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Mitchell dedicated his map to George Montague-Dunk, second earl of Halifax, president of the Board of Trade and Plantations (Colonies) between 1748 and 1761. The National Post interviews Spud Roscoe 2 February 1999, on the occasion of the official end of the use of the Morse Code for communication with ships. CBH interviews Spud Roscoe 3 February 1999, on the occasion of the official end of the use of the Morse Code for communication with ships.

In April of 1996, the discovery of the $2.00 Truro Provincial Normal School definitive issue with Inverted Inscriptions was announced and two of the four panes discovered were exhibited at the Capex'96 International Philatelic Exhibition in Toronto in June of that year.
Forsey Nova Scotia (which, till 1784, included what is now New Brunswick) was the first part of Canada to secure representative government. Any other and every Colony from Great Britain upon the Continent of North America and not at present engag'd in our Association shall may upon Application and joining the said Association be receiv'd into this Confederation, viz.

And whereas the delegates of all the colonies on this continent, from Nova Scotia to Georgia, assembled in a general Congress at Philadelphia, in the most dutiful manner laid their complaints at the foot of the throne, and humbly implored their sovereign that his royal authority and interposition might be used for their relief from the grievances occasioned by those statutes, and assured His Majesty that harmony between Great Britain and America, ardently desired by the latter, would be thereby immediately restored, and that the colonists confided in the magnanimity and justice of the King and Parliament for redress of the many other grievances under which they labored.

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