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The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced “Two Steps, One Sticker” initiative, the result of legislation passed in the 2013 legislative session. By next March, most vehicles in Texas will have only the blue-bordered registration sticker.
Drivers will have a 90-day window before their expiration date to pass an updated inspection and renew registration.
Motorists whose registration expires before their inspection, however, won’t need another inspection until the next time their registration is due. Officials expect there to be some confusion as the new system is implemented and the familiar blue-bordered registration becomes the sole sticker by next March.
While the new protocol won’t change the fees, it will change when and where drivers pay. Payment options for registration renewal will remain available online, by mail or in person at the county tax office. Transportation writer Brandon Formby and editorial writer Rodger Jones cover the subject from tollways to traffic, roads to rail. 1942 Gas Ration Sticker A - $20.00 : Bob Hoyts Classic Inspection Stickers, Add a Final Touch to your Restoration!
The Smithsonian Institute tells that rubber was far more scarce than gasoline, hence the message on back of the stickers to conserve tires. This laser printed sticker has a peel and stick backing sheet on the front so you can peel it off and stick it to the inside windshield of your classic car.
A driver  puts his new 2015 city sticker on his windshield in the parking lot of a currency exchange earlier this year.
During her remarks Mendoza contended the transition to year round city sticker sales went relatively smoothly and will end up increasing revenues by $10 million by the end of 2014.
On the eve of the last mad rush for Chicagoans to buy their Chicago city vehicle sticker, City Clerk Susana Mendoza sat down with Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce for a chat. Mendoza talks about the new year round sticker sales system, explains to drivers who have not received their sticker in the mail yet on what to do, details on enforcement and how the the over $100 million collected from the wheel tax are used for the upkeep of city streets. So, we’re dedicating an entire Ask the Parking Ticket Geek column to that sticky subject. City Clerk Susana Mendoza stands next to an enlarged copy of the 2014 Chicago city sticker at a press conference Monday. With drivers already standing in line behind her to purchase their 2014 city vehicle sticker, City Clerk Susana Mendoza officially kicked off the start of Chicago city sticker season at a short press conference Monday afternoon. According to Mendoza, her office has started the city sticker sales season about two weeks ahead of the normal June 1st start date.

The city’s move to a rolling, year-round vehicle sticker renewal program is kicking off, with renewal notices set to arrive next week and stickers already on sale. The changeover means that the century-old tradition of Chicago drivers battling long lines to buy a city sticker during a small window of time once a year is nearing an end. Starting this year, your expiration date will be pegged to your license plate, with the city sticker expiring six months after your plates so you don’t have to pay both at the same time. Chicago city vehicle stickers expired on June 30th, but the City Clerk’s office allows a 15 day grace period to give motorists extra time to slap on their sticker. Corcoran advised last minute purchasers to head to their neighborhood Currency Exchange or other community partners to get their city stickers where lines should be much shorter.
Humboldt Park resident Andrew Cruz, armed with a razor blade, works to remove his city sticker Monday. As many of the 1.3 million city vehicle owners begin to put their 2013-2014 stickers on their cars before the July 15 deadline, they first have to go through the pain and frustration of getting last year’s sticker off their windshields. Kappel, who has spent many years working the front lines for the annual city sticker sales, has amassed vast knowledge on removing those darn stickers. It’s Chicago city sticker season again and time to get that darn sticker from last year off your windshield and slap on the new one. Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza listens to a question about city sticker sales on Wednesday. City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced an early start to sales for Chicago’s annual city vehicle sticker Wednesday at City Hall. Mendoza said that 1.3 million city sticker renewal notices had already been mailed, the online sales website was live and ready to take orders and drivers who wanted to purchase their stickers in person could do so at any sales location.
However, this will be the last year for the long-lived tradition as Mendoza’s office will transition to a year-round model, which begins in June 2014. Given that, it so happens my local agency requires me to never drive with more than just the one current sticker on. What are the Doper community's preferred methods for getting rid quickly, safely and effectively of these objects? I've always managed to dodge this entirely by getting my oil changed as soon as I get my new registration sticker, and asking them to do it.
Once I experimented with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol and found it had the interesting effect of bleaching out the old sticker. We used to have plate stickers 30 years ago, but the heathens would just rip off your plates.
I assume you can put the new one on as soon as you get it, it's not possible to do it too early?

Oh yes it's more than possible, it's illegal to have more than one sticker on (and thus have overlapping-coverage stickers) and insurance will deny claim if the sticker on the car on the date of the accident is one that is not yet in effect (as part of the coverage here is a no-fault pool tied to the registration itself). To get into US Steel you must have a sticker that placed in your windshield that is compromised of about 1500 hole-punch dots smushed together so you can't peel and transfer.
I think they do that lots of places and the sticker is a backup or way to verify with a quick visual scan.
Starting this month, Texas drivers will need only one sticker to show their registration and inspection are up to date.
Those whose inspection expires before their registration, or during the same month, will need to get an inspection before they can renew their registration. For inspection fees, rather than paying the state’s portion at the vehicle inspection station, drivers will pay when they renew their registration.
Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. The original was a very thin paper with glue on it and the very early ones may or may not have writing on the back. I just bought my sticker online today (June 27) and it says it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive. Your new vehicle sticker must be displayed on your car’s windshield no later than July 15th. As someone who shops at big discount stores (Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.) where they regularly stick their incredibly sticky stickers on the front glass of all pictures frames, I have become incredibly skilled at removing stickers from glass. But then I could not properly adhere the new sticker on top of the bleached plastic Anyway they changed the materials since. Ours are the complete stickers that have been verified by comparing them to the stickers shown on the Smithsonian Institute website. Or not, it really doesn't seem to make any difference if you stick the new sticker on over the old goo.
Those you're supposed to peel off every year, although it usually ends up that I make sure the old one is clean and paste the new on top.
The cop couldn't have verified it was expired by just looking, and he didn't pull me over for any other cause.
Then take a credit card and with it at an angle (like you would a razor blade), slowly start to peel the sticker away.

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