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Worship at OrchardEach Sunday we gather with friends, set aside our daily concerns and focus on dialog with God. Through every stage of our lives as women in the world, we aim to live as followers of Jesus in a way that brings honor to God, in a way that is satisfying, and in a way that is (we hope) a little fun. We have used other online registrations in the past for our race, and found your system to be efficient and also user friendly. We believe that we become stronger, more complete people when we come together to experience our Creator who gives us life.

How can our faith influence our physical, spiritual, and social lives throughout our lives?
You will have access to the participant information, generate reports, keep track of event financials through our Event Management tools.
It has brought with it several changes including the discontinuation of Close Corporations. Orchard invites everyone, young and old, to come together, make new friends, find support and healing and experience the love of Jesus Christ. How can we support each other, as women at different stages, of different ages, and with different experiences?

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