or Selfmark can do some or all of this for you.

Click the link, fill in your email address, then verify by clicking on the link that gets sent to your email address. Whichever option you prefer, Selfmark will be there to provide ongoing support and advice as required.

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