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It was in 2004 when Rhonda was having an emotional breakdown for personal and professional reasons alike that she discovered the secret behind her film and book “The Secret”.
Rhonda feels that “The Secret” aims to make people realize that they all have a potential and a purpose in life. She instantly started research work on the most influential people of all time; the highest achievers.
The novel is now available in more than 40 languages.  It became a New York Times bestseller in November 2006 upon its release, reaching the top of the list for 146 weeks in a row.
Read more:Khaled HosseiniKhaled Hosseini is the bestselling Afghan born American author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. E stato desiderato ardentemente, nascosto, rubato e comprato per somme ingenti di denaro… Ora ti viene rivelato attraverso il film che ha ispirato il libro.
Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica poiche viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicita. Rhonda byrne’ dirty secret - martial development, I used to be a “believer” of the secret.
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It was a secret that had been in existence since humanity, yet was not widely known or practiced. It pleads both readers and viewers to recognize and grasp how they have power over their own lives. The world’s best scientists, theorists, artists, innovators, pioneers and musicians so on and so forth. Rhonda found the presence of the very same law amongst all these successful people, even though they were successful in fields that were poles apart. She was motivated to write this book in response to the many letters she had received from readers of her previous book.
The moment she came to this insight she just knew she had to dedicate her time to sharing and circulating this knowledge with everyone, deeming it to be her obligation to the world.

By combining innovative scientific theory with ancient knowledge and mysticism, this book truly offers the reader a superior outlook on how they can be the masters of their own lives. She took this new-found wisdom to make her film “The Secret” and wrote a book with the same title as well. The Power talks about all the insight she has gained ever since the release of “The Secret”. Le immagini pubblicate quando non di proprieta dell'autore sono tratte da Internet e considerate di pubblico dominio (e consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete Internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro).
She felt that she had unearthed a law that is relevant to each and every aspect of our lives, a law that is undying and eternal; the “Law of Attraction”. She also says that the “The Secret” was strongly influenced by Wallace Wattles novel “The Science of Getting Rich” that she borrowed from her daughter.
It can be easily said that Rhonda has met with much success and fame – perhaps with the help of “The Secret”. According to this law one can use their feelings to make their dreams a reality.  She truly thought that this was a secret that had the power to change the courses of many lives for the better. Eventuali commenti dei lettori, lesivi dell’immagine o dell’onorabilita di persone terze non sono da attribuirsi all’autore, nemmeno se il commento viene espresso in forma anonima.

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