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Well, since the advent of the Internet, it is now easy to find out where a particular phone number is from and who that person calling is.
Right now, there are at least five online reverse phone directories where any phone number can be typed in to begin doing a search on the number, and person calling. With everyone having cell phones these days, anyone can now do a reverse cell phone number online. I read your most of posts, but being indian blogpost it would be better if you write post which is useful for us. With caller ID, you can see that someone in your family called or one of your friends called.

Once you find an online reverse phone number company, click on that website and type in the phone number showing on your caller ID. Just right now, I did a reverse phone lookup on a company that I contract work with and their city showed up along with the name of the company. That is great because sometimes, not always, unknown cell phone numbers which I did not add to my cell phone, are showing up on my LCD screen.
All you have to do is type in that unknown number into a reverse phone directory and right before your eyes, is the person who called you. There are actually companies on the Internet who, when you type in an unknown phone number, allow you to see where the number is from and who called you.

How can you find out who where this phone number is from and who is the person calling you?

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