Rv power cord adapters

RV’ers looking to add a bit more style to their mobile home should love this cord by Conntek.
Each cable features Conntek’s exclusive Ergo Grip handle on the male side of the cord.
The Ergo Grip male side features a 90° angle bend at the plug that is designed to decrease the strain on the cord. Instantly know when you cord is plugged in and receiving power, or diagnose electrical problems with your connection before you do serious damage to your equipment. Traditional RV power cords will utilize an inline style connector to attach to your RV’s inlet system. Conntek’s 45° angled connector solves this problem by providing an ergonomic bend in the handle to function as both a strain relief, as well as a lever to easily lock your cord in place. They have meticulously designed their newest 50 amp rv cord to be one of the most comfortable cords on the market.

The built-in angle puts less pressure on the outlet & cable electrical components, effectively increasing the life of the cable. A traditional inline male will not allow for the campground pedestal lid to close, leaving your connection open for water and debris to cause problems with the connection.
Not only is this extra strain on your cord and inlet, but it can also be problematic when trying to lock the cord. Each connector comes with the standard locking female, as well as a threaded ring to shield the inlet.
Each cable connects to a standard 50A campground connection, and runs to the RV’s inlet system. The Ergo Handle provides excellent leverage and a comfortable grip to make unplugging easier than ever. We do combine shipping on multiple products ordered if available (not all products can be shipped together).

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