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Athletes who are dedicated to keeping the condition of their body at an optimum state through exercise know that in order to do so, there needs to be a specific formula.
Just like how the body thrives on physical exercise with the implementation of the 3 steps shared in the above formula, positive affirmations with the combination of the 3 steps listed above have the power to the same for the mind. Affirmations have greatly helped me create more ease and fulfillment in every area of my life. However, the kind of affirmations I work with are not so focused on the specifics of a desired outcome, they are more focused more on the qualities that are at the root of the specific desired outcome. So when I refine my affirmation to something like"I choose to create greater freedom and flow in my life, especially with my finances," I actually open myself up to experiences and opportunities that I may not have been even available to before had I remained fixed on just winning that 10 million dollar lottery ticket. To take it a step further with my affirmations, I do daily check-ins with myself to see where I am already seeing some of the qualities in my life that I am intending to expand on. In fact, living in the flow is where we are at our most open and available to create some of the greatest blessings in our lives. The final thing I'd like to share is that I always open up every affirmation from a space of knowing that what I am desiring is already done.
With just these few little refinements, I have witnessed extraordinary results in my life and in my client's lives when it comes to using affirmations. Emmanuel has the rare, and much sought after ability to fully connect and engage with people from all nationalities and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they are kindred spirits who have known each other for a lifetime. In the past, I would get uncomfortable when someone gives me a compliment or does something nice for me just because. I remember a time when after I completed a strenuous project at work my manager recognized me for a job well done and bought me a gift. However, somehow I managed to force myself to smile and accept the compliment and muttered 'Thanks, it was nothing, I couldn't have done it without the help of our team' but my insides were reeling with discomfort.
I went home that day and started questioning myself, as I feverishly typed way at my laptop getting my internal dialogue out.
But it just becomes a game of 'IOU', when in reality you are not expecting the other person to give you back anything.

When we focus on how others are going to perceive us, it becomes about us, not about others. However, it is the idea about the attachment of the outcome and wanting people to like you, to see you in the best light that hinders you to recognize the sincerity of their gesture. When we are not attached to people's interpretation of us and choose to be recognized when an opportunity presents itself for being ourselves, it truly is a gift in itself.
After all, in accepting someone's well intention, you are honoring what they say and their actions at face value. Growing up I was led to believe people don't necessary mean what they say and you don't necessarily know what their motives are. Yet I remember as a kid I'd see the charade adults played and wondered, why then do I see people dodge compliments? I remember asking this question and the response from one of my elders was, "don't ask so many questions, it's just what you are supposed to do. Unconsciously I defaulted to take on this belief and developed the habit of seeing all acts of 'giving' as a reciprocating transaction rather than at face value. Instead of coming from a place of wanting to do something from a place of love and authenticity, I was coming from a place of fear and obligation. Once I realized this, I knew I had let go of this old belief that no longer made sense to me. Instead of tarnishing everyone with the same brush, you have the skills to use your own judgment to decipher for yourself how to interpret one's action and respond accordingly. If the compliment is true and comes from a heartfelt place, take it by simply saying Thank you! Consistency and repetition with following through on their desired physical state.Finding the joy in keeping themselves fit so that when the immediate passion fizzles they are still fueled into creating the palpable end-result they seek. I also save myself from a great deal of disappointed when I expand out of specifics and into more of the qualities I'm seeking to experience more of in my life. The Universe knows no 'size.' So what may seem small to one person, may be huge for someone else.

In fact, you hope they don't and just accept it graciously, so you can stop this back and forth.
You are not only doing yourself a favor in acknowledging your value, you are also appreciating them for their thoughtfulness, which makes them feel good. No wonder I felt so uncomfortable giving and receiving, because I was out of alignment with my true self. Change my narrative and choose to practice giving, receiving and being modest on my own terms. She is dedicated to empowering others to be their best self, do what they love and live their best lives.
So when I started to pay attention to where I already have some of the desired qualities I'd like to experience more of in my life, I actually start to notice that I was no longer attached to how things showed up and was more into the quality of life I was leading.
It's not unusual for some to look for ways to downplay the positive feedback and the value of the gesture shown by others.
Sure there may be people out there who give to receive but you can often smell their motives. Theresa also wants to create a community where people can inspire others to live life on their own terms.
It's kind of like a miracle to the rational mind when we are able to let go of the attachments we create around manifesting certain desired outcomes, and living in the flow of life.
People like to hear nice things about themselves and by giving compliments you give people the impression you are 'nice'.

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