Rv power converter for sale

I’ve been cruising the RV forums for a while now, and repeatedly hear about issues where a very poor factory installation of the 12V system affect people abilities to get the most from thier 12V system while boondocking.
When you boondock, you are depending on the batteries to keep your various systems up and running. It is not that they aren’t using good equipment, although it often could be better, it is more of how the equipment is installed. Getting a proper charge on any battery requires the proper voltage be applied to it during charging by the converter.
After crawling around my camper, I figured out that the factory had install 8AWG wire from the converter to the batteries.

It is a DC-DC Converter Buck Module, voltage range 8-35V to 5V, low power consumption, no-load consumption 10 MA, high conversion rate, conversion up to 96%. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in RV and marine electronics, giving us a deep product knowledge.
We offer a versatile, high-quality product selection from brands like Parallax, Intellitec, Power Max, IOTA Engineering, Progressive Dynamics, and more to help you fulfill your electronics needs at the best prices in the industry. Another advantage is FCC Class B compliance, which means that the converters are designed not to cause interference with televisions, radios or other signals.
Electronic current limiting automatically shuts down power during overload or short-circuit conditions.

Status LED system on front of converter monitors converter operation as well as provides indication of low battery state of charge.

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